Max V: Shooting On The Move


CQB versus 360 degree battlefield.

Read it all (including the embedded links).

Know where you are.

Act accordingly.

Live hard.

Die free.

8 responses to “Max V: Shooting On The Move

  1. Paul Howe has some thoughts on shooting on the move. His thoughts? In paraphrase- “I can’t shoot on the move and neither can you”….He was instructed by the best, fired hundreds of thousands of rounds out of many different weapons- in combat and on the range. He is now a top rated instructor who teaches military, civilian and LE shooters….. I tend to believe him as it mirrors my own experiences and experiments.

    Sure you can game it and “groucho walk” and “slide” etc…and of course shooting straight forward -like when advancing down a hall etc…is different…..but in terms of real human movements, laterals at speed etc.. and throwing lead, unless you are bad breath close…forget it. Move then shoot.

    • Boon Vickerson is out there

      Your going to get people killed buddy.
      Putting rounds on the enemy while moving, no matter what somebody may tell you, is always effective, it may be all that keeps the enemy from getting a bead on your ass. Close rounds in front of the enemy puts high velocity nasty debris in their face, after all he has to get his head above cover to shoot you, it distracts the enemy, may cause him to duck below cover, all of which can keep him from killing you so you can kill him. And that is the point isn’t it? Style don’t stop bullets.

      To argue otherwise is bullshit.
      You got 30 rounds in your rifle, what do you have them for?

      • My experiance does not support the position that “you cant shoot on the move”. Thats bullshit. Are you going to shoot the face off a nickle? Well no but I can consistantly put multiple hits in the torso of a target while moving laterally at full speed with a rifle and a handgun at CQB distance. Which if you read the article by Max is what he is saying. At CQB distance its move first, but shoot at the same time. Beyond 30 meters, its fire then move.

  2. Numerous force on force courses and my own training showed me that shooting in the move is nothing like standing like a dope and hitting paper. Them airsoft bbs leave marks. Ha.

    • All day and twice on Sunday. FoF backs up what we can do on the range, but adds the additional factor of a target that is moving and shooting back. Paper cant replicate that.

  3. If people want a hard and fast “general” rule, here it is “Shoot or move, not both.” If you are moving cover to cover with a buddy or another buddy team, and you are trying to engage the initial target, you are not moving as fast as you could be (speed is security), right? Tell me again why I would not move as quickly as I can in that scenario? Although you should practice shooting while on the move (surprise targets pop up) , and be familiar with the technique. “Planning to” as opposed to “Needing to” (that pop up on your route) shoot while moving during this contact scenario, is generally the “technique” of an inexperienced combatant (sounds like some MW3 BS). Shooting on the move while travelling across the objective to your LOA is a necessity, and although you are moving quickly, it is not the speed with which you’d be moving under fire during an assaulting bound, simply because you want to clear it first time through. Concentrating, even for a second, on shooting while you’re moving, takes your attention away from things like where your next step is going (no one trips, even on a square range, right?), and where your next position is. There’s a reason KISS is used. We don’t teach shooting on the move (except under certain circumstances) for the same reason we don’t teach fine motor skill immediate action drills. Gross motor skills are easier to practice and learn (become second nature), and they work better under stress, than fine motor skills do.

  4. Also remember to shoot dammit whether moving or in place. I remember some such study from aar’s back in WW2 that less than 80% or some such failed to FIRE their weapon due to shock and waiting for someone to tell them to. Locate the enemy and open up…moving or in place. Lead going down range will hit something, keep their heads down and disrupt. Hopefully all three….

  5. More PT.

    PT over rough ground, with medium pack and boots.

    PT in all weather. Get used to being wet.