The United States Of Babel


Curtis connects the dots.

You are a herd animal in the eyes of the Masters.


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  1. a stampeding herd is very hard to control. Soon the stampede will begin. The current PTB – and their servants – are going to get trampled

    • for instance, open-borders Jewish-Brit MP Luciana Berger is currently being savagely assailed via tweets, e-mail, and on FB; she has responded by jailing a freedom fighter and binging on doughnuts

    • Not to worry! Our ‘betters’ have chutes and prods already in place. See? Kevin Bacon is calling, he says “all is well”.

  2. Moo? More like baa baaa.
    Serves the morons in NH right,now who are they gonna blame when there’s no jobs for Americans cuz the illegals along with a few legal immigrants have them?
    They’re gonna revert to calling anyone who supports American jobs for American workers a raaaciiissst.
    The last thing we need is millions more illegals-the contract for green cards wasn’t accidental,or just to have them-these ‘tards plan on letting millions of “immigrants into the U.S.
    While the “leaders” are busy calling the white guys raaaciiissssts-the unemployment rate for blacks is gonna triple-or more.
    The leftists sense that they have pushed too far-so they’re gonna go all out trying to “fundamentally transform” America-right after the elections-or maybe they’ll wait till after the holidays…

    • Battlefield USA


      I’d have to go back and see if I can find it, but it’s not just NH. If I recall correctly, over 50 percent of all jobs in the USA are going to legal and illegal migrants.

      And remember, there is a method to this madness. Rulers do not care who they rule. And if they can saturate America with a more and better docile sheep, they will. Just think of the USgov as a corporation and think work camps… or sharecroppers. Think of… The Hunger Games. The NWO.

      • Some of those jobs are in high-tech fields and skilled trades like specialized tool and die makers and machinists.
        My brother works in a shop that makes specialized cutting tools-it takes them an average of 7 months to find someone qualified to do what they do.
        In that case-the owner will not hire foreigners he wants local guys if possible,and has been working with some local colleges and trade schools.
        There’s a huge problem when they can not find Americans to do those jobs-what are all these kids going to college for? They ain’t learning much if mechanical engineering students can’t figure out how to run CNC machines-or read a freakin micrometer.

        Sheep from foreign countries will be even easier to control than the free shit army.
        Now that .gov inc. has made anyone who supports gun rights,the Constitution,the Bill of Rights,and small government into “domestic terrorists”-all they have to do is keep the FSA happy,and the new improved FSA that’s being imported happy.
        The rest of us better start working together real quick…


          gamegetterII It is hard to find these qualified skilled workers because many amerikan high schools no longer have shop courses. Here in my little town they did away with them about ten years ago. So how do you take a kid out of high school and put him/her in a company as an apprentice tool/die maker, moldmaker, etc.? You don’t You get some wog from Indjia with a H1-B visa to come over to do it. Then, the local high school grad can either work for Wal-Mart stocking shelves or be cannon fodder for Chuck Hagel’s New World Order.

        • the fukkn A-team

          One fact stands out loud n clear. The foreigners are much more ambitious and self-motivated than the vast majority of murikins. The universities are overflowing with them. They are in the study halls in the early hours BEFORE classes begin, and they are there hours AFTERWARDS. While the trashbag spoiled murikins are out drinking and spreading the STDs to each other. I have more respect for the former than the latter. Just go into any hospital, most doctors are not murikin. Maybe one of our ebol-shit mongers can dispute this, but I doubt it. Face it. Murakin tweeple have been bettered by brown-skinned people. If I had a mortgage on my home, I would be very worried at this point- but I don’t. It’s good to be an successful American and not a loser murikin.

          • Why would a mortgage matter after a collapse of any sort?
            It will be just another peice of paper, like that huge pile of “money” you have, for instance.

            Are you the creepy old guy skulking around the campus, peering in all the windows?

            AND… success. What exactly is your great legacy going to be there, Disco Stu? Who will be around to like the candles on your altar when you’re gone?

            keep your cake trap running, we’re learning all sorts of things.

            • the fukkn A-team

              I see this all the time. It’s called jealousy.
              No. I won’t give you any $. Don’t go away mad, just go away.

            • the fukkn A-team

              “Why would a mortgage matter after a collapse of any sort?”
              A: Because you will no longer be able to make the monthly payment-you will be evicted.-remember those 2 billion rounds of hollow point and the fema camps?
              ” just another peice(sic) of paper, like that huge pile of “money”
              A: I have real estate, PMs, foreign investments, and “too big to fail” accts.
              “Are you the creepy old guy skulking around the campus, peering in all the windows?”
              A: Nope. I’m neither “creepy, old…skulking around..or peering in windows.
              “AND…success. What exactly…Who will be around to like(sic) the candles on your altar when you’re gone?
              A: I have educated so many people in my life in 1. the military. 2. the civilian work sector. 3. my personal relationships/family 4.and right here @wrsa. That I know I will never be forgotten by many.
              “…we’re learning all sorts of things.”
              A: Good. Although I strongly doubt that you personally have the capacity to actually learn anything.
              Honestly lf -loser fuck?, The NSA FBI and Interpol know everything about all of us. Or do you think your secret squirrel lifestyle is really that secret?

              Now will you please go lay down in the corner and lick your tiny balls and leave the men alone?

        • Battlefield USA

          Has he tried anyone with a woman’s studies major? LGBT major? And surely, a kid who can put a rubber on a banana can run a CNC machine!

          That, amongst others, is the problem.

          • BFUSA – “And surely, a kid who can put a rubber on a banana can run a CNC machine!”
            Probably more truth to that than you want to know.
            All you need is one good programmer and someone to put the piece in, push the button, take the piece out when the cycle stops.

            • Battlefield USA

              My dad was a machinist. Everything was mechanical. I used to watch him, amazed at his mathematical skills, crunching numbers in his head and on paper. Trig, Geo, fractions. They did mostly military contracts and airlines. He ended being the shop foreman for many years. It got so bad towards the end, he had to do a lot of machine setups. Worked there for 40 years. The machine oil and metal/grinding dust is what killed him.

      • “Just think of the USgov as a corporation…”

        Yep; that’s all it takes to understand. ALL governments are a “business,” using that word very loosely, and the business is taxing and spending. There’s not a drop that won’t explain overall, though its attraction to individual sadists is another matter altogether. You gotta look at them to understand that, but from Govco’s perspective, it’s just good for business.

      • I work in he high tech field and it’s being flooded with h1b’s. More than 50% of my team is made up of foreigners.

        There is a lot of skill out there amoung Amerikan people but te h1b’s do it for less and don’t ask questions.

      • “over 50 percent of all jobs in the USA are going to legal and illegal migrants.”

        A lot of those jobs are too nasty for our prissy home-grown kids. Who wants to clean toilets and sweep floors any more? Easier to go on welfare.

        About the tech jobs, my (foreign-born) wife finds a lot of work for people. Most of them are from India. Indians are looking to improve themselves. They are motivated. Few Americans want to study difficult subjects any more, although whenever she does find one she does her best to place him in a job.

        It is true that a lot of the incentives that corporate human resources departments face tend to point them in the direction of Indian body shops, or whatever you want to call them. Our own government has made life very difficult for individual contractors any more (thanks largely to labor law).

  3. It’s not just NH, look around when you’re driving during the day. They are everywhere. We screwed up people, a long time ago. That whole Tempus Fugit thing, is real. This latest round of illegal alien importation is just one more nail in a coffin that has dozens. We were overrun a decade ago, we failed to notice. Thank you Curtis for putting this together. I hope it wakes more up the reality that the TPTB don’t care what color their cattle are, they just want their lawn clear at a great price and votes they can count on.

  4. the fukkn A-team

    “We were overrun a decade ago, we failed to notice.”
    I seen this 2 decades ago. I did work for Bill Ford, Lee Iacocca, Bill Hoglund, Neeme Järvi, and a host of other Big Shots who requested my services because they didn’t want “dirty” foreigners working in their homes. I seen this coming in the late 80’s.

  5. Just and FYI . . . . . . not all foreign imports are, or will be “Sheep from foreign countries will be even easier to control “.
    Some of us can, and do, think and act for themselves. In many cases you get intelligent and freethinking individuals that grew up being self sufficient and not used to suck on .gov back teats.
    More often than not, productive individuals that believes in earning an honest wage . . . . .
    Just a thought

    Legal Alien

    • Legal Alien

      You are right-but people like you are the exception,not the rule.
      I have watched a local (Akron, Ohio) population of Bhutanese immigrants go from working their asses off when they first got here-to being on the government teat- getting housing assistance in the form of getting the section 8 housing program to pay most of their rent for them, and getting medical care through Medicaid,and using their EBT cards to buy groceries.

      There’s another large community of immigrants from India in the area-complete opposite of then Bhutanese. They own their homes,own businesses,own newer cars,etc.

      There’s a large community of those from central America in Cleveland-most of them are getting the free health care,section 8 housing EBT card free ride.
      There are some that are busting their asses landscaping,being laborers for bricklayers/masons,and being laborers on construction sites.

      Again-they are the exception.
      There’s also a Jamaican population,a Korean population,Vietnamese population,and a large population from the Middle East on the west side of Cleveland.
      A lot of these people have been here for generations-some are hard working-others are part of the Free Shit Army.
      When I have jobs on the old homes in Cleveland,the guy I use for plaster repair is from Jamaica,he came here legally-and has busted his ass ever since he got here. The guy can repair anything made out of plaster-or just make a new one-like the medallions many old homes have on the ceilings.
      I can do plaster and lath repair-but nowhere near as fast-and I’m nowhere near as good as the guy,so he gets the work.
      He complains about the lazy fucks that live in his neighborhood that came here from Jamaica and rely on the government to support them.

      That’s only examples from my area-from what people I know in other states tell me-it’s the same there.
      Maybe it’s only those who work in the trades, and the not so rich immigrants that are on the fed teat.

      • the fukkn A-team

        My clients would never even ask “how much?”. They just signed the check and asked “is that enough?” Look the part and go beyond their expectations, and you’ll never need a business card again. Target the high-end affluent waterfront property owners. The bonus was most of them have factories, stores, other affluent friends, daughters and neglected wives… There’s still lots of money out there.

  6. The million dollar question is how do we get Americans to start learning skilled trades,and going to college to obtain degrees in relevant fields-not 14th century French literature,or Women’s studies,or any of the made up fields of study that the leftists who long ago took over our institutions of higher learning have replaced useful fields of study with.
    American kids-and their idiot parents need to comprehend that not every kid is college material-and little Jimmy or little Susie just doesn’t have the required intelligence to be a doctor or lawyer.
    We need to put shop classes back in schools,and put training programs in place in our “Career Centers” that actually lead to jobs,and teach useable skills.
    Those who do go to college need to go into fields in the STEM areas of study-Science,technology,engineering,and mathematics-no more of these obscure degrees in useless,leftist invented degree fields.

    Back in the 70’s when I was going to college-the foreign engineering students worked harder,and learned far more from each class than the American students-the fukkn A-team is right-the American students are out getting drunk,stoned,and spreading STD’s while the foreign students are studying.

    The leftist indoctrination camps that our colleges and universities have become is a huge part of the problem as well.

    • Other than worrying about stranger’s kids focus on your kids, nephews, etc. If you are rolling in dough (and other people’s wives) like A team, you could look into starting a scholarship program at a tradeschool. Make it a III to III thing.

      • Our kids are out of school,and out of our home.
        Nieces and nephews are doing good in school,two nieces are in college on full ride scholarships.
        I’m not rolling in dough,and a piece of ass ain’t worth gettin shot over-especially since I’m married,happily,and don’t need to go out and screw other guy’s wives-that’s never a good idea.

        Why aren’t our kids being taught any actual trades in our “career centers?”
        When will parents realize that their little brat just don’t have the brains to be an engineer,doctor,lawyer,etc-and have the kids learn a trade?
        I teach kids who want to learn basic carpentry,wiring,plumbing,etc every summer. Someone’s kid always needs a summer job,and I always need a laborer in the summer-benefits both of us.

        • the fukkn A-team

          ,”and don’t need to go out and screw other guy’s wives-that’s never a good idea.” LOL
          Fact is, those married women were just getting even with their cheating husbands OR their husbands didn’t give a fuck. Hell, I had one guy encourage me to entertain his much younger wife. Me being a gentleman… One thing about rich men, they are always having women throw themselves at you. “Show me a beautiful woman, and I’ll show you a guy who’s tired of their shit.”

  7. God is God and you can’t fight demographics. Americans murdered 60 million of their own children since 1973. They have to be replaced from somewhere. Any nation that stops having children will find itself replaced by people that do have children. It is a story as old as the world.

  8. The number is closer to 65 million. Off topic, Banzai does it again.

  9. 1) Wefare – changes incentive structures
    2) Labor law – drives employment overseas
    3) All entitlements – changes incentive structures
    4) Massive personal and government debt – increases risk for investment
    5) Near zero interest rates – harms capital formation
    6) Inflation – screws everything up, particularly when it goes into high gear

    Folks, this is what happens in every tottering empire. The people who built it become wealthy, then soft and lazy (or their children and grandchildren do). Others naturally take advantage. It is the normal run of things. Did you think we would be avoiding it?

    It may look bad with so many foreigners coming in, but think how much worse it will be when none of them are interested in coming here any more.