Allahu Akhbar, Y’all!


GoV explains how Team Mo got its own very special prayer day at DC’s National Cathedral, just coincidentally on the 100th anniversary of the call for jihad against Christians and other in Armenia and elsewhere in the Ottoman Empire:

Pork be unto them, and their Quisling Western enablers.

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  1. Boon Vickerson is out there

    Its the ultimate immigration reform by executive fiat imaginable.
    It is the final fuckyou by a godless usurper to Judea Christian values and culture. It is his signal to the caliphate the borders are wide open. Not just physical borders, but the borders of our very culture.
    It is high treason beyond precedence.
    The psychopath in chief just declared war on every man woman and child in America.
    And it wont cost him and his ilk a single bullet.

  2. the “One God” desert religions – Christianity, Judaism, Islam – are ultimately all of a piece, so this latest bit of One World crap shouldn’t surprise. I intend to dispose of them all. Mithra beckons

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Brainwashing’s a wonderful tool, no?
      The masses have no idea how much of their lives are spent worshipping mythology from every angle; be it religion, politics, history, genealogy, etc. The weirder it gets, the more they cling.

    • Battlefield USA

      Will you be manning the USGov guillotines? What you fail to understand, is that I fully understand, as a Christian, that I will be hunted down, not only by your type, but by christians. So, you will have plenty of christians at your side trying to dispose the likes of me. But make no mistake, there will be plenty like me hunting down you and your new found christian friends.

      In fact, lets dispense with all the bull-shit. I will be happy to share my address with you if you are willing to dispose of me now. Now, before you answer this, it means that you have made up your mind that you will travel to my front door, look me in the eye, and end me. And I am not fucking kidding.

      Ya know, it is the Judeo-Christian bible that speaks of the NWO. It also speaks of those who will be spit out because they are nothing more than white-washed tombs. You know, like those who claim to be Jews, but are not?

      You are not wise at all. And sadly, you obviously will take part in the NWO machine as a useful idiot. That little stunt up there is not Christianity. But you should know that, being wise owl.

      • My brother in Christ: May The Lord God be the shield which preserves your loved ones from that which is to come. May you and I die His faithful servant warriors.

    • outlawpatriot

      You’re gonna have a problem there hoss. While I will be of help with regard to the disposition of the Muslim, your Nazi ass won’t make it past first base.

    • Curtis and OP, I’m with you all the way.

      Majikfirehornet,stukapilot,dumbasstroglodyteowl, you of the ever changing screen name/kicked off of more blogs than anyone… come say it to my face motherfucker. Mithra, my ass.

      And Semper Fi… Always Faithful to what, exactly? Yourself? Gonna get awfully lonesome in that foxhole all by yourself. Your brain is just as washed as anyone else’s, just by different experience and bias. You’re always putting everyone and all down hard. That leaves you! Ever been wrong? Ever made a mistake? Have a little compassion both for yourself and others. Sick of listening to your paranoid whining.

      • u missed SeadragonConquerer & CompassionateFascist. “kicked off more blogs than anyone”: a Badge of Honor in the cyberbattlespace

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I’ve made lots of mistakes in my life, and each time reality takes a bite out of my ass, more and more mythology floats away. We’ve been lied to since the day we came here, everyone filled our heads with warm fuzzy bullshit and some folks outgrow Santa Claus, most don’t.
        People always look for an easy way out, and believing in invisible friends and angels to protect you is the easy way out. Learning to accept the fact that you are alone in this endeavor is part of reality, I have no false illusions or fear to keep me believing in a myth passed down for generations.
        But above all else that I see here, it’s the warm brotherly love that is shared towards others who don’t believe the same ideas.

  3. Certain “religious leaders” should be added to the list for allowing this shit.

    • 2nd that. some have wondered if God hasn’t taken his hand off providing for the usa in any way, and if he did; you couldn’t blame him. heck, this country deserves a nationawide drought for how it has let God be treated.

  4. “”the carefully scripted ceremony was marred once when one well-dressed, middle-age woman in the audience suddenly rose and began shouting that “America was founded on Christian principles. . . . Leave our church alone!” “”

    Seems that women are the only ones w/enough balls to do anything.

  5. I’ll put some more dots out there for you to connect:

    Report: Saudis sent death-row inmates to fight Syria:

    Islamic State announces its own currency
    Terrorist group plans to reinstate ancient Islamic dinar by minting its own gold, silver and copper coins:

    Putin stockpiles gold as Russia prepares for economic war
    Russia’s central bank added to its reserves of bullion in the third quarter, according to the latest report from the World Gold Council:

    (Don’t forget the Swiss vote later this month on gold reserves)

    Russia flexes muscles with long-range bomber flights near U.S. shores:

    Australian PM furious as Putin arrives at G20 summit with warships in tow:

    So how’s Team Freedom doing in the FUSA? Do we have any state governors on our side yet? Any plans to get rid of the Federal Reserve’s company scrip and return to gold and silver? Have we recaptured any land from the Transnationalists?

    The bad guys are organized and making a lot of headway. Moscow, Beijing, and Brussels still have to work out how to divide their influence across the world post-FUSA. In any case the jihadis will be their proxy enforcers and apparently they have plenty of help inside the FUSA.

  6. Let’s not forget:

  7. If a Tree Falls in the Wood Will the NSA Hellfire It?

    The (former) Episcopal church underwent its own coup d’etat several decades ago, using a game plan anyone here would recognize. It has not been considered a Christian church for a long time by millions of Episcopalians who fled, with their families, for safe harbor in any number of alternate communions and denominations.

  8. Someone, anyone, cruise on by and toss some pork products into the Catherdral. The more, the better. Into as many spaces (open and hidden corners) as possible.

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  10. outlawpatriot

    After we win the war. Islam will not be tolerated. There will be not a single mosque in this country left standing and any Muslim in place will be driven from the land with fire and sword.

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  12. The ‘ One ‘ is most assuredly a ‘ Manchurian Candidate ‘ in the strictest
    sense, but don’t forget the other roughly 40% of the population who are
    either tribal members of his or ideological followers.
    They all are mortal enemies who seek our enslavement or death!

    • The vast majority of them, however, live in the blue hives that are small dots on the map of this country. And those small dots are not even REMOTELY self sufficient. Not in food. Not in fuel. Not in power. Not even in water. Food is the most difficult of those to disrupt, but it would not take many “fresh” meat deliveries showing up rotten to cause panic buying. Fuel pipelines run hundreds of miles, and a disruption ANYWHERE along that pipeline puts it out of service. Power is best done at the very high voltage transformers either at the power plant or at the substation at the hive perimeter, but dropping a tower along the lines also disrupts. ESPECIALLY if it’s a corner tower, which will then take out several adjacent ones as well. And if one picks an appropriately remote location, so much the better. And water – well, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

      Drop power to four or more hives at the same time, and those hives will be uninhabitable withing a week. The government has shown they can “pacify” one hive at a time – think Katrina or Sandy. They may even be able to handle two. But four or more and they don’t stand a chance. And what’s even better is that with FOUR hives experiencing “colony collapse disorder”, the entertainment is guaranteed to spread to many other hives as well, even if they do NOT get hit. Because, after all, hive dwellers live in those hives because they LOVE to depend on government to look out for them. And when the government is shown to be a total failure, well, things get ugly rather quickly.

    • That would be “Mohammedan” Candidate.

  13. I left the Episcopalian Church a long time ago. It went from worshiping the One, True, God; The Holy Trinity; and The Sacraments to gay weddings, learning to accept yourself, reaching out, allowing swimwear and dropped underwear at mass. The clergy went from serving the people to reminding everyone to remember your parish in your will at services. The “cool” priest was the one who talked about his drug use and previous life as a Baptist Minister before he got a calling to the fancy vestements. I refuse to tithe to such debauchery.

  14. I can not cast stones, since I am not without sin. I can however cast lead.

    I’m with OP and 06. I am behind enemy lines in one of the “blue hives” and figure my number is probably already called, it’s ok I have had a good life and lived many more years than I ever should have. No one who knew me then would guess I’d still be here.

    Until my last breath I will do God’s will to the best of my ability. I love God and I love my country. My relationship with God has always been cloudy, save for a few moments but I have been blessed to know right from wrong. What is happening here in the US is wrong. What happened in the National Cathedral was/is wrong.
    28 Take heed to yourselves, and to the whole flock, wherein the Holy Ghost hath placed you bishops, to rule the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.
    29 I know that, after my departure, ravening wolves will enter in among you, not sparing the flock.
    30 And of your own selves shall arise men speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.
    31 Therefore watch, keeping in memory, that for three years I ceased not, with tears to admonish every one of you night and day.

  15. The Walkin' Dude

    Ahh, nothing like some poisonous division. Religion, you gotta love it for that. Useful tool for making people hate each other. I just hate everyone, it’s easier that way. TAK!

  16. any major denomination left,that can still be considered christian?

  17. Oh and in case you missed Imam Chebli’s recent appearance at CONgress, here it is:

    John Boner was heard to mumble after the service, “I thought his name was Chablis and he was a Presbyterian from Dallas.”

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. I think people should attend to their own and their family’s interests and remove from their minds any ideas that do not do that.

    If you cannot immediately identify how an idea benefits you and yours, it was most likely put there for someone else’s interest, and you are a patsy.

    “It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.”
    Mark Twain

    How does it help any of us to hate anyone else? Any other religion? All religions have wisdom to the effect that hatred hurts the hater.

    The function of the news is to convince you you understand. Few of the people reading this web site believe anything the gov tells us, can point to the many crimes and coverups. No question, 9-11 was a false flag, but why does that cause us to hate Muslims?

    The mere label of ‘Muslims’ for such diverse peoples and cultures is propaganda, designed to mislead your thinking. All sides do the same, dehumanize by labeling, and produce fear by exaggerating the dangers.

    We have far more to fear from our own police, from our own govs, than from any Muslim group in the world. Focus on the real dangers, this hysteria about Muslims is designed to prevent that. It is a monument to the power of propaganda.