Last Dance: The Final (Real) Woodpile Report



Just damn.

Farewell edition next week.

17 responses to “Last Dance: The Final (Real) Woodpile Report

  1. Honestly folks, this worries me. Since his announcement I keep thinking Remus sees something beyond the veil.

    • Yeah….ya gotta wonder.
      I sure will miss the down-home common sense that he dispensed with such eloquence.

      Just damn.

    • ” . . . I keep thinking Remus sees something beyond the veil.”

      Could be, but maybe you just gotta respect a guy who decides to bow out at the top of his game. Or possibly he has a new game in mind:

      “Well, mebbe a peep now ‘n again, a guest article here ‘n there as the opportunity presents itself, if the outrages du jour may be exposed with civility without tripping my pressure relief valve in the doing.”

      “So if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to take ol’ Remus down to the depot and see that he and his considerable baggage get on the 4:10 out of town. I’ve stuffed him full of ribs and chianti, told him how incomparably wonderful he is, and he likes big, loud machines, so chances are he’ll go in good cheer. If not, there’s always zip ties. Much as I like the old guy, it’ll be good to have the place to myself again.”

  2. I am disappointed, as I just started reading the Woodpile about a year ago. Sorry to see it no longer being distributed.

  3. Let’s hope Ol’ Remus has something else up his sleeve.

  4. And another light on the wall of the Bastion of Sanity winks out…

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Double damn. Just. Double. Damn.

  7. Does anyone know of a Woodpilereport archive site?

  8. “And the three men I admire the most,
    the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost,
    They caught the last train for the coast,
    the day,
    the music died”.
    Vaya con Dios remus………………….

  9. WTF and damn, damn, damn, damn. Wells said Aesop, well said and yeah, one less light to help light our way. Serious WTF’s

  10. Derrel Carter

    I know. i already expressed the fact that he would be missed greatly! I even liked some of the art!

  11. Buckaroo Banzai

    A wonderful resource that will be greatly missed.

  12. Prepping Preacher

    the day is soon approaching when all such voices of light will be silent or near so… that being the case, we should know what we have to do…

  13. God”s Speed, ‘Ol Remus.

    Sorely missed but much appreciated. I’m very gratefull to have been able to read him as much as I did. A light of sanity, indeed.