Sparks31: Radio Interview And Class Update


Listen and read.

Got comms – both for listening and sending?

Tempus fugit.


2 responses to “Sparks31: Radio Interview And Class Update


    I’m sure the FCC would tell you it is illegal to use these in any practical way over ham radio. The digital data might also be disturbed by the higher error rate of ham radio long over distance vs. cell phone over short distance. Of course, a cell phone is a radio too. If it works over cell then it can be made to work on ham frequencies over short distances, perhaps by ignoring the FCC and using enough power and bandwidth to get the signal through with an acceptable error rate. The FCC says you can’t use radio, the EPA says you can’t use CO2, they will shrink your lifestyle’s footprint until it looks like the inside of a boxcar.

  2. JackPair web site was supposed to be a link to kickstarter, I don’t know where the video came from. Here is the link, edit it to use:

    www DOT kickstarter DOT com/projects/620001568/jackpair-safeguard-your-phone-conversation