GVDL explains.

Unintended consequences.

Accountability’s a bitch.

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    Douchenozzles of the decade…

  2. This should be a regular feature, not necessarily here, but somewhere in cyberspace.
    It gets a lot less fun to “out” people when the same thing happens to you.
    Either everybody gets privacy, or nobody does.

  3. Yes two more media hacks get feckled. Then Wilson goes full on dumbo for an interview with ABCnews so the world can hear his voice and recognize his appearance.

  4. Dark Side of the Moon

    Payback is MOFO, Thank you for posting their addresses. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. 2 white Communists, among many others, on Pinch’s payroll. They’ll all be spoken to, in a language they can understand

  6. Senator_Blutarsky

    Where is Lon Horiuchi living these days ?

    • Horiuchi did not kill any Preferred Species. Therefor, you have no right to even ASK that question.

  7. This is worth noting, however:
    even if it IS from WaPo.

    May you all have as Happy a Thanksgiving as possible in these current times.

  8. 2 White Libs full of misplaced guilt and self hate….go figure. Most likely never socialize, work with or heaven forbid eat with “black” folks. Hypocrites.

  9. Thanks for posting this. Chicago is too far for me, but i make it to new orleans a couple time a year. so i imagine that he will have eased off expecting anything the first time i am able to pay his house a visit and make sure everyone who drives by knows who lives there and then i’m sure he’ll have eased off expecting anything the second time i visit and do it again. i figure these two losers made it so wilson can never go to his own home again; least someone can do is make them feel the same for a day or so.

  10. Something to think about…
    What is you were driving down the street and came across Mike Brown walking down the middle of the street as if to say,”I
    ll do as I please. Don’t screw with me.”
    But being you, you lay on the horn and now Mike Brown is all over you, inside your car, like a pit bull on a three legged cat. You go for your CCW approved gun and a wrestling match ensues. The weapon discharges twice.
    He takes off and you get out of you car with plenty of expletives to be certain.
    Mike doesn’t like them and comes a running back then pop, pop, pop, pop, pop; 2 in the chest one in the head.
    As a civilian, do you walk or do you go directly to jail. In California you go directly to jail. You are supposed to take the beat down and file your police report in the recovery room of the hospital, if you make it.
    That is where I have a problem with this. There is a double standard for police versus the vulgar unwashed masses. I don’t have a problem dropping the likes of Big Mike.

    • Yep, and why does Wilson get out of the car? Could have stayed inside for backup. But he used the sentence (from his union lawyer no doubt) “Exited vehicle to follow and contain subject until backup arrived.” Well Wilson already said he was out muscled from a Hulk, so by getting out, what are the options then? Lethal force and maybe a taser but doubtful since this police force doesn’t even have cameras in cars (tasers can be lethal of course as well, hardly nonlethal). So things are escalated by emotions of pride, anger of Mr. Wilson. Also, the supposed orbital fracture of his eye or whatever is a blatant lie as seen from photographs. So lots of lying on each side, not sure why folks jump to cheerlead for either team when it’s all manipulation.

      In addition, Brown apparently tried to run toward Wilson with one sandal one head down. What’s questionable is no abrasions on his knees — as one would normally receive charging or running, then tripping. Brown just has abrasion on side of face and on his hand that’s under him.