Aesop: “Allow me to lovingly smash that foolish dumbshittery to bitsy pieces with my 18# surgical steel sledgehammer of reality, just one more time.”

Marx Brothers (A Day at the Races)_04

First, go up to today’s masthead at the top of the page and read the quote from GEN Mattis.

Second, cogitate a bit on that quote, as it applies to your group – especially if they have been reading material such as this twoparter.

Finally, go and read Aesop’s above-titled opus.

You will feel some mild pinching and scraping.

18 responses to “Aesop: “Allow me to lovingly smash that foolish dumbshittery to bitsy pieces with my 18# surgical steel sledgehammer of reality, just one more time.”

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Mattis also said “….have a plan to kill everyone you meet.” Pleased to meet you Ebola importers and purveyors. May your exit be slow and painful.

  3. All I can do is quote Bugs Bunny, regarding both the person “unafraid of the Ebola” and to…well, the guy who allowed said Hopey-ness to be published.

    “Wadda Maroon.”

    To both of them.

  4. I read both of the linked articles from SurvivalBlog, as well as Aesop’s latest. And have left lengthy comments on the latter.

    I will sport a slightly contrarian opinion here.

    Dude has done his homework, and has Thought For Himself, which puts him ahead in my book. He also appears to have done a substantial amount of prepping; have you (shoot, have I) done better? So I am loathe to pile on.

    I don’t agree with his prescriptions of the herbal remedies, but then I am inherently biased against such things (and by that, I mean that in most cases it is snake oil, sold to unsuspecting rubes). I don’t think that many of them are likely to cause harm, and who knows? perhaps the reason Ebola kills so many in Africa is because they are malnourished, or they are low on vitamin C, or something. I don’t think this is likely (in fact I am reasonably sure it’s not the case) but I have precisely zero evidence to present to the contrary. So, it’s my opinion against his opinion. So I will swallow a small-to-moderate humility pill and move on with my life.

    Sure, I think he could use his resources elsewhere. I think he could invest in IV fluids, antibiotics, & etc. But he specifies early in the article that this is what he is going to try, if medical care is otherwise not available. Frankly, if medical care is not available, would I be able to offer anything different? Nope–the resources just aren’t there. I would be able to discourse at some length on the various organs that are in the process of melting–which probably would not help.

    I personally would review the MSF and CDC recommendations (for patients in Africa) and try to implement that, to the extent that I could. But to each his own.

  5. Dear Concerned American. I don’t think I can embed an image in the comment here, but you should really post today’s ping picture from the Wiki entry on the Ebola crisis in West Africa. I will provide a link below. No words are needed, just the picture.

    • Holy crap!
      2000 new cases in 5 days!?!
      They haven’t charted 2000 new cases in the previous three weeks!

      I feel like Steve McQueen at the end of The Sand Pebbles:
      “What the hell happened??”

      • I did some back of the napkin calculations: Liberia has about 4 million folks, the estimate is that just north of 6000 are or have been infected; when we add the WHO multiplier, then something close to 1 out of every 200-250 people have been infected. And it continues to double, because nothing we have done has affected its progress at all. So, let’s see, by Thanksgiving we should estimate close to 1 in 100 people infected; by Christmas 1 in 50, or higher. I suspect many Liberians will give themselves the Christmas present of “relocation”, so we should look for the spread to neighboring countries to be in full swing in early December or so. Spread to central Africa should be about 1-2 months later, so about Valentine’s day we should see that happening.

        Ugh. Hate it when the napkin says this kind of stuff.

        • Doc:

          An engineer pal of mine a couple of months ago started pencil-plotting a swag of the growth rate, then shared it with me.

          This is bad.

        • That was the back of the envelope my utility bill came in, in July, and that I posted about five weeks ago with my 4th-grade math SWAG based on then-current data, before this became a problem on our side of the pond:

          Same conclusions, given the fudge factor for the numbers:
          governmental collapse(s) by New Year’s, countries essentially ceasing to exist by Valentine’s Day, watching all of Africa go up in flames for the first half of 2015.
          By end of June, we’re at 1.2B cases, and the pop of Africa is 1.1B.

          India, Indonesia/Malaysia, and the Philippines are in quiet full-blown panic if/when they get cases, because that’s the ball game for them, and why Oz shut all entry down already.

  6. Nurse Crybaby is currently on her way to a remote, rural area approx. 50 miles from my door.
    The area in which her boyfriend lives is the big wilderness destination in New England. The local economy is dependent upon tourism from hunting and fishing and canoe tripping. Logging too, but that’s come under severe pressure in the last 25 to 30 years.
    Her presence here will decimate that economy.
    The local hospital has 49 beds, and as you can imagine, does not attract the cream of the crop physician-wise. The nursing staff are good and conscientious, though not likely to be up on the latest and greatest.
    The volunteer ambulance service is staffed by a really nice elderly couple(a pastor and his wife) who along with others are on-call 24/7 for their community. They are both EMTs. Cell phone coverage is non-existent, and when the phone lines go out, their communication with the base hospital is very limited. They do not have biohazard suits or hoods or filtering respirators, just paper gowns and N-95 masks, standard gloves. I know this because I just spoke to them about a month ago about this very subject. The consensus was “We’re not likely to get a case here, but we need to prepare” Hopefully they are better prepared now. I also spoke with them about what it would take to get them a satellite phone for when they are unable to communicate with their base.
    People who are not rural do not understand rural medicine. This is the reality on the ground here in Maine and many other places. The designated Ebola center is 6 hours away over rough roads, heavily crossed by moose and deer. Snow will be flying soon, probably within the week, and can severely restrict travel. The closest airport to that area is 50 miles to the northeast.
    If she needed to be transported, it would be at least a 25 mile run to the hospital. A 25 mile run in a wobbling,weaving ambulance with someone projectile vomiting would be horrendous. Droplets everywhere.
    They are not qualified to give any medications, and most times cannot contact their base due to comm. limitations so could not give anything for vomiting.
    I am trying very hard not to loathe the evil woman who does not deserve to be called a nurse. I call many of the people who live there my brothers and sisters and all whom I know would give you – someone they don’t even know – the shirt off their back and take you home and feed you if you were cold and hungry. She will be putting them all in danger, just because she is selfish. She could have voluntarily stayed in quarantine in NJ.

    I’m hoping that she is seriously shunned due to her actions, which are selfish and downright evil, but there are some who will drop off food to her, I’m sure. My local sources tell me that packages have been arriving to the local post office sent from Kaci while she was still in NJ. The postmistress is very upset at the thought that these packages might be contaminated due to being packed by nurse crybaby. That’s probably not likely, but who knows.
    She and her boyfriend aren’t even from Maine, why do they need to come here?

  7. There is a time and a place for integrative medicine but Ebola is NOT it. I suppose in a pandemic if a person has nothing else you may as well give it a shot. Take good notes because if it works you will be the subject of many a research article.

    • Or they’ll just be one of the 10% who would have survived even if you were eating placebos and snorting baby powder and powdered rhino dung.

      One case is a curiosity.
      1000 cases, well-documented, is a valid sample.

      • And frankly, love the “18# surgical steel sledgehammer of reality”. Sounds like something made in Asgard, or perhaps lifted from Game of Thrones. Want one myself, I do.

  8. Nurse Whiney is a card carrying Liberal Democrat who voted for Obama, works for the CDC, and will be reporting to a hospital in Las Vegas soon. (Oh those lucky desert people!) At least according to her LinkedIn profile-til it was scrubbed clean. I probably haven’t told anyone on this site anything that they didn’t already know…….but damn! These Professional Asses are so predictable. If she does start exhibiting Ebola symptoms, I am hoping that the good people of Maine let her go in a bed of her misery. She does not deserve any mom/dad/aunt/uncle/neighbor/et al sacrificing themselves or a family member. To quote Queen: and another one bites the dust, hey hey!

  9. Prepping Preacher

    I know of an emergency(homeless) shelter in Maine(nowhere near the final destination of this “from away” nurse) which has begun to implement screening procedures for intake eligibility. Each incoming client is being asked if they or someone they have been in contact with has done any foreign travel and if so where and how recently. If there is admission or questionable response to such questions, they are not being admitted. Yes, they can simply lie about it. Some effort is better than sitting on one’s proverbial hands…..

  10. Okay so I am going deep into the Conspiracy folder here.
    Lets imagine a world where a virus is running rampant in the land. A virus that kills people in a most efficient manner.
    A virus that just happens to have been engineered in a lab from a natural virus and deliberately. A virus that also has a cure, engineered in that same lab but kept secret..
    Along comes a politician. A politician ushering in the widespread use of the limited vaccine to the worthy people of the country. A politician promising to secure the country’s borders, lock it down so that no one can bring in the virus. Along with this secure border a sweeping program is put into place to police an monitor the population to maintain vigilance over the possibility of the virus appearing again. Meanwhile the vaccine is slowly doled out to only the people the politicians decide are worth keeping alive and the people wholeheartedly elect the politician into power.
    Now if this is familiar it should be. It’s the plot for “V for Vendetta”. It is however very timely, what with Hillary coming to prominence and all….
    Remember, remember the 5th of November the gunpowder treason and plot…

  11. I am thinking were so skrewed.