Know Your Enemy


A Veteran Policeman’s Observations on The Golden Horde

A weaponized demographic, eh?

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  1. One of many enemies….

    • the fukkn A-team

      And soon it will begin…

      “This is why DHS, the IRS et al are preparing to go to war with the American people as they arm to the teeth. This is why the foreign troops are here. You are on the Titanic and you are going down. Still not convinced? Then explain Cyprus, Greece, Poland and now Panama where the TPTB are stealing pensions and bank accounts and you don‘t think it can happen to you because you are an American?
      We have options America. We could arrest the Wall Street thugs that perpetrated this whole bloody mess and issue a declaration of debt repudiation. However, the other side is prepared to fight you as evidenced by the recent militarization of every
      federal agency. I do not believe that that America has the intestinal fortitude to fight back. We are a soft nation. And if we did resist, we should be prepared to fight the Russians and the Chinese on American soil because the central bankers will certainly follow a Red Dawn scenario.
      When the Titanic went down, who did they save? They saved 70% of the wealthy as they were the ones that got into the life boats while the coach passengers were locked into steerage in which only 10% of those poor persons survived. This is exactly what is going on now. The government is not bailing out small business owners, pension holders and the average investor. They, we, are only bailing out the rich friends of the international bankers. The rest of us are locked into middle class steerage. Get your money out of the bank. Cash in your 401K and your pensions. The game is over and you only have time to jump from this sinking ship.”

      • “They saved 70% of the wealthy….”
        Then you’re gonna be OK and the rest according to your posts deserve what they get, so why do you care ?

        • the fukkn A-team

          I would fit in the low-end of the other 30%. I’m stocking beans and bullets just like everyone else -just in case.

          • Not to start a keyboard war, but aren’t you always posting that you have the smoking hot babe in Michigan and are in the 1% and don’t work for the man, retired with a pant-load of $$, are prepped out to the max, can outrun and out-shoot any man around and the 99% are idiots ?
            Smoke ? Mirrors ? Bluster ? Remembering big ?

            • the fukkn A-team

              What’s your point? Do I want to risk my neck for retarded idiots? NO. Will I feed and support them? NO. Will I be prepared as much as I can to sustain myself and loved ones IF i end up staying here? Absolutely. I have 2 homes in MI and 1 in FL. All of them are prepped for the worst case. What would you do?

              • My point is you said the wealthy 70% got in the Titanic lifeboats after repeatedly saying you were in the 1% but say you would fit in the low end the 30% which is the 99% and poor.
                I just wanted clarification.
                And consistency.
                Other than that, no problem.

                • the fukkn A-team

                  I see you failed miserably in math class. 70% of the wealthy were saved. that leaves 30% of the wealthy who went down with the ship.
                  This is guy absolute proof that public schools are a monumental failure folks.

                  • My bad. And I don’t do math too well, but some of it was reading comprehension too.
                    This “”is”” guy absolute proof that public schools are a monumental failure folks.
                    So you went to public school also ?
                    Or do you post drunk ?

  2. Reblogged this on Starvin Larry and commented:
    The veteran policeman’s letter leaves out one important thing about the FSA-the gangs are organized,they have a command structure,and they are well armed.
    The gang leaders will recruit some of the “drones” and use them to probe defenses in the ‘burbs-because they don’t care if they lose the drones to suburban NPT’s,their only goal will be for the upper “management” to survive,they’ll use the drones first,then their low-level members,and any of the FSA that’s still around.
    There’s a chance that these guys will kill a lot of rivals off in the chaos,and whoever wins the turf wars will remain safely downtown-sending others out to steal food water,medical supplies.guns,ammo-whatever they can steal or take by force.

    Some form of the golden horde will be moving outward from the cities-there’s no doubt about that.
    How long it takes to reduce their numbers to the point that they no longer pose a major threat is the question.

    • Depending on what goes back into the city with them, the time to reduce their numbers to the point that they no longer pose a major threat may be short. Or do you think they will be very knowledgeable on food “contamination”?

      And if their drones DO reach your area, make sure NONE of them survive to return to their Masters. Regardless of whether those drones are FSA or Only Ones…

      • Mark Matis

        I believe that if you are in the outer reaches of any large metro area,and your home appears to be owned by a “rich”- (to them)-person,then you will be a target.
        Starving people are desperate,women with starving children will be especially vicious-at least those who care about their kids.
        Once the grocery stores and quickie marts have been emptied out-then they big city ghetto trash starts heading for the ‘burbs.
        I do not think all of them are going to be armed-they don’t hold on the guns and ammo-it’s too easy to trade for cash or drugs,maybe one or two out of a group will be armed.

        You’re right-don’t let any of the drones make it back to the city,defend your home and property from them,and it’s likely that most will move on to try and find an undefended,or poorly defended home.

        I doubt that many of the gang-bangers and dope dealers even have a clue about food safety-they may keep a few women around to cook for them-but they aren’t going to be all that knowledgeable about food preservation,preparation,contamination,and storing food when you have no refrigeration. If they lose the freezers and microwaves-there goes most of their ability to feed themselves.

        • What I was suggesting on the “food contamination” was leaving contaminated food for them to take. When they head back to the hives and a buncha them chow down and die…

        • Cassandra (of Troy)


          Re: Thugz/similar & bad food

          Don’t overlook/dismiss the utility of bait for bipedal vermin removal like that used by the Romans/Russians/others. Those who’re experienced w/ putting up various foodstuffs (‘canning’) are familiar w/ what happens when, e.g., beans go bad & are eaten. Such a method would be valuable for dealing w/ ‘civilized’ invaders as they’re ignorant of such hazards & thus would be especially susceptible to that approach, it’s a 3fer in that one disposes of poisonous food & enemies in a safe & ‘eco-friendly’ manner while keeping personal/group risk to a minimum.

          Both Ares & Mother Gaia would approve!

          • Since we can our vegetables from the garden,we could have a supply of special canned foods ready to be used in such a situation,great point,thanks.

            • Cassandra (of Troy)


              Think of it as a combination of Ben Franklin’s aphorism about waste & militarised recycling.


      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        Mark Matis/01Nov14@10:12,

        “And if their drones……Only Ones.”

        Don’t dismiss the efficacy of the Germanic tribe’s response to the Romans portrayed in Gladiator. It’s amazing how persuasive such a method is even today, King used a variation of it in The Stand as did Forstchen in One Second After. Although undeniably barbaric, it makes the point about the resolve of those in the area rather handily & as ‘humanimals’ are what one will very likely be encountering in a collapse situation understanding how they think & being able to ‘converse’ in their ‘language’ should pay dividends.

  3. This looter is not your real enemy. Your real enemy is preventing you from engaging the looter in the act, or from hunting him down later, or from posting his picture on a website of wanted thieves, or from installing windows that aren’t trivial to smash. Your real enemy is on the side of this looter, protecting this looter from you. Mr. Veteran Policeman is preventing you from defending yourself from this looter because if you did, you would succeed wildly, and Mr. Veteran Policeman would be out of his phony-baloney job. That warning about smooth talk while he edges closer to attack you applies equally well to Mr. Veteran Policeman.

    The stuff the looter is stealing is for his own consumption, he’s not funding your enemy with it. The looter is injuring the store owner but he’s not injuring you. What are you giving to your enemy to spend on injuring you with? Taxes? Votes? Legitimacy? Faith?

    • Damn straight. Your first paragraph tells the whole story.

      I mean, looters are real enemies. So are rabid dogs, and dirty water, and maybe ebola. None of that is the point; the point is what you wrote.


      I would add something else to this. It will not just be the veteran policeman and the corrupt self-serving political infrastructure. It will be the local clergy. Just look at who was supporting the flood of two-legged disease vectors over our southern border some months ago: The Baptists and the Papists.
      In my little town on the Oregon coast, transients had no place to go but through the town. The only shelter/assistance they received was from a small mission/thrift store south of town that would give them a bed and food for the night and then send them on their way. Then, a “retired evangelical restaurant owner” from the Bay Area(?!) moved into town and mobilized all of the clueless, bible-thumping, flag-waving, Lee Greenwood-listening useful idiots to establish soup kitchens at their churches. Now, the word is out and all of the drones can get a free lunch six days per week. They are wandering through are neighborhoods and the local cops are not amused. And no, I cannot and will not move. My home is hardened, my wife and daughter are armed and we practice. I just keep planning and prepping.

      • RE: Shelter & Assistance: 15 years ago I was visiting Naples, Florida. It’s upscale, well to do. I was talking with a cop about the apparent lack of transients and homeless. He only half jokingly said “When they show up, we pick them up, drive them 10 to 15 miles down the road into the Everglades. We drop them off and tell them…..when you come to Naples you get 2 free rides to the Glades. Your first and your last.”

        • Cassandra (of Troy)

          This Is This/01Nov14@13:30,

          Re: Naples/FL’s transient/’homeless’ ‘policy’

          I.e., ‘Mulholland Falls’.


      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        DWEEZIL THE WEASEL/01Nov14@11:10,

        Note also that many in the clergy support disarming the populace in addtn to forcing said populace to succor people w/ no interest in adapting to the country they’ve been allowed into & who’ve clearly shown the intent to replace the society/culture of their new country w/ that of the one they fled. And DON’T be deceived/deceive yourself into believing that such treasonous ‘Holy Ones’ are limited to Catholic or Judaic practitoners, the Protestant sects are also rife w/ the same destructive psychopathology.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          I know for sure the Episcopal Church supports helping the illegals, and teaches them how to get on the gov’t dole. The have training classes on walking people thru the hoops to ensure they get any/all entitlements they can.
          I can understand helping people who are in need, your neighbors and friends who fall on hard times, but bringing new people into the communities and then undermining the entire welfare system is the Cloward-Piven plan at full overdrive. The hardcore liberals behind this deserve to be eaten by those they bring in, and I’m sure we’ll see it happening soon.

    • The looter becomes your enemy when he’s looting homes in your neighborhood.

      No one is preventing me from installing windows that are not easy to smash-that’s why I reside in a township that does not have an absurd number of obscure rules/codes/regulations in a building code,or ridiculous zoning laws,or any of the other BS that prevents a person from making their home harder to break in to.

      There are rules everyone should follow concerning talking to the police-
      1) do not talk to the police
      2) see rule #1

      The stuff the looter is stealing could in fact be funding the enemy,as I said gangs are organized,they have a command structure,they are well armed,and they will send teams into the suburbs to steal food and supplies.
      It’s a given that stores will be looted,and that does not affect me or my family-until they run out of food and supplies-and head for the outer ring suburbs,and rural areas.
      Then,the looters become a problem,because they will be looting homes-that’s the reason for NPT’s-to prevent that from taking place in my neighborhood-and anyone else’s neighborhood that has a NPT.

      Not everyone can bug out to a fully stocked cabin in the woods,or a small rural community of like minded people-some of us will have to stay where we are,and hope our defenses are enough,and our NPT is trained up enough for us to make it through the swarm from the hood.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      “Your real enemy……phony-baloney job.”

      Glad to see someone’s thinking. Remember also the ‘Blue Brotherhood’ mentality endemic in LE & the lesson presented in the old Twilight Zone episode The Old Man in the Cave, be VERY suspicious of ANY local/state/Federal Imperium employee & ESPECIALLY those who gravitated to jobs that mandate the use of force to compel compliance. And yes, that includes milpers, since many of them are as infected w/ the ‘Only Ones’ disease as LE is & as such will eventually move to take over. A sad thing to have to think about I know, but it’s an eventuality that must be considered then planned for if one’s prudent & desires to avoid (to the maximum extent possible) repeating past errors of which one of the biggest is self-delusion.

      “Doveryai, no proveryai” is not only good advice for nuclear weapons negotiations but also for dealing w/ the Imperium at ALL levels. DON’T be suckered/sucker yourself into believing that Leftists alone are the threat & that once they’re dealt w/ things will be ebsuhlootly febyalus as history’s replete w/ examples to the contrary, a clear eye & a STERN mind’s going to needed in the days/weeks/months/YEARS ahead if one wants to be around to influence post-interregnum events.

  4. How many divisions does the golden horde have?

    Section 8 of the Housing Act of 1937 (42 U.S.C. § 1437f), often simply known as Section 8, as repeatedly amended, authorizes the payment of rental housing assistance to private landlords on behalf of approximately 3.1 million low-income households in the United States.

    3 million women plus 3 million hanger-on men, vs. 350 million. Suppose the parasitic golden horde disperses out into rural-land and faces a 100:1 numerical disadvantage. They have no logistics (food, gas money) of their own to survive on more than a week, they can’t live off the land because there are so few preppers’ savings to steal, and once they start murdering homeowners they will soon be shot. Suppose they concentrate in groups of fifty for numerical advantage over a single house. They can’t feed that fifty with the take from a single house. I’m just not seeing the threat here.

    Could someone describe the war plan for how the golden horde conquers rural-land? It looks to me like they just get exterminated if they try it.

    • I agree, Anonymous. Once they kill off rival gangs in the big cities, they will live golden for quite some time. I think it will take awhile for them to exhaust their resources once they kill off their neighbors and get settled in. And if the rural prepper is paying attention, they can use that down-time to improve on their AO as well. I think once the resources in the big city peters out, they will have pretty much killed each other off, and wont be in any shape to venture out too far from their digs.

    • ” I’m just not seeing the threat here.”

      The threat is those of us who do not have the $$$ to be able to have a second home,or to move to a first home outside of a metro area.
      We will have to defend our families and our homes from the “golden horde”,the horde is a threat to those of us who have to ‘bug in”-we have to rely on our defensive preparations,our NPT’s and ourselves,because the gang bangers,dope dealers,wanna-be thugs,other assorted riff-raff and wiggers will be looting their way outward from the hood.
      There won’t be enough of them left to be a threat to those in the rural areas-unless the gangs start sending out small teams to take food and supplies by force from rural farmers and homeowners.
      We have quite a lot of Amish communities that are withing 50 miles of Cleveland-some of those from the hood know this-and will at least try to take food and supplies from them.
      I’m pretty sure the Amish will defend themselves-they’re not just going to give up their food and supplies without a fight.
      The numbers will be reduced more there.

      That helps anyone who’s far enough out from a metro area-it doesn’t help those of us who can not move out of a metro area-so the ‘golden horde IS a threat to us.

      • When I compare house prices it seems to me you could sell your city home, move to a small town in a farming area, and have money left over. A “sustainable” lifestyle looks exactly like a small town, because the ability to sustain itself is why that collection of businesses assembled itself there. Do you love the opera and the symphony enough to die for them?

        • I would have to own a home in order to be able to sell one.
          I had medical problems that cost every dime I had saved for my entire 49 years on the planet-(at the time)-We lease a home from the National Park Service,at a cost considerably lower than rental homes go for in the area-in exchange for my maintaining and repairing the home.
          We are in an area that is hard to reach for anyone on foot,and those with cars would most likely pick a richer looking area closer to the interstate highways.
          Have an ex-wife that fucked up my credit-along with the shit ton of medical bills I didn’t pay-because I had no money left to pay them,and no money coming in at the time.
          I’m working on getting that restored-until then,we are stuck where we are.
          We are in the best possible location we can be in for our circumstances.

          If I had the means to move farther from the city-we would be gone by now.
          I grew up on family farms-farms that were sold off in the mid 1980’s because they could not continue to operate in the market at that time.
          We grow 2 gardens,one is 15’x25′ or so,the other is 25’x50′.
          That provides plenty of tomatoes,green beans,zucchinis,eggplants,potatoes,tomatoes,a variety of peppers,corn,a variety of winter squash,herbs,onions,lettuce,broccoli, cauliflower,etc.
          We have chickens that provide fresh eggs daily.
          There are a lot of people who have homes they can not sell,or can not sell for what they need to buy a home away from the city.
          Those people will do what they can to fight off the gang-bangers,dope dealers,and assorted ghetto trash-they have no choice.

      • the fukkn A-team

        I live right in the edge of Amish country.They’re the only decent people around and totally self-sufficient.Those boys are tough, lean, and well armed. I’ve been telling some, that their mothers and sisters will be raped and killed and their farms overrun by the local heathens and downstate city scum. You should see the look in their eyes, and it ain’t fear. OTOH I’ve seen the concrete and steel barricades set up along the sides of I-75 leading out of the cities north of Detroit. Been there for several years now. I have no doubts a plan is already in order to keep the cities cordoned-off and encircled. After all, the Interstates were designed for just that. Worse comes to worse, jump on the boat and head over to the Greatest Country on Earth- Canada.

        • The Amish I’ve talked to just are not gonna put up with any shit from the ghetto trash. The ones I deer hunt with tend to hit what they aim at every time too.
          We have a friend’s property we can go to if it comes to that-72 acres with a 7 acre lake-surrounded by woods and farm fields,closest neighbors are the Amish,with a couple non-Amish farms in the area. Been going to that property for 30 years,so the Amish already know us,and would not treat us as strangers.
          We would have to live in tents though-it’s just a piece of property-nothing on it.
          It’s out of the way enough,far enough from Cleveland and crAkron-at least it’s somewhere to go to. Plenty of game in the area,plenty of fish in the lake,and there’s a spring fed creek that flows into the lake for a water source.

    • You need to have a plan of deception in place for the advancing hordes.
      Dead (horder) body in the burned out truck with a throw away weapon.
      Half-empty (or full if you’re an optimist) bottle of Schnapps spiced with whatever (see previous post.)
      Signs directing the horde to the nearest gov’t help.

  5. excellent essay by Mr. Policeman, ditto Bracken’s, which I studied before. White cosmics and, alas, our “proposition nation” neo-con friends will soon roast over many a slow urban fire…shortly thereafter, those of us fortunate enough to live outside the burning cities will be shooting niggers (and wiggers) on sight. Incidentally, the .gov/Wall St. paperPonzi merchants have now got silver pounded several dollars below raw production cost. This tells me that System Collapse is very close. So, enjoy Tuesday’s fake election….there will be no more such “politics” for a long, long time

  6. robroysimmons

    To place this in proper context, remind yourself of the propaganda that is aimed at white women by the Left/Democratic party that aims in instilling guilt and offering absolution and then purified sanctimony. So this is how we ended up here telling lies and other BS ideological junk to one another when it comes to the horde, we don’t want to upset the gals.

    But remember as well when the last piece of bread is handed out, them wimmin folk will get plum dog practical and vicious and not give two shits about tolerance and diversity.

    The Left knows how to play our women folk and the contards basically watch football while thinking “Murka fuck yeah.”

  7. Superb article. Fascinating comments. The storm is coming.

  8. Lyka

    I have a lot of Amish friends. They won’t fight back, they’re pacifist. The hordes will take their stuff and wreak havok. They’ll be prey. They realize this and the communities located near large urban centers are looking (or have) to move to more remote rural areas.

    • Lyka-

      There are quite a few different Amish sects or whatever you want to call them,some are pacifists as you describe,others-not so much.
      The Amish I talk to have different ideas on what to do in a SHTF situation even among the same community.
      There are some groups who will not even talk to the “English”,and others who are driven around in vans to work as carpenters.
      The guys I deer hunt with are in no way pacifists,we have discussed what will likely happen in SHTF,and they have their shotguns and rifles,and are willing to use them to defend their families,homes,supplies,horses,etc.

      • the fukkn A-team

        Ditto up here. I’m good friends with all of the merchants and their families in the Amish/Mennonite community. Their more modern than most think. We talk God, Jesus, and scripture, also military and political events-privately. We have an understanding together about trade and life after post SHTF. They’re the only ones I trust up here. They feel the same way as I do about the Godless slimeballs. Fuck em.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      That tallies w/ the attitude of most of the Amish & Mennonites I’ve met, sad to see such people get chopped but since it’s their belief & impacts only them it wouldn’t occur to me to violate their religious practice by attempting to aid them. I would, however, do my level best to kill off their attackers after the party ended & give surcease to those needing it but I would not take in survivors due to their pacifist ethos being fundamentally incompatible w/ my personal code & it not being respectful to try changing their minds.

    • Amish are productive farmers. If they would speak with the local “English”, betcha there could be some mutual feeding/defence. Defenders on prepared ground have a huge advantage. Betcha the Amish God does not want them to die needlessly, even if they object to lawful killing with their own hands.

  9. Cassandra (of Troy)

    And speaking of enemies, peruse the following for yet another glimpse of just how festive things are likely to be when the system goes SPLAT.:

    Who’d believe that one major branch of American Christianity still held its historical view of the other major branch as heretical apostates. Given that opinion & other pathologies in the U.S., it’s appears that a ‘zombie apocalypse’ would be a best-case scenario if only because it would tend to lessen the Hobbesianism.

  10. Everyone likes to ask, “But what will we do after,” when the Amish already provide real-life guidance. Lyka, in my experience they are peaceful but not pacifists…sort of like most people here. Maybe they believe revenge is the Lord’s and not theirs; I don’t know. They were loading up on arms and preps all along, not just when it became fashionable.

    I’m around plenty of Amish and Amish-raised folk. Generally, they work their asses off, are perfectionists, believe in tight families and tribes, have a keen eye for quality and know how to have a fun time…kids and adults alike.

    If someone wants to leave the “tribe,” they leave and go about their way. It’s a full split alright, but without any anger or coercion. Everyone wonders what Rightful Liberty might look like—some people have been living it all along. Good luck getting close or gaining their trust, though. They learned long ago what some people are just learning now…harden your hearts from those you don’t know, and stay the hell away from moochers.

  11. Dindo Nuffins

    Golden Horde, Free Shit Army.

    But, but, but… there are black patriots & preppers too!
    Problem is they’re spotted less often as the Loch Ness Monster.

    Tell me the last time YOU saw one.

    I’ll give you a hint. You’re already wearing your uniform.