The Next President Of The Former United States Of America…

Watch the whole thing; h/t Maggie’s.

Do you understand yet?

33 responses to “The Next President Of The Former United States Of America…

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  2. Perfect! The bigger the fire, the cleaner the land will be. Don’t interrupt them while they’re doing our work for us, stacking up kindling and tires and pouring oil.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. A new USAF survival manual has been released, telling you what to do if you crash land on a desert island. The first and only step is to elect a legislature from within your castaways, which then passes a law granting everyone 52 weeks of unemployment payments.

    The idea of documenting your standards of behavior in writing on paper has validity. That documentation is called “law”. However, the documentation is not the implementation of the system, it is just the documentation. The idea that the human mind wishing alters reality directly is called “magic”, and it doesn’t work.

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  6. couldn’t watch it… got ill…………..


  7. Marlo Stanfield

    Maybe the lesbians will provide better security at the White House. Honestly I can’t see a man with 20/20 vision running towards her.

  8. Smug, hubristic and smarmy in her economic illiteracy, ahistorical viewpoints and sheer ignorance. Like her room mate, she has no existence when she is not bloviating before others. She could not manage a McDonalds much less the “offices” she has held.

    Amerika deserves her good and hard.

  9. Jeb is gonna save us, you wait and see……the American people want a proven leader one who’s entire family has ruled this land and all it’s subjects before………

    I’m done voting forever.

    • Don’t kid yourself. They’re not counting the votes.

    • I second that. The worthless Reps have not done a thing to make me more free.
      And if the Reps want their voters to stay home in 2016, Jeb is the way to go.

  10. Look at the bright side. She is shaping up to be an even better gun salesperson than Obama.

    • Guns themselves are without will.

      Who will use them, and to what purpose?

      • Keep heart sir. All is not lost and the absense of noise doesn’t mean what they think it does.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          That said, perhaps it would be better to unleash the counterattack before the panzers reach Vladivostok, no?

          • Yes, Jimmy, and loudly.

            • European American

              It’s too late, no one wishes to be a martyr. Heros died when the Republic died, long ago. Learn to adapt and abide by what the King (or Queen) demands of his subjects. (Note: Blogs like this allow us the opportunity to come across like we are real “men”. Enjoy the illusory, false sense of fearlessness while one can.)

              • Really? Not that same ol’ tired-assed nihilistic, defeatist horseshit again. Speak for yourself, you pussified bitch. When it comes time to lead, follow, or GTFOTW, we know where you will be.

                The rest of us have other plans. As in the millions who are thinking like oughtsix, Jimmy, and many others here. And, as LFM inferred, the absence of noise right now has a volume all its own.

                Patience. This shit ain’t gettin’ done until a good chunk of the people are behind it. Handfuls of loudmouthed cowboys, maybe even shootin’ shit up, won’t impress anyone who really knows their shit. But the uncertainty created by knowing that millions of guys and gals are quietly making serious preps should scare any half-sentient tyrant thug to the point of chronic insomnia.

                Or make them shit their knickers as you’ve apparently done …

              • European or American? Which is it?

                Can’t be both dipshit.

                I’d tell you to make up your mind but it’s obvious you already have.

                “It’s too late, no one wishes to be a martyr.”

                That’s right… we want to kill the enemies of our country. We need no advice from cowards.

                • European American

                  That’s the “spirit” Anonymous (that’s an original name for yourself, hide like the rest of ’em) and noughtsix?!. Keep laying it on thick and heavy with your holier than thou bravado, impressing your fan club, and waiting for your big moment to “here I come to save the day” ad nauseam BS, as they methodically dismantle your picture perfect postcard, make-believe illusory world, one day at a time. This new program you’re trending now is a creation of your lack luster careers and so you’re both going to get exactly what you both deserve. Hang on, and kiss your fabricated life-styles good bye, we’ve already passed the point of no return.

                  • Phhhttttt!

                    Apoplectic, incoherent spew. That’s quite a little imagination you have there when your widdle feewings get hurt.

                    You have no idea… ydkwydk.

                  • “…we’ve already passed the point of no return.”

                    One thing I don’t understand is…why does almost nobody get that? Is it normalcy bias or evasion or what?

                    The other thing that escapes me is the utter failure to understand the distinction between instances and principles. As an example, no matter how huge ebola proves to be, right up to killing billions, it’s still just an instance of the wider principle—lots of Bad Guys are out to see lots of Good Guys dead.

                    THAT’S the problem. How much evidence does it take? I’d think something like ebola, especially with what’s already happened, would make that easier to see. Instead it seems to cloud the matter for most people.

                    Or maybe I’m the one who’s evading. Maybe it’s not just the sheeple who like things the way they are. Maybe everyone prefers to yap about woulda coulda shoulda, all the while staying in their own comfort zones. Maybe the ideas of creativity and production–for one’s own well being and values–went down the crapper years ago already. Maybe the ideas–the FACTS–of self ownership and Individual Responsibility, are just too tough for people to swallow.

                    Maybe almost nobody wants to LIVE in Rightful Liberty. Maybe it’s more fun just dreaming about it.

                    Maybe, maybe, maybe. I don’t know any of that for sure, but I know this much—it makes for one rotten business plan and it reeks of the stench of failure.
                    Let’s be efficient. “Okay Klein, you selfish bastard…so what do you propose we do?”

                    Really? What do /I/ propose that /you/ do? This far along and you still haven’t even figured THAT out? Your life is not for me to decide, nor mine for you. How tough is that? Do whatever the fuck you want and decide to do; just keep your paws off’n everyone else…unless they try to stop you, of course. For crissakes already…LIVE, BUILD, CREATE. Do what humans do and go to your MIND. Sheesh, like I’m supposed to care–let alone direct–what the next guy does? Where the hell did this shit come from?

                    Never mind, that was rhetorical. I already know.

  11. the 2016 election, if it occurs at all, is without significance. Just like next Tuesday’s. They all have the same paymaster. From here on out, the only ballots that count will be made of lead. As to Hiligula, just be glad you’re not her

  12. European American

    It’ll either be the bitch or Jeb auditioning for the throne. And those few who make the call, since they count the ballots, will decide on game day, who will play ball best, i.e. optimally maximizing their investment. Maybe they’ll flip a coin, won’t matter, either puppet is under their total control.

  13. Hillary is the poster child of the “elites”….born wealthy, over educated, never worked, uses everything at her disposal to gain power and more power, marxist, white and loves to tell everyone especially blacks what to do and how to live. She is a nasty, fat, disagreeable creature.

  14. if you guys thought obama was bad, just wait until an angry lesbian gets in. down here in Houston, we’ve got one and she’s matching obama for the lead in abuse of power and using executive authority unconconstitutionally step for step. Quoting the infamous Neal Boortz, this is the leaders and country we get when the “Dumb-asses” (Pronounced dum masses) are in the majority, and they are now.


      Cougar: I spent some time in Texas back in the early 70’s as a guest of the US Army. I found Texans to be proud, God-fearing, hard-working patriots. How in the name of all that is holy did this Marxist dyke get elected mayor? And, when she came out with her infamous edict about monitoring church sermons, why is she still upright and breathing? I guess the spirit of the Alamo is dead.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        All of the western world has been mentally neutered over the last several generations, most people don’t have a clue how to stand up for themselves or even allow survival instincts to kick in. Notice how when really bad shit happens, they just stand around waiting for help to arrive from somewhere?
        Things will not heal themselves, the modern human brain cannot fix itself when it has been misguided or the hard drive corrupted. The masses refuse to see or understand that anything is amiss with society today, and even when it collapses, wrongly see the cause as being a result of their own misguided actions.

        • European American

          Sadly, the entire American Collective, whatever that consists of, i.e. ALL OF US (no one excluded, NO ONE) are responsible (no matter which link in the chain we perceive ourselves to be) for the “quality” of life that now permeates ever cell of this once proud Republic.

  15. I lived in TX for 3 yrs. Like any number of other states TX has its concentrated nests of Urblib cretins and those who overwhelm the productive. When TSHTF the masses of Liberalis Urbanoidus in TX will have the same situation as those elsewhere. Those who didn’t plan on being supported by Leviathan will support themselves, and those who expect Leviathan to protect them will supply sustenance to the tsunami of sub-human cannibals who also expected to be fed and housed at publick (sic) expense.

  16. W.T.F. ! ? …. the ‘ Clinton`s ‘ ….. again ….. these two shitbirds are the hemorrhoids that just won’t go away . They’re old news , and so is their 60`s line of Saul Alinski Commie bullshit .