EMP And The Wrong Approach

Illustrative EMP Effects - Fast Pulse

I know! I know!

More military-industrial complex!

Feh on those fools who support a return to strategic food reserves.



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  1. Oddly no mention of NK’s missile tests and their underground nuke tests as the primary threat to the US via an EMP.

    • FrozenPatriot

      The WSJ article was written in 2008, before the majority of NK’s nuke and missile tests.

      • Indeed, before NK placed a satelite in orbit, thus proving it can deploy a device anywhere on the planet, no?

  2. Anyone worried about such an attack needs to reliably debunk articles and essays like this one:

    • FrozenPatriot

      A good rebuttal came in the fifth comment below the piece, here:
      May I also present this:
      The second is among the most researched and complete accounts of the Ruskies’ HEMP testing I’ve read.

      Other known effects of Test 184 were that it knocked out a major 1000-kilometer (600-mile) underground power line running from Astana (then called Aqmola), now the capital city of Kazakhstan, to the city of Almaty. Some fires were reported. In the city of Karaganda, the EMP started a fire in the city’s electrical power plant, which was connected to the long underground power line. The shielded electrical cable was buried 3 feet (90 cm.) underground. The geomagnetic-storm-like E3 component of the EMP (also called MHD-EMP) can easily penetrate into the ground. The E3 component of the Test 184 detonation (caused by the movement of the Earth’s magnetic field) began rising immediately after the detonation, but did not reach its peak until 20 seconds after the detonation. The E3 pulse then decayed over the next minute or so. The E3 component only affects equipment connected to long electrical conductors.

      The EMP from Test 184 also knocked out a major 570 kilometer long overhead telephone line by inducing currents of 1500 to 3400 amperes in the line. The line was separated into several sub-lines connected by repeater stations, each repeater station was 40 to 80 kilometers apart, with most being closer to 80 km. There were numerous gas-filled overvoltage protectors and fuses along the telephone line. All of the overvoltage protectors fired, and all of the fuses on the line were blown. This was examined in some detail in a paper in a prominent U.S. technical journal of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Greetsai, Vasily N., et.al. “Response of Long Lines to Nuclear High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP)” IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Vol. 40, No. 4, November 1998).

  3. Sounds like if you go to a surgeon he’s going to recommend surgery.
    Why not have surge protectors on the transformers instead which would also help if we had a Carrington type solar flare.
    And have Mr. Kennedy president of the Claremont Institute and a member of the Independent Working Group on Missile Defense work on instead space travel.

  4. Hey!
    How come the crosshairs are right on Columbus, Ohio?

    Now that just sucks…
    I picked the wrong decade to quit smoking.

    • Revenge of the Allied States of America?

      cf Jericho (Amazon, Netflix).

      • Only saw a few episodes of that series. Looked good from what I recall, though, but that was back when I was into TV and so many other programs were on that filled my skull. Hm, what was on opposite Jericho back then.
        Oh yeah…crap. Same as most of it.

        • > Only saw a few episodes of that series.

          Watch the whole thing. The series has a very pro-2nd Amendment message.

          Representative: A 20-minute orientation, an hour roundtable discussion, two hours for lunch, a thousand-person town-hall meeting, and, boom, the Second Amendment’s gone.

          Gray Anderson: Well, it’s a lot easier to pacify a country when its citizens can’t shoot back.

          Representative: I’m sick of people telling me I worry too much. This is the Constitution we’re talking about, not a stereo manual.
          Jake Green: Didn’t take them long, did it?

          Gray Anderson: For what?

          Jake Green: For J&R to build their own private country.
          Gray Anderson: I can’t believe things got that bad that fast. I should’ve been there. I’m wasting my time here.

          Jake Green: What do you mean?

          Gray Anderson: This convention’s a sham. And when it’s done, I don’t think there’s anything that this government is not going to have the power to do in the name of national security.

          FYI: WordPress, as it often does, mangles links by injecting WordPress URLs into them. Here are the correct URLs:

          Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Jericho-Complete-Skeet-Ulrich/dp/B001715A92/

          Netflix: http://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/70142437

        • “100 Reasons To Watch Jericho

  5. if the WSJ Zionists are so worried about an EMP attack from Iran, perhaps they should end their 30-year-long series of aggresions against Iran: proxy-war via Iraq that killed 1,000,000 Iranians during the 1980s, subsequent ongoing economic blockade, assassinations, trans-border terrorism & etc.

  6. Regardless of the source of the outage, whether induced by HEMP, or by a Carrington Event, or even a simple economic collapse or pandemic, a year after the grid goes down, about 90% of the population of these presently united States will be dead.

    Forget Ebola or Fukushima, THAT is the greatest threat this nation faces.

  7. MODERATOR : what to do with this thought?

    It seems to me that the last step before the shooting start should be a large-scale demo of the vulnerability of the systems we all depend upon. Preferably one that doesn’t cause death, just huge annoyance and $.

    Thus a demo of why more repression can’t win, the reason our status quo has to roll back their repression.

    My suggestion is that some patriot construct a concealed mechanism for scattering magic fairy dust over luggage and people at a busy airport before a major holiday, then walk through a major airport. TSA’s defense mechanisms will do the rest.

    Seems low-risk to me, but I have ideas, not balls.

    Trying to be anonymous here, and will have alibis.

  8. The collapsing price of oil is perhaps important
    bell being rung at the moment. The pressure has
    to be getting pretty high in the system. Or should i say
    getting to low. Just like a refinery itself to high or to low
    is no go.

    • The price of oil is only temporarily low vs. USD, which is experiencing a curious strength vs, other paper currencies. How coThe bell keeps ringing. me we don’t have jobs so that we might enjoy some of that Dollar strength in the form of cheap imported ammo, Toyota trucks, Nikon optics, Sony proximity detectors, or Glock firearms? No it’s worse than being semi-employed, when savings are destroyed if kept in assets denominated in Dollars, while bracket-creep makes you pay an ever more impossible fraction. The bell keeps ringing.

  9. HHH Old Vet.

    FRED, what the heck are you talking about? Fairy dust? Explain please.
    Hmm, Radium? explosives? propellants? wide open subject.

  10. Prepping Preacher

    i’m quite disgruntled that my AO has been included in the blast effect radius of an emp… does this mean i would or wouldn’t receive my check on time..??? will my SNAP still get deposited..??(sarc off)

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