Your Christmas Shopping Hassles Are Officially Over


Who wouldn’t want two of these beauties for the price of one?

Combined with this classic + full accessories kit, the whole family can now go full Bolshie.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 22.49.53

Don’t forget the ammo!

14 responses to “Your Christmas Shopping Hassles Are Officially Over

  1. Shinmen Takezo

    Mmmmm! A Makerov pistol pistol/tyranny set for black-friday…. wowzers!!

    Question… will this be available at Wallmart?

  2. For the price of a new Glock, you can get a Tokarev for both hands and a couple cans of zippy steel core. Perfect for defending barnyard from tough-hide critters. Huge upgrade from Nagant revolver, which should be lubed for storage or passed to an ambitious unarmed Comrade.

    • The cartridge is supposed to be good for penetrating vests, too. Buy a couple and stash around the house for home invasions by criminals or SWAT teams (but I repeat myself).

  3. We can make them at the space, for fundraising. Speaking of which, a question for the masses:

    • Yeah, I’d get involved in my area. I’d even be willing to teach and share my own tools.

    • Excellent concept!
      I don’t know shit about machining or metal work, but I have solid skills in food production from field to table and all points in between, animal slaughter & butchery.
      I would invest in such a space. I would ( just as Stu offers in his comment) volunteer my time and knowledge to the right folks. Would hope/expect to receive reciprocity with respect to learning new skills building alliances and meeting like-minded folks

      • If you located a “Crackerspace” (sorry) out in agriculture zoning, you could demonstrate butchering a large animal without the landlord freaking out, and be done before the permitting busybodies show up to demand a stainless steel NSF everything. Next week you could have a chili contest with the meat. Invite sales reps from the local community sponsored agriculture places, maybe they have automation projects they would like done.

        I can imagine thousands of already existing buildings used by the VFW and Eagles clubs who might be willing to donate a small room on a trial basis, but maybe the culture isn’t compatible. On the other hand, the largest employer of “lodge doctors” for affordable healthcare was historically the Eagles clubs.

  4. The old TT-33…..poor commie’s 1911…cheap, ugly and effective. Kinda like old Slappy hisself.

  5. i skip the middle man and just give my money straight to the barak obama website. surely, he’ll take care of me in this winter that looks to be much worse than last winter.
    seriously though, i did buy more knives last week(already have enough guns and ammo). i am now armed, sometime multiple times; anywhere but in an airport. i figure with the muslims running over and the obama amnesty, the chances get greater every day that i will need them.

  6. Come to really like full-flap holsters for bushwacking, esp. w/ 1911.

  7. When you go “full bolshie,” you never go back!

    Thanks for linking to the sale. There is no bigger smile than the one under this hat.

  8. HHH Old Vet.

    Shame the cheap ammo ran out for the Tokarevs. Get a pistol of each model, or two.

    • Centerfire has 9mm versions available now and they’re pretty affordable. Not sure how conversion might work for others.. I think the barrels are pinned and I’m not sure about feed ramps?
      Not like the CZ52, that was easy to switch calibers but what you stated was why I let that go, cheap ammo dried up.