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State Department plans to bring foreign Ebola patients to U.S.

WHO Comes To Jesus; We Have LIFTOFF!

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  1. Just where is that clown planning to treat these patients? We only have a handful of BL4 beds in the entire country. Why not go completely postal and just bring every sick Liberian into JFK. Same logic.

  2. ::Jaw drops::
    Surely, you can’t be serious. Bringing non-US citizens to the US for treatment? I understand that they may work for a US company or NGO, but really? who pays for all this? That may set a new standard for stupid, and wow, that’s a high standard. Sorry, I am so dumfounded by this course of action that I am having a hard time wrapping my head around it.
    Aesop is a better wordsmith than I, I’ll sit back and enjoy his explosion on this issue.

    • Some thing is intentional if they actually do it and it’s not just spitting in the eye of the people and a chance to make conservatives freak out and sit back and laugh thier asses off at them.
      I’m thinking they see a big recession coming and need something to blame it on while the Fed takes a break and resets itself to put Hilary in, in 2016; but if they do this; it intentional. When the neigbors kid gets chicken pox, you dont invite him over unless you want the chicken pox.

  3. Random people shooting at the incoming jetliners in 3,2,…

  4. Wishful thinking Aesop. If only…

  5. read the entire article. Someone sent a up a trial balloon. It got shot down

    • Oh well…that was just to gauge initial reaction, and spin out the appropriate amount of bullshit propaganda to counter the opposition…just wait…they are not finished with this yet…

      And to Doc:

      …this is what I meant yesterday…your explanation beginning with “we think…” related to a lower death rate here as opposed to West Africa. It is one thing to “think” aka “theorize” and quite another to “know.”

      Those mandated with “command and control” have gotten it wrong so consistently, the odds defy mere chance. Anyone who is surprised by this has not paid enough attention. Of course they want to bring them here…else they would have done something different from the beginning…like enforce protective measures to prevent the spread of this to the European and US populations. How the hell else can one have a free pandemic than as an “unforeseen consequence of humanitarianism?”

      Even the cost analysis you gave should have tipped everyone off…it is far cheaper to supply them, than it is to bring them here. So why aren’t they focusing on that aspect, instead of spending every waking minute lying their asses off to the American public? Because they want to bring them here, which is yet another indicator…fixing the fixable problems there does not pay off as well as exacerbating the problem by bringing it here.

  6. the fukkn A-team

    Ebola is a scam. Plain and simple. Everyone should be tired of a handful of scumbag liberal minorities playing sick.

  7. Well there certainly are a lot of things that don’t add up, unless of course you want to import a BLS4 bug to the FUSA and have it spread. Then it all makes sense in a twisted fundamentally changing way.

    • You’re assuming, contrary to any evidence, that the people in charge are intelligent, competent, or have anyone else’s best interest in mind.

      If you assume they’re ignorant, incompetent, malicious, and self-serving, everything that’s transpired to date is as hard to explain as dogs peeing on fire hydrants.

  8. robroysimmons

    Someone must know someone at least who knows somebody in the services in Africom, ask them if this is fake, like the moon landing.

    Its not wrong and it most certainly is correct to ask questions of all this, but literally there are asshats here who KNOW its a fake, but no proof nor any inclination to ask any pertinent questions, they need to go hide in the basement after destroying their internet connections, and hurry.

  9. Aesop,

    Ebola HERE is a scam. Although that word is itself, inadequate. Folks need to to understand the nature of the crisis. Malice AND stupidity. Malice at the policy levels of our .Gov and .Mil. And stupidity at the local and individual levels. (Nurse Crybaby and Doctor Subway, for example).

    No one should doubt the biblical horrors occurring in Africa, but the unfolding clusterfuck HERE can not be explained away by mere happenstance or stupidity. Anyone who takes this lightly deserves what they get. Our would-be Overlords will use this to extend even more control, all while helping it spread.

    They will continue to import it, while telling everyone “We got this…”
    Until that one person dies in obscurity after infecting a couple dozen others, rendering contact tracing useless.

    Looking at the big picture, this is one front in the War against us.
    We have enough medical professionals in the Patriot Movement that are trusted, to get a realistic picture. (Doc, Patriot Nurse and You, come to mind) Keep the info flowing. And thanks.

    • +1 Yeah….what he said…

      • I will second that +1.
        The info is great reading and clearly there are folks here (Aesop) who understand the potential magnitude of this. I have to say though, the more I read the more I don’t know what to believe.

        So many missing pieces and the constant hubris of “our betters”. I am certain that Ebola is real, but not sure it is possible to have that type of pandemic here….unless we invite it here….and it sure seems like TPTB are doing their damnedest to make that a reality.

    • And your evidence for the fact that none of the three infected people were actually infected is…what, exactly, beyond gainsaying?

      Everything that’s happened is completely explainable by the magnitude of both malignant stupidity and reckless disregard for realilty the entirety of this administration has showered on everything they’ve touched since Day One; not just on Ebola, but on everything.

      I’m open to evidentiary debate.
      But kneejerk cries of “It’s a Secret Plot To ____!” leave me little reason to join that parade.

      If Ebola in Africa is real (and it is), then Duncan happening is mere gravity, working.
      So to are the infections of Pham, Vinson, and Spencer.
      Hundreds of healthcare workers in Africa have become infected, and disease works the same way in this hemisphere as in that one.

      It’s fine to distrust people. it’s acceptable to point out their lies and half-truths. But you can’t simply assume ex nihilo that this is some gigantic conspiracy hoax.

      I’ve done the best I could to stick to known facts, and make any assumptions beyond them based on common sense and logic. And I’ve shown my work at every step.

      If anybody has something with some bearing on this besides their Little Inner Voice, throw it on the table and let’s have a look.

      All I’ve seen so far is that people in charge who are idiots act like idiots, no matter how many times you beat them over the head with a cluebat. because they’re idiots. That goes for President Obola and follows onto every other @$$clown in his Clowncarnucopia Of Fail.

      • +1 on that…I look at it this way if it will make you get off your ass and get more supplies, tools, training, or become closer to God then even if it turns out to be nothing then your ahead…How about we realize that Aesop is warning us of a potential danger without trying to sell us anything and no financial gain on his part and just say Thank You…

  10. We need to shut our borders to a lot more than just west Africans.
    BTW, anyone know what has happened to Gates of Vienna ? I have been expecting something to happen since I read this blurb at loonwatch;
    You just can’t go around speaking the truth and not expect those with the mental disorder of “liberalism” to not get agitated.

  11. While veterans die waiting for substandard care foreign Ebola patients will get flown in to the front of the line at the best facilities in America.


    I am all for bringing them here. Let’s set up reception centers in Beverly Hills, Malibu, The Hamptons, Manhattan, and anywhere else these filthy-rich Obama/Hillary-worshiping “progressives” congregate. We can even get Sir Elton John to do a variation on his: “THAT’S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR” anthem for the AIDS-infected. Then, these empty-headed useful idiots like the ass-clown nurse in Maine can go to work on them until she starts puking blood.
    Seriously, we all saw what happened in SoCal in July when the buses full of two-legged disease vectors from South of the Border tried to crash the gates in the Murrietta area. I can tell you what would happen here in my little corner of the world if Commissar Kitzhaber and the red-diaper-doper babies in Salem decided to relocate a bus full of infected porch monkeys to my A/O. It would be a second Lexington Green.