Max V: Discovery Channel Watchmen – Comments


Thoughts on another “militia” television program.

Never go on TV.

If you think you should, review the rule above.

40 responses to “Max V: Discovery Channel Watchmen – Comments

  1. Col. Lard “woke up and smelled the lasagna”. Besides which, every 5th or 6th of these guys is a .gov agent. Most of the “public” militiamen now existing, good intentions notwithstanding, will be dead by Day 3 of CW 2. Then the real militia will shake out and form up

  2. In encountering any group, not including sumo wrestlers or NFL linemen, where the average weight of the participants is more than double the average IQ of said participants, RUN. Far. Fast. Do not look back.
    If they have weapons, jink and dodge occasionally until beyond line of sight.
    ” – Aesop

    The biggest threat to those guys’ long-term survival is coronary arterial plaque.

    Stay the heck off the TV.
    Those producers are never your friends.

    Trouble is, the guys that want to get on the tube in the worst way are always going to be the poster children for “Trained By The Keystone Cops, Diet By Krispy Kreme”. And then they get on TV, in the worst way.

  3. Never go on tv.

    The camera adds at least 10 pounds and the enemedia voice-over is mocking or lying.

    This doesn’t mean “don’t use helmet camera”, because they may make useful video. Don’t broadcast or share that video, except in carefully vetted and edited stills or segments. Cell phones in the bag.

    There is no up-side to being on tv, unless you want to be known as fat, armed, reckless, paranoid racists. There’s no sponsorship by Chef Boy-R-Dee coming.

    If the Indiana people have half-a-brain among them, they will disperse their prep’s away from The One Shed.

    PT Some, PT Occasionally, or else 60W pants will be needed.

  4. PT is always the most overlooked, most important and least practiced skill as this fat bastard demonstrates. Hump a few clicks, run 300 yards then see if you like can hit a target with them there goggles on chief. Bet you can’t……

  5. MaxV is one hell of a smart guy, but on this one, I have to disagree.
    First: this IS the reality of most militia groups in the US. It’s a fantasy game to these guys, so they’re engaged in playing dressup, not training. I know many militiamen take PT and training seriously, but for many it’s an excuse to drink beer and play guns.
    Second: anything that makes the public see militias as something other than domestic terrorists, the way FedGov has painted them, helps discredit FedGov. That’s a small victory for all of us in itself, but if you’re actually a militia member, it means you may not be judged with as much scrutiny before the time comes to prove yourself.

    • “First: this IS the reality of most militia groups in the US.”

      Depends where you look. The little I saw looked more like the old-time groups; big difference from many out there now. More Warriors and fewer kibbutzers today, from what I know about it. Plus, as was noted in another thread, just having a different police force prolly ain’t gonna cut it.

      I know your comment was well intended, both for balance and in a desire to be civil. I think we’re eons beyond that. Hearts and minds are great things, but all relevant tipping points about that stuff are in the rearview mirror already.

      It’s gonna come down to do or don’t, and it could be at any moment. Nobody knows for sure which way it’ll go, but everyone chooses a side anyway. I figure win or lose, it’s better to be on the side of the angels. Of course on the side of the angels, you gotta earn your way.

      IMO caring about what others think or the scrutiny one is subject to, amounts to a pre-rationalization of why one won’t.

      • You give me too much credit. I also hadn’t had my coffee yet.
        I may have misspoken when I said ‘most.’ There are lots of folks out there training hard, to be sure- many of whom have been in overseas combat within the last few months.

        My real point was, these guys aren’t going to cut it anyway, so let the fat bastards fade the heat and look like idiots while the rest of us get on with practice and training. They’re a good distraction, and overlooked for harmless idiots in popular opinion could be useful in the short term.
        Long term, public opinion will be formed according to who wins and what they do for their countrymen afterward. These guys won’t make it that long.

        • No, that’s not the case. Now let me try to do this without sounding like I am coming down on you because that’s not my intention.
          These guys need to be put down hard. Giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming they are actually a real group and not a “reality” TV plot device.
          I have written before about the power of words and images. This program was a primer. Its primes the mental images in the minds of people who are not informed or educated about the topic. Later when the powers that be want to demonize the militia they will use words and phrases that invoke this primer. The target audience of those words will recall this program and they will associate all militias with these guys. They will recall the emotional response they had while watching this program and they will transfer that response to the new target that the powers have in sight. This is why controlling the message is so important.
          So even in the short term while they may serve a purpose its not FREEFOR’s purpose. The long term ramifications are even more at risk. The Militia in the US has a long road to redemption that needs to be walked. Its been portrayed like this for decades. It has a reputation to live down. The only way to do that is to actually do it. Walk the walk if you talk the talk. There are too many steps to go into here but it really boils down to taking it seriously and not blowing it out of proportion. Be professional while being an amateur.

          • Thanks for the clarification, Stu; I agree. I don’t know, G…I get your point clear enough. I’m just thinking it’s late in the day to care much about image or who thinks what. Plus tactically, it can never hurt if the other side has bad information. That’s right, isn’t it?

            Don’t get me wrong…I hope your analysis is solid. All around, but especially from my perspective…the more thinking counts, the better off I am. But damn, it’s late in the day.

            We sure agree about this—it ain’t FREEFOR’S purpose. But then, I’m not altogether convinced FREEFOR is serving FREEFOR’s purpose!

            • Yep your right we are late in the game. My view of the long term is post-big die off. If the militia is to have its reputation restored it will take guys like Sandman and his crew to perform well during said die off. Many groups will rise during the event that may or may not be remembered as militia, their performance will be a part of that reputation as well.

              It will truely be the citizen-soldier in the face of the forces of tyranny.

          • Thanks. Your points are completely valid, and we’re not in disagreement. I just doubt our ability to stop the message of a major television network, or change the minds of the type of people who watch it. The hearts and minds of our countrymen will be lost to us until you can change their daily habit of plugging into the glowing detention officer.
            Therefore, it makes more sense (to me) to use the situation to our advantage than to try to change the very stubborn situation outright.
            If you have a solution that works, I’ll follow. I’ll even bring a case of beer.

  6. Do the “Watchmen of America” really exist, or were they formed from unemployed Screen Actors Guild members?

    Ask the Hutaree Militia people how well publicity worked out for them.

    And here I was thinking that I was at a disadvantage, not having a “tribe” like this to join.

  7. RobRoySimmons

    Perhaps us older gents can let the younger ones that back in the day American men rarely looked the part of clownish Murkan obesity

    • Right, RobRoy. Back in the day, guys that fat numbered in the very small percentage. We had one kid is basic (Army, 1963) that was obese. They finally let him go as a hopeless momma’s boy who would never amount to anything resembling a soldier. On kid in a whole company.

      It’s not just a lack of PT that is the cause… the American people have been dumbed down, fed an endless diet of soporific TV and lies, and a diet loaded with out of balance, unnatural components, artificial everything and sheer poison.

      These poor dumb bastards can’t even begin to PT until they completely reform their diet. They are unlikely to overcome a lifetime of Teh Stoopid until famine makes them.

      Nature is replete with remedies, most of them fatal, for stupidity.

  8. I’m thinking, if that guy carried the M60 around more, he’d weigh a lot less than he does. He’s carrying about 1000 rounds of ammo worth of gut, it looks like.

  9. the fukkn A-team

    This fat slob is a joke. How can that man even think he is credible? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  10. Well, at least he only wore Magnum PI’s mustache and left the ’79 nba style shorts at home!

    • the fukkn A-team

      I don’t mean to be busting your chops all the time… I bet LF looks like Rambo up there in the pic. Except he doesn’t have the nice hardware due to lack of funds. Hint: Get a job.

      • Practice that in front of the mirror a bit more, then you’ll make colonel for sure. You suck as bad at busting chops as you do a making/buying friends.
        I am jealous of the echoThree M-60, you know me well, i’m a weak man!

      • You know why dont you put some of your own Life , Fortune and Sacred honor on the line and send him a Visa gift card for the cause. They have them in all manner of values and they are very anon. Forward it through CA and I bet he can get it to LF or for that matter I have a Winter Muster coming up that could use some additional funding so send one my way as well. All that wealth you have is not going to do you any good if the commies win out……Just sayin.

        • the fukkn a-team

          Dude.I gave at the office – from 82 to 87. I’ve given 10’s of thousands since, but I’m done. Maybe you could get LF to help you out with finances? he talks a big game.

          • Just bustin your chops…

            • the fukkn A-team

              And that’s exactly why I gave up on murikins. The country and it’s tweeple are too far gone to squander precious treasure on it. Let the chips fall where they may. I gots mine.

  11. With shows like sons of guns, Amerikan guns, doomsday preppers and now this…. It seems people want to be made to look like fools.

    They’re dumb for going on tv in a country where being an illegal, gay or Muslim is more Amerikan than being a gun owner who claims to have “unalienable rights” as he’s filling out a 4473 and then disarming to protest for gun rights in a gun free zone.

  12. The Walkin' Dude

    I sure hope those aren’t the morons I end up with in Vegas.

    • ROFL!

      My favorite part of that whole book is that both sides had magic retards in their arsenals.

      • And both sides here do not?

        • hell, boss, I’m guilty of it myself!

        • I should add that it’s always the human animal that surprises. New and inventive ways for just about anything.
          People look at the .gov, they see/hear the media, they measure it in terms of money, manpower and time. But the base lego block that builds it all is still the individual. And they all have cracks and seams and faults. We have to buttress ours and leverage theirs.

    • Thats all funny shit right there!

  13. On the positive side, let me tell you about a book that I read, some years ago.

    Can’t recall the title, but it was written by the psychological/psychiatric arm of the US Army. The book attempted to collate some of the lessons learned during WW2.

    One section of that book dealt with PTSD … as we now call it … and it used data which were gathered from American soldiers who were making their way across France, post Normandy-landings.

    These soldiers were typically becoming involved in fighting, once every 3 or 4 days; so, they were definitely the “pointy end”.

    A couple of things stick in my memory. Firstly, the “best combat soldiers” turned out to be guys who had received very little training. These guys were forced to learn-on-the-job and so they adapted to the actual conditions which they found. Many of the regulars tried to make the conditions fit their training scenarios… and became casualties. It’s also true that those inexperienced guys took a lot of casualties; they either adapted, or they didn’t.

    Secondly, their levels of physical fitness soared, as did their combat efficiency, reaching a peak after just two weeks of fighting (every 3 days, or so). From that point on, their performance degraded rapidly and they soon became fairly useless.

    Make of that what you will.

    • If you EVER remember the title of that book, please post it! I get a little tired of hearing about how I’m going to die because I can’t pass the Ranger selection test at age 62.

      Maybe it’s true, but maybe I can also drop something in the enemy general’s soup that gives him the shits for a week. So to speak.

      Or here’s another one: Get a job in the enemy’s supply chain. Then when he calls for ammunition, send a boxcar full of condoms. Transpose a couple of stock numbers and watch the fun.

      There was a whole series of Bantam paperbacks about WWII that told about the things slave labor Allied POWs did to mess with the Germans. Of course, they are now unavailable, more’s the pity.

      • Yes, I’d love to read it again. But, I found it in the recesses of a University Library … in the pre-computer-records days. Very much an academic’ publication.

        The power of noise, was another subject. It talked about the effectiveness of artillery, and said that its real value was in its ability to render men incapable of rational action.

        I haven’t experienced an artillery bombardment, but I once was in the Sahara when a couple of F4s flew over, low, slow and dirty, streaming black exhaust. I mean VERY low, at high power, but with everything hanging out to create drag. I vividly recall being unable to move. I wanted my arms and legs to move, but I was physically unable to move a muscle for quite a few seconds, until they had passed by.

        The very strangest experience. The presence and noise of those two Phantoms was just so huge.

        Anyways, I’m a great believer in the power of the Will. AFAICS, the only difference between a good soldier and a bad soldier, is what goes on between their ears. I mean, they pretty much have the same physical capacities … and similar armaments.

        Mark Twain put it more succinctly … It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

        I’m sure that most of us have met people whose performance has surprised us; whose performance has belied their outward appearance. For example, big guys who are timid.

        Not trying to suggest that it’s good to be 40lbs overweight; or that it doesn’t matter. Just trying to take a more rounded view of the situation. Being “fit and dumb” is no recipe for success, either.

        Was it General Giap … or Mao … who said that the most important factors in winning a war are, “Time, space and Will.” ? He made no mention of money or equipment.

    • Hi bogbeagle,

      Not sure which book you had in mind, but “A Soldier’s Load and the Mobility of a Nation” and “Men Against Fire” have similar ideas in them. Both of these are post-WWII analyses about what actually worked with real people versus doctrine with poster soldiers. These were on the Commandant’s reading list in my devil-pup days when the Marine Corps was poor and had to make do with hand-me-downs and 4GW thinking, which is closer to what militias will experience today.


  14. Today was 16 miles on the bike in the rain and a 50% off .65lb yellowfin steak (less than $3). Yum.

    Articles like this make me feel okay about 195/5′-10″.

  15. Marlo Stanfield

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  16. Not worth commenting on, other than to say that those who think (really believe) that these folks represent the majority of Militias are the same ones who believe Doomsday Preppers represents the preparedness community. Keep sucking up the enemy’s propaganda. And spitting on those who bears arms for the Constitution and Liberty.

    In 9 years we have turned down dozens of interview and show requests, including this same documentary. We have declined the BBC, NatGeo, Time, Alex Jones and foreign news services. As for the fat guys who go on TV, welcome to fight club fucktards.

  17. No, the fightclub fat fucktard had boobs…….ok, point taken, he probably does to. TV…..bad idea on many levels. YOU WILL NEVER CONTROL THE NARRATIVE! Without that, you’re asking for being depicted as a dumbfuckretardedirresponsiblegunowningfatbitchwithdelusionsofgranduer . Did I miss anything. As Sandman said, this is not a depiction of the militia guys I’ve met or trained. This is a depiction of fluff over substance. The guys I know would never be stupid enough to go on TV, since they understand the real reasons they’ve been asked to. I wonder if the money they received was worth the hit on their reputation.