The Battle For The Yutes


55six sends over the transom:

THIS is what scares me.

We have an entire people (people implies a group with a culture and history behind them) who have simply lost the idea of Liberty. We rose up over what amounted to pennies for a tax on tea. Men stood in the street and said hell no, I will die before I let my life be ruled. When Britain said “turn in your guns”, we started shooting the bastards who would enforce it.

What we have now is a country of 330 million wimps, slaves in designer clothes. Instead of trying to win a seat in a corrupt congress, why don’t we rally to use our voices, resources and resolve to help people understand the concept of Liberty?

A media campaign with a concise clear message that will resonate with young and old. A clear brand, a symbol which the masses would embrace.

I see those “salt life” decals everywhere. I see “Costa” stickers on trucks and Calvin pissing on various objects. What if we gave the young folks a real idea to rally around? What if we gave them the education that the schools wont? I used to work with middle school age kids and in my years of that I never met one who was not liberty minded. They are all about independence and rally around the introduced idea of Liberty. All we need to start affecting the real war, the culture war, is to create a brand and an idea for them to rally around. Remember the 60s and all that “peace” and “love” stuff? How about the idea of LIBERTY sweeping the nation and kids all over wearing a symbol of it? What about kids actually understanding and rallying around the idea that “I own me” and “F the state”?

Thom Tillis being elected will accomplish little. The money which was spent on that one campaign could have really made a change in the only battle that matters, the battle for the minds of the people.

Sorry if I seem less than overwhelmed that we “won” at a game that has just one outcome, no matter who is sitting at the table.


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  1. Excellent summary, the thoughts expressed are flawless. Making a comeback in values is like eating an elephant, which you do one bite at a time. Do and encourage others to see things other than the Madison Ave. way make at least one comment a day to someone you don’t know, that is counter to the “accepted mainstream”, not necessarily something on a hot button issue but at least different enough.

    • moving from left to right, we can forget about the sodomite and the negro. Of the other 3, maybe 1 is salvageable

      • Sodomite? Negro? Oh yes, I forgot, there is not one single black or gay person who longs for liberty from our statist, would-be rulers.

        Your ideals of this shade are more dangerous than the leftist statists desire to control your life.

      • WiseCaveOwl, much like Bobbye further along in the comments, to say that there are not also homosexuals or blacks that yearn for liberty is quite a chauvinistic generalization. I am not contesting that there are “minority” groups that scream loudly into CNN’s cameras and demand statist ideals. What I am going to argue is not every homosexual is a San Fransico flamer. Not every black is a welfare mama. I would go so far as to say that the conservative Christian or retired republican group may even be more dangerous of statists than the liberal statists are to liberty. When God is “on your side”, you will fight much harder and to greater extent than a leftist who is fighting for “public good”. More evil is done in this world in the name of God and his will than for any other reason. In my county, the leftists want to employ building codes and place additional property assessments; the conservative Christians want to drag the gays around the woods in a barbed wire noose behind their trucks for a few hours. (Both of these examples are real.) Another example, in the middle east, Islam is the regional faith. If you were born in Iraq, you would likely be Islamic and be willing to take whatever extremes you must to push Allah’s will.

        I am not only in the young adult age group this article focuses on, but I am also gay. Does this fact make me less of a rifleman? Does it make me less privileged to carry a sidearm? Am I less deserving of freedom to live my own life without being bothered, and does it forbid me from standing along side of you when the fight really gets ugly? If you are offended by this challenge, that is not my problem. What I want is freedom to live my own life, free of intrusion from a tyrannical government or any other group of people believing it is their responsibility to right my wrongs. My choices are not your problem.

        You have a remarkable number of allies in a fight for liberty. If you want the leftists to back off your gun rights or religious righst, you must also realize it goes both ways.

        • these days, non-Group-Entitled sodomites (like pro-liberty, anti-Statist negroes) are few and far between. A statistical outlier. I favor simple IFF, which facilitates Victory. So that, when the dust settles, the current Group Entitlements (in your case, the Culture of Death) will be no more

        • Jc: I didn’t say anything about gay. Straight ‘yutes’ just want to have sex too. But now that you brought it up consider if your lifestyle could survive freedom in which others could chose not to hire you, not to cater to you, not to allow you to join in any reindeer games. Please state for the record that you, Jc, would not favor any government forcing others to tolerate you. When you do that I will welcome you as a fellow freedom lover. Remember, a freedom lover loves other people’s freedom just as much as they love their own.

      • And you wonder why leftists have over run the country? They may be as hateful as you but at least they have a clue about PR.

        • once the debtPonzi collapses, PR will do the Left – and the Culture of Deathers – no good at all. The pen is mightier than the sword…but no match for the gun

  2. About those “Yutes”…Reason magazine did an issue recently on millennials, and their views on politics, economics, and social issues. They aren’t as lost as you would think. As an older millennial, I believe that many(and the reason poll suggests this) are fairly liberty minded and are looking for ways to create that space for themselves. This largely done virtually now, as it is the easiest avenue to find free expression.

    Silk Road, was a huge experiment in crypto-anarchy, and agorism. It was run by a young man(allegedly), who was a huge fan of Mises and Rothbard. A large number of the cypherpunks that are working on encryption software to have private communications despite massive surveillance state are young adults.

    Do check out these links and plan accordingly. The poll will give some clues on how to approach a young person you know that you want to foster a love of liberty in. You just have to find ways to relate to them. Good luck.

  3. And about that brand. Ever see someone in a Guy Fawkes mask? Yeah, that’s the brand of the anti-establishment youth movement, known as Anonymous. You may not agree with them all the time(I sure don’t) but it is their movement and they are doing something.

    Don’t give up hope on the “yutes”.


    Take kids shooting. Buy your own kids guns. Without the *means* to provide for their own freedom and kill anyone that threatens it, liberty is just academic foofrau.

  5. 55Six needs to consider —

    * Homeschoolers do so not just because they think the schools are crap (they are) but also because they know the environment is poisonous to a liberty oriented mindset. They are a growing educational segment.
    * Regardless of what you may think of Limbaugh his `Revere` series of books for kids is selling like hotcakes. Is number 1 on the NYT best sellers list. “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” works both ways Vladimir. The series is laying seeds for a whole upgraded American.
    * Millennials are not as mindless as we Boomers may think. I work with/on them every day. They are anti-authoritarian to the core, anti-corportatist mainly because they did not like the outcomes imposed by that choice, and dead practical. “What works, I’ll do theory later” as one student told me once.
    * Gun sales are thru the roof, even among the 18-25 demographic. Guns are not a necessity unless you are preparing for some event. Add your choice here. A decision to buy a weapon is the most liberating action an individual can take.

    One does not have to sell the concept of liberty. That is easy. The hard sell is the skill set to discern policy related to action. The policy of consequences is what needs to be instilled. Till that is transferred to the next generation anyone can vote stupid.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Alfred E. Neuman

    Yutes is a word for youth. I guess i am a old nerd/patriot, but i like to use the common words. To start off a post with a questionable word already sends a questionable response. Just saying……………..

  8. Milo Mindbender

    Just like any other casino, the house is rigged to win before the bets are placed. My children are not raised as state property, and without the aid of cable TV. I don’t think they even know who is on American Idol, and best of my knowledge never watched the prime time lunacy dished out from MSM.
    I have taugh them work brings it own reward, and tried to show them the virtue of patience when committing money to long term projects.
    Hopefully they will avoid the empty Web of blatant consumerism preached at them by society, and remember that a car does not determine your value, and clothes do not make the man only the illusion of manhood.

  9. The Yutes only want to be taken care of and to have sex with whomever they chose on any given day. That is the definition of liberty to them.

    • That’s an ignorant generalization.


        Jim Bravo: Spend some time as a substitute teacher at any public high school, and you may not think what Bobbye says is ignorant. Look at the previous posts on this site referring to “shambling mall zombies”. Yes, there are a few dedicated kids out there. I have met them and taught them. But, we’re talking numbers. Just wait until the next Flash Mob hits. Or, stand by for the deluge on Black Friday. I would also refer you to the You Tube series titled: THE MADNESS OF A LOST SOCIETY.

        • I understand there are a large number of my generation that are selfish, self absorbed, shallow, and vapid. I get that.

          They weren’t born that way.
          Think about that just a minute.

          • Jim: No they were not born that way. America raised them that way. But most American Yutes, black and white, are that way. Thus the need to replace them with young people who will work, like Mexicans.

          • Brendan Guy McMahan

            Hello, Jim
            Conduct a youtube search, input
            bountiful fury, I agree that people
            can be trained differently. I’m also
            working on a program called
            Mycroft1. See
            this Wednesday at 4pm EST.
            aka Brendan Guy McMahan

  10. ……. yay …… nah , nothing will change , hell , we all know that . It was good for some laughs though , I thought Reid and Pelosi were going to go into convulsions . Amerika’s Communist academia , who I’ve hated since the Vietnam war , was foaming at the mouth .

  11. We need to clue them into the fact that being able to legally smoke weed doesn’t = liberty. The reason these initiatives are flyin is that .gov knows you will be far easier to mange or shoot or club if you’re high. I think this is largely up to us middle aged whys to resolve or die trying, most of the utes are pretty lost.

    • How is a government who forces restrictions on how individuals can live their own, personally responsible lives (e.g. smoke marijuana, drink alcohol) any better and more freedom-minded than a government who forces restrictions on how individuals can live their own, personally responsible lives (e.g. own a particular type of firearm, carry it however, or whenever they please)?

      Tom, do you see where I am going with this? If I should be willing to fight a tyrannical government over an illegal, unconstitutional law or regulation forbidding my owning and training of a battle rifle, why should my neighbor not also be willing to fight a tyrannical government over an illegal, unconstitutional law or regulation forbidding him from ingesting whatever substance he chooses to partake in. If he is in his own home, and does not affect me in any way whatever, how is it any of my business?

      Responsibility is the key issue here. Not the tool, device, or substance. I think there are a lot of allies in the libertarian learning young adult group, even if their goals are different than yours. I bet their principles are the same: to be left alone and live a peaceful life without being bothered.

      I am not arguing that there are many people who abuse a drug, then cause harm to other people. But it is not the “drugs fault”. The drug did nothing. Just as my rifle did nothing. It is the irresponsible person behind the trigger, pipe, steering wheel, knife, et cetra, that is causing the harm – contrary to CNN’s belief.

  12. Relevance. Although we’ve seen a resurgence, 1776 is culturally relevant to very few of us.

    Alex Jones (I know) had that “The Answer to 1984 is 1776” campaign a while back. I thought that was very good; great message. I think there were some age limitations, though.

    What’s your target demographic, what we call the Target Audience?

    The 60s “Peace and Free Love” stuff was targeting teenagers and young adults, no? The “1984/1776” mainly targeted the 30s and up crowd (the crowd who actually read 1984).

    I’m no marketing guy, but I think the message should match the target. Let’s define the target and the create a culturally-relevant message.

  13. Just follow Sipsey and Codrea and Max and everything will be fine. “Law Enforcement” are your friends…

    Save the country!

  14. I’ve tho’t about the Yute situation a good bit.
    Unless we older lovers of freedom/Constitution/U.S. (whatever) can switch a lot of the young people to the idea of freedom, all that is necessary to take away all freedom is to wait til we all die or are too old to do anything about it.

  15. Great, that’s just what we need another media campaign.
    Without question, that is how we honor the memory and sacrifice of
    “We rose up over what amounted to pennies for a tax on tea. Men stood in the street and said hell no, I will die before I let my life be ruled. When Britain said “turn in your guns”, we started shooting the bastards who would enforce it.”

    • Yeah. Warriors figure to be key, but gotta have non-warriors too. I’m with most of the comments here—more yutes are choosing to keep their minds, than one might guess. That’s a great thing and they’ll figure out how to use the tools when the time comes.

  16. Battlefield USA

    Well, let’s not forget that “I own me” does not mean… ME-ME-ME-ME-ME!


    • That’s good, as long as we also don’t forget that teamwork and common goals don’t mean… OTHERS-OTHERS-OTHERS.

      • Battlefield USA

        You see that little dot under my comment Klein?

        That was me cuing you.

        And sorry pal, teamwork and common goals require others.

        Okay, spin that in circles.

        • Well sure, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Here’s circles for you…you make it sound like it requires “others” without any consideration to whom they’re others.

          Why are you so hung up on the point? What does “Responsibility” mean to you, anyway? And don’t turn it around; you don’t hear me yapping, “Alone, alone, alone.”

          Deal with it or don’t, but something inside you is telling you that it’s wrong to be selfish for yourself, to be proud of yourself, and dare I say even love yourself. Spit it out…WHAT? Maybe it’ll be cathartic for you, and it’ll definitely be educational regardless.

          Here, I’ll make it even easier. ON THIS EARTH, what is better than you, and why?

          • Battlefield USA

            Klein, you are going to have to define what you thunketh I am so hung up on. And of course, this is what I ALWAYS expect from you, to wit: And don’t turn it around… Please define what you thunketh I am going to turn around.

            Okay, Deal with it or don’t what? Deal with what? Don’t deal with what?

            And there you go, analyzing me with your Timothy O’Leary psychedelic psychoanalysis. You don’t have a clue what is inside me. Or what me is telling me.

            And YOU are going to make it even easier for me! ON THIS EARTH, what is better than you, and why?

            Well Jimbo, you got me all figured out! Give it a shot. You are a guy, right? I am getting real suspicious about you. Do you keep a journal?

            Now Jimbo, do you have something to say, other than trying to get in my pants?

            • I asked what I’m interested in, there. Really? You don’t know the point I mean, upon which you’re hung up? I’m asking why you constantly deride selfishness and admiration of oneself, and inevitably offer the implication that the individual must be subordinated to the group.

              As I’ve explained dozens of times, I agree with that IN THE CONTEXT OF WHAT THE TEAM IS DOING, But it strikes me as obvious that you believe this holds in a wider context as well…as a question of general morality and how one ought to live one’s life overall and day-to-day.

              I’d be thrilled to be wrong about that. Just correct me, that’s all, and clarify that you do indeed believe that in the context of one’s life on this Earth, one ought to value oneself–and whatever values one chooses, of course–higher than anything else.

              What I understand that so many others don’t wish to acknowledge, is that everyone always does that anyway. They may SAY they don’t, but even saying that they don’t value their own values, is proof that they do.

              So you can either talk in circles, accuse me of talking in circles, or admit the fact of the matter.

              • Battlefield USA

                I’m asking why you constantly deride selfishness and admiration of oneself…

                Because you come off like some girl constantly standing in front of the mirror prissying your ovaries trying to convince yourself of your own self-worth.


  17. Your thoughts are spot on. We can’t have a revolution unless the Millenniums (I fathered two) join in and fully understand the importance of freedom….and that’s it’s not free. They will witness their future vaporize before their very eyes if they don’t get on board, BUT we have to start the ball rolling. I’ve spent my life in advertising and marketing so I’ll have to figure out the angle, what resonates with them. Yes, sadly many of the them are mesmerized by smart phones and flat screen computers (verses TV sets). They are smart, but unexposed to reality. Perhaps amplifying the coming pain of health care costs, never owning a home, crappy jobs, etc.

    has to be something real and verifiable beyond a shadow of a doubt. It also has to be emotional. Most of them have no clue about the history of this country or who’s running things. They are out living life lavida and not worrying about the future.

  18. My grandson is 21 and can (and will) debate liberty issues as well as my generation. His parents talked to him always and he had guns and went hunting. He gives me hope there are lots of them out there.

  19. Jimmy The Saint

    “What if we gave the young folks a real idea to rally around? ”

    They have ideas to rally around: “diversity;” “tolerance;” big government; the nanny state; assorted imagined rights like free wi-fi for all; socialism; “social justice;” white guilt; open borders; etc.

    The evidence is that not only do the majority not embrace liberty, they actively rally *against* it. Sure, free speech is good, but not when you say offensive stuff or speak against popular ideas. Sure, the police have too much power, but they should kill those evil gun owners/tea partiers/etc. Sure, the 4th – 8th Amendments are good ideas, unless you’re accused of domestic violence, sex-related stuff, etc. They just want people to be free to believe exactly what they believe and nothing else, on pain of death.

    • Don’t forget, Jimmy…that’s only what you’re seeing, and you know by whom it’s brought to you. So of course they make it look like it’s everywhere and always; that’s part of the scam. One active mind is worth a boatload of zombies, and there are plenty of active minds out there.

    • There is a propaganda battle going on right now, to keep the youth distracted while their future is looted from them to keep the elderly placated with social security and medicare and the oligarchs fat and happy. It works on some but not on all.

      Another one is aimed at the conservative boomers saying that the youth are a bunch socialists. That there is nothing in common between the TEA Party and the Occupy Movement. I was involved in both. And yes, one is older and right and the other is younger and left but both movements were pissed off at the same people for the same reasons.

      These kids and young adults have been stuck in government schools so many of them aren’t great with political philosophy or critical thinking necessarily, but they do see a lot of the problems. Most of them fall for leftist propaganda because it is pervasive. And as said above, critical thinking skills and sound political economic theory is not taught in government schools. They don’t pass out Bastiat in civics, sadly enough.

      Seriously read those links to I posted. Hell, check out their YouTube channel. They are doing excellent work to pitch liberty to young folks.

  20. when they leave college, mired in debt, the good jobs are mostly gone. Outsourced. Or automated. And they will be underbid for the remaining, mostly service jobs by newly arrived legal/illegal invaders. ‘Yutes have little choice but to fall back on the .gov and its debt-financed handouts. So while a PR campaign can be useful (cf. IMPRIMIS, a Hillsdale College pro-liberty publication that has ~3 million readers/month, many of them students), it’s the system-crashing debt-bomb and then the lead ballot that’s going to win
    for us. Not “public opinion and “elections”


      Mr. Owl: Be very careful about Hillsdale College and IMPRIMIS. The whole thing reeks of globalist, neo-con propaganda. The head, Larry Arnn, used to run Pomona-Claremont College in SoCal. He and the Zionist Neo-Con Bruce Hershenson used to sponsor forums involving Jack Kemp and other Mordor-on-the-Potomac insiders about the: “BENEFITS OF IMMIGRATION”. The backlash from other conservative groups was so large and far-reaching, that Arnn and all of his RINO buddies had to back off and shut up. It wasn’t long after that Arnn left town and wound up in MI with Hillsdale. These people are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      • check. IMPRIMIS does, though, sometimes feature a good guest essayist. The current piece, William Voegli on “The Case Against Liberal Compassion” is excellent

  21. Organize the organized. Good luck.

  22. There are many kinds of Freedom Warriors.
    Bumper sticker (s): Are You a Freedom Warrior?
    or Be a Freedom Warrior!
    Window sticker: Minute man profile with Freedom Warrior font underneath
    Social Media campaign: Do mini-profiles of American Freedom Warriors (living and deceased) with pic and short freedom bio across a spread of social media channels (catch a bunch of demographics). Make it cool to be a Freedom Warrior whatever your age. Emphasize in the campaign that there are many kinds of Freedom Warriors and how easy it is for you to be one also. Planning, execution, perseverance.
    Just my quick thoughts.

  23. I am interested to see what the commentariot comes up with. I was reflecting on William S Lind’s descriptions of 4GW and wondering what sort of issue would give the Liberty crowd the moral high ground, not among us, but among the statist crowd. We all here agree that liberty is sufficient for us, but how do we translate that to the other half? And no, I won’t accept answers like “kill them all”, that would probably be close to 150 million people; taking a tyrant’s approach to enforce liberty is a contradiction in terms.

    • A defining attribute of the statist crowd is that there is no moral high ground. There’s only what works and what doesn’t, with a bunch of pablum thrown in masquerading as morality. Pragmatism—any gooey goal will do, because it was always about the means anyway.

      That good and decent people will inevitably spend their time focused on what others believe is moral, is a key part of the scam. It works.

    • Libertarian Anonymous

      Suppose you’ve been taken hostage by bank robbers. Sweet-talking them into letting you go won’t work. Joining their gang and becoming Patty Hearst won’t work. What will work is physically resisting their control of you, escalating up to killing them all if necessary. It’s the same moral problem if the armed thieves are bank robbers or tax collectors, if there’s a half dozen in the gang or 150 million. Slavery is wrong no matter the headcount of slaves vs. slaveowners.

    • Libertarian Anonymous

      If it is right for a Jew in Germany or an African slave in America to kill their oppressors in self-defense, no matter how numerous, then it is also right for you to do so. If you don’t believe that then you have declared your enslavement to be acceptable. You accept it.

  24. Wow, the comments on my email run the complete range it seems. I think that the target in my mind is somewhat younger than what most here think. Having seen light bulbs come on in the minds of 12-17 year old youths, I believe that this demographic is the place to see real seeds grow into even more real fruit. While I know older people than this (18-28?) are capable of learning these concepts, I feel the return will be much smaller because many in this age group will simply ignore the message due to corruption already rooted in their minds. This is not to say that this age group should be ignored but that the idea should be broad enough to appeal to a large audience.

    The target thus defined (if loosely) then what would be the methods of exposure? This is why I came to C.A., to see what thoughts the others here would have and also what resources and skills. One person here said they had advertising experience. What about a graphics person, web person? Young people are eager to hear a message that gives them hope and an idea that gives them a place to belong. The socialists have been playing at this for a long time. They have much more experience but I feel the veneer is rubbing off and the lies are showing through and the time is right to give a counter message. Young folks are hungry for an anti-establishment message that EMPOWERS them rather than makes them a sheep in a herd of sheep.

    What I see is a symbol, simple in design but powerful. A message with a clear and unashamed idea which is INDIVIDUALISM. Perhaps a TV spot, perhaps a magazine page, perhaps something else.

    The idea that we are going to rise up and defeat the collectivists in battle and everything will be right is a pipe dream. More likely will be a slow spiralling death of the concept of Liberty which will result in a slow march into the chains we made ourselves. They don’t have to fight us guys, they just have to wait us out. Without the young people of today knowing and understanding what it is we hold dear, there will be no future. I am 44years old and my time is short compared to the timeline of what is likely in the FUSA. Our only hope and legacy is to instill in young people a love of the individual.

    Ideas? Comments? Let’s do this, who has the means here to help?

  25. Rational Logic

    My impression of today’s teens/young adults is that: as long as they have access to a screen, they aren’t doing shit but that.

    Take that away and watch the crackhead behavior begin in earnest.

    I don’t have much confidence in that generation as a whole. In this county, the public schools provide MAC laptops (POS/not applicable to modern American Offices) to kids from 6th – 12th grade and the kid is allowed to take them home. The charter school doesn’t do that and makes the kids use Windows PCs.

    My neighbors kids (6th, 8th, 12th) don’t do shit but stare at their Macs, while their dad is former military, blue collar, fit and active. All 3 are on ADD medications and the two oldest are way overweight and sedentary. The oldest plans on joining the USMC next June. One day he says to me “I hate Obama”. I said “this summer you are joining up to work under his command. You realize that don’t you?, that this man you hate will be your CinC and you will be legally obligated to follow HIS orders, right?”

    He shut down right then, walked away, and resumed COD game.

    As a kid, I would get bored and do stuff. The stuff I did transformed into lifetime interests, hobbies, and ultimately a career. The skills I learned (the hard way) by actually doing stuff define me now to some extent.

    What will define this generation? Their high score on Angry Birds or Call of Duty? The most likes on an Instagram selfie?

    What do they achieve other than screen based faux accomplishments?

    You get self esteem and confidence by accomplishing difficult things. Not by winning an ebay auction, killing 10 enemies on COD, or voting (for Americans Idle or our Potemkin elections)

    A majority of the current crop of young adults really have no hands-on skills. I cringe to think how these people are going to maintain what’s here (infrastructure) or even begin to innovate.

    America has been sissified. Rugged masculine men are the anti-cool, especially in coastal urban areas. Feminists, minorities, and manginas reign supreme in government and corporate circles. Signs of testosterone aka testicular fortitude are frowned upon and ostracized or medicated away. I believe this is by design and Hollywood and TV are aiding and abetting the transformation.

    I’m not filled with confidence about the future of America or Americans.

    The currency is being destroyed, our sense of identity is being destroyed; things that have destroyed past cultures/countries are being glorified, a prime Marxist tool (Political correctness) runs rampant everywhere, the cops are out of control, the family is breaking down, wages are going to shit for most people, jobs are being eliminated through off shoring, in-sourcing (H1B), and illegal immigration.

    Government regulation is stifling small businesses.

    I can go on. But to put it succinctly, unless something changes drastically and soon, we are all fucked.

    • Rational: Very good description of America’s children. Their major problem is that their parents look to government to solve every problem and thus, so will they.