Explaining Ferguson


Dethguild lays it out.

As does Will Grigg.

Wait until there is an “injustice” against the illegal immigrant community.

Welcome to FUSA.

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  1. Two home runs in one at-bat; remarkable. Thank YOU, CA. When the Dawn comes and the history is written, I don’t know who will have a more prominent place than you. I’m gonna love watching the academics go dizzy over it.

    Oops, I mean the former academics.

  2. Finally. I was beginning to wonder if anyone had given the topic serious thought. Good, then. Don’t do stupid shit, and manage expectations.

    At some point, legitimate targeting will commence.

    That about it?

  3. Great Read, On Deth piece (sorry didn’t read the other yet but will)

    “PS: (Don’t think some serious cats ain’t watching all this and taking notes – plenty of missteps to rectify going forward – and lots of useful things to see and remember”

    And as Sparks recommends “Listen and learn”. Thanks for Sharing Ferguson. I’m not sure what this whole “Occupy Jr.” protest movement is about but it’s starting to look very meme driven and regime beneficial in it’s output products which are as follows (not in order of signifigance):

    1. Increase and stoke racial hatred
    2. Give the stoned youth something to join.
    3. Distract from national illegal immigration rape of the county.
    4. Give a governor a chance to see how the ghetto will respond during a
    crisis and try out their new MRAP toys.
    5. Have the “other white meat” volunteer and beg for Nat Guard in the streets.
    6. Good distraction from the current economy.

  4. Griggs article is amazingly ignorant.

    If you are a member of the “productive class” and are involved in a shooting you can not be compelled to give any statement to the police. You are not forced to “justify your actions” to anyone including the police. When the cops get there they can’t make you say anything. What are they going to do? Beat it out of you? If you are smart you will not make any spontaneous statements which can be used against you.

    You will eventually be read your Miranda rights where you will be told you have the right to remain silent and to have an attorney. Even with an attorney you are not legally compelled to provide a statement. You can go all of the way through a trial without saying a word to anyone.

    If a cop gets involved in a shooting he is legally compelled to provide a statement which can and will be used against him at a later date. He has given up his right to remain silent the day he signed up.

    Do you now wish to take away his right to consult with an attorney as well as his right to remain silent?

    Perhaps if it were to go to trial you would also like to force him to give up his right not to testify against himself but compel him to do so.

    He also talks of “white privilege” while being a black man living in lily white Idaho. Perhaps he should go police his brethren in Ferguson.

    The cops are out of control in this country just like everything else the government is doing however there are many better examples of police excess out there.

    Perhaps the white man who was unarmed, minding his own business, yet was gunned down in Utah. That isn’t mentioned in the news media because of the victims “white privilege”.

    • Will Grigg is a bit off on some of this, and unusually so, I might add. He is not an ignorant man, by any stretch of the imagination. I ponder whether his expectations were a bit inflated, given the role media played in the retelling of this particular police shooting? It is though he expected accountability. Odd, really….given the considerable amount of time he has spent over the last several years, archiving case after case which, without doubt, proves, no such animal exists, ever, behind that thin blue line.

      He is not ranting about “white privilege”…he is just clearing up the misconception about the true color of “privilege” in this case, blue. As long as he has been at this, he should not have expected anything different, if indeed unmanaged expectations played a role here.

      Will Grigg is among the most even handed, eloquent voices of reason out there, and we are fortunate really, that he chooses to spend any time whatsoever in the cause of Liberty.


        Has Grigg ever had his ass kicked by a black man? Has he ever even been in a fight, altercation, or heard shots fires in anger? If he is that nutted up about the No Bill, then he should write Holder and have the officer prosecuted under Title 18, Section 242, U.S.C.- Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Authority.
        In my experience as a peace officer, every shooting has it’s own set of circumstances and no two are alike. Yes, we have all posted here about the out-and-out murder of citizens and dogs by thugs with badges over the last several years. The murder of Kelly Thomas and Jose Guarena come to mind immediately. But, this shooting was different and we all know it.
        There have also been posts about the twelve or thirteen things the media DID NOT report about the Brown shooting. Plus, there are straws in the wind about one of the witnesses(a young black male) who ended up murdered allegedly because he gave testimony to the GJ which supported the officer. How about that one, Mr. Grigg? Are you going to be a “fair and balanced journalist” and investigate that?

        • I have no idea what Will Grigg has personally experienced. Have you considered asking him?

          Having followed Will Grigg for several years now, I detect something a bit off key in this latest column. It could be for any number of reasons. In thinking about it, though, this is a world where a cop believes it within his authority to order a young man to walk on a sidewalk, rather than the street, and the young man has a horribly mistaken notion that he can with impunity, tell that cop to fuck off. A lot of cops have killed a lot of people for far less than that. But then, to approach that SUV, put hands on it, and the cop…that right there is a death wish, considering the clime in which we find ourselves these days, and no one had any reasonable expectation for any different outcome than was had.

          I’m surprised Will Grigg missed that. Its rare, in fact I’ve never seen it before.


            Mr. Iceni: I could not find a comments section to that article when I went to his site. Also here is some really good food for thought. I would urge all here to go to WND and read Mr. Farah’s article today(11/29) about the murder of Miriam Carey by the DC POLICE. It is spot on.

      • He posted a propaganda picture of Michael Brown sitting with a little baby. Brown looks like just a big cherub and not the vicious beast that he was. He states in the comment section that he is not Black. But like many people of color, he identifies with the Black Cause – and that makes him an enemy of the real America which is White and Western and cannot be anything else.

    • Jimmy The Saint

      “You will eventually be read your Miranda rights where you will be told you have the right to remain silent and to have an attorney”

      Under the latest Supreme Court rulings, you basically have to affirmative ask for that stuff.

  5. Erik Rush: No Justice, No Peace, No Brains:


  6. clearly, the short-term solution is ethnoCommunity Policing. No longer should honest, peace-loving Blacks be tormented by White Privilage. No White cops in the Black areas, no Black cops in the White/hispanic areas. White and hispanic cops will function essentially to keep the resultant mayhem confined to the “Black”, ‘scuse me, “Afro-American community” (see: New Orleans during Katrina). Long term, the solution will be achieved only via a multi-front Race War

  7. Prepping Preacher

    8′ high concrete containment walls around the rioting area, completely sealing it off; let the “flame” burn itself out as depicted in the picture above; remove wall, clean up razed areas, make public parking; rinse and hang to air dry… repeat as necessary… what of the “good people” in the CO, you say…? 1) SHOULD ALREADY have moved out of the “hood”, if not then 2) they SHOULD ALREADY be a) armed and b) ready to defend what is theirs

  8. Areas of this country used to have segregation for a reason. Think about it. DO you think people in the 1870’s in the South woke up one day and said “hey, we have nothing to do today so let’s segregate the freed slaves!”. Uh, no. Segregation came about as a way to maintain societal norms after a brutal civil war which reduced areas of the Confederacy to the stone age along with millions of freed, uneducated, hungry and possibly violent slaves.
    Now matter the revised history of the libtards, things happen for a reason and it usually involves survival and life or death outcomes.

    • So, it seems that Verwoerd’s South African Apartheid laws, and his reasoning behind them were not that far off the mark then

  9. Sheriff Clarke takes on Holder, politicians, re: Ferguson MO

    Very interesting perspective.

  10. Marlo Stanfield

    • No credible commentator could remotely refer to what we have seen as “peaceful protesters.” That being said, I wonder who’s signing the checks for the KKK? Wouldn’t be a bit surprising to learn its the same folks who are signing the checks for the NBPP.

      What a circus.