Two From Aesop

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Oz Slams Door, Media Pissed – Plus Bonus New Patient Being Memory-Holed In MD

Progressive Apparatchik Princess Mimi Crybaby About To Get Second Spanking

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Bonus Bonus: Two People In CLT Being Monitored

3 responses to “Two From Aesop

  1. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Re: Princess Me!Me!!


    Had I the interest on Allen & Gates’ gross income I’d happily fund a series of lawsuits promoting the above in order to discombobulate the Lefties. In a ‘discussion’ (Mon, Tues?) about Ebola on Chris Matthews’ show, David Corn (nee Korn) from Mother Jones & Chrissy kept on berating Michael Steele about Cuomo & Christie’s quarantine efforts in particular using SCIENCE!(R) as the club. What’s hilarious about the whole episode is that Chrissy, Davy, & similar ‘liberals’ have NO problem tossing SCIENCE!(R) out the window when the subject’s guns, THEN the MOST important thing is image (“Just imagine what Civilised Countries(R) must think about our disgusting gun fetish!”) & FEELINGS (Guns are icky, skeery, & jus’ plain AWFUL!) & the ‘inconvenient’ facts (that just so happen to thoroughly refute their anti-2A position) bedamned!

    Would that Breitbart was still around, given his Menckenesque bent he’d likely love that & relentlessly use it against the Left.

  2. Contact the Maine Board of Nursing and ask that her license be suspended or revoked.

    Maine State Board of Nursing
    161 Capitol St.
    158 State House Station
    Augusta, Maine , 04333-0158
    Phone: (207) 287-1133
    Fax: (207) 287-1149