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Instruments Of The Terror


H/t to GVDL for this concise modus operandi summary of Red operatives.

More here.



RT: Impoverished DNA co-discoverer Watson forced to sell Nobel Prize due to ostracism stemming from African IQ remarks

Related UK Independent story from 2007

Doubleplusungood polispeak.

(H/t Free North Carolina)


Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 11.17.27

Via Twitter.

WM: Guard Encounters Armed Blacks with Guns in Ferguson — Cooperation Ensues


WeaponsMan explains.

It ain’t the melanin that is dispositive.

It’s the amount of assholism present in the individual.

Each individual.

Just like any other freedom issue.



Denninger explains.

More detail:

…Co-sponsored by Reps. Spencer Bachus (R., Ala.), John Conyers (D., Mich.), and Bob Goodlatte (R., Va.), the bill creates a new section of the bankruptcy code for big financial firms. So far so good for taxpayers. Bankruptcy courts would be better for resolving failing giants than the “orderly liquidation authority” created by the 2010 Dodd-Frank law that allows regulators to rescue these institutions and then discriminate among their creditors.

This is no doubt why so many Republicans are supporting the new plan. But they should also read the fine print.

Nothing in the bill repeals the rescue authorities given to regulators under Dodd-Frank and there’s no ban on taxpayer assistance to the failing giants put through the new bankruptcy process.

If the idea is to take power from bureaucrats and give it back to markets and judges, it’s odd that not only the failing firm but also the Federal Reserve Board of Governors can trigger the bankruptcy filing if “necessary to prevent serious adverse effects on financial stability in the United States.” The affected company can contest the Fed’s decision privately before the court.

The House bill would also largely codify and expand an agreement this fall between the biggest banks and the Fed. The big banks agreed not to exercise all their contractual rights with each other, allowing a failing giant some relief as regulators try to ensure that its subsidiaries can keep operating…

Bill language of HR 5421.

Key takeaway, IMHO:

Big badness is coming, and this bill is designed to help “manage” it.

NB: As to you and yours, here’s what’s coming:


obama boehner


hillary what difference


Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 9.55.10

Black Friday.


Your Papers, Citizen


Free your mind first.

Everything else will follow.

Two From Oleg Volk


Have You Shared Your Knowledge Lately?

Playing Well With Others

All we have is each other.

There never has been any cavalry coming to save the day.

EMP And The Wrong Approach

Illustrative EMP Effects - Fast Pulse

I know! I know!

More military-industrial complex!

Feh on those fools who support a return to strategic food reserves.



Ozone Madness


Take that, filthy commoners!

No need for dangerous electricity that pollutes everything in its making.

To hell with the downstream economic consequences.

Yeah, it’s all about the “ground-level ozone” (draft regs; regulatory impact analysis).


Remember this sack of festering garbage:

Gina_McCarthy_official_portraitEPA Commissar Gina McCarthy

She and her ilk want you and your children shivering in the dark, begging for a handout from them.

Never forget that.


Got endarkenment?


UPDATE 0745EST 29 NOV 2014: SiGB provides analysis and this graphic:


Sparks31: Radio Interview And Class Update


Listen and read.

Got comms – both for listening and sending?

Tempus fugit.


Explaining Ferguson


Dethguild lays it out.

As does Will Grigg.

Wait until there is an “injustice” against the illegal immigrant community.

Welcome to FUSA.

Thanksgiving Options


Courtesy of GVDL.

Welcome to FUSA.

Global Guerrillas: Caltrops & System Disruption


For educational purposes only.

Remove clothing before ironing.

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.


UPDATE 1055EST 27 NOV 2014: H/t to the WRSA commenter who pointed to this related piece from SWJ.


Giving Of Thanks


Ivy Mike gives one example.

Most importantly, I thank each of you – be you a reader, a commenter, or a contributor – for being here and keeping this place going and growing.

May God bless and keep you and yours in the coming year.

Enjoy the day.



GVDL explains.

Unintended consequences.

Accountability’s a bitch.

Day By Day


From Chris Muir.

Fred On Ferguson


Speaking the unspeakable.

2015 is going to be worse.

Not to mention the years after that.

Thanksgiving Dinner 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 20.38.03

Via Banzai, as below:

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 20.42.17

Max V: Shooting On The Move


CQB versus 360 degree battlefield.

Read it all (including the embedded links).

Know where you are.

Act accordingly.

Live hard.

Die free.