Ozone Madness


Take that, filthy commoners!

No need for dangerous electricity that pollutes everything in its making.

To hell with the downstream economic consequences.

Yeah, it’s all about the “ground-level ozone” (draft regs; regulatory impact analysis).


Remember this sack of festering garbage:

Gina_McCarthy_official_portraitEPA Commissar Gina McCarthy

She and her ilk want you and your children shivering in the dark, begging for a handout from them.

Never forget that.


Got endarkenment?


UPDATE 0745EST 29 NOV 2014: SiGB provides analysis and this graphic:


35 responses to “Ozone Madness

  1. Well. What is Reddy Kilowatt to do when they put him out on the street without a job? If you criminalize electricity then only criminals will have toasted Pop Tarts.

    • Heh. I’ve tasted Pop Tarts, they are a fitting punishment for criminals…just sayin’ 😉

      • Lived with the wife and 6 kids for 5 yrs. with the Amish. Learned to break/train/farm with draft horses, used hand tools to make lumber to build our home and provide firewood, used solar lighting/homemade methane for lighting and a wood cook stove for cooking/heating water. Running water from a spring, grew alot of our own food, chickens/hogs/cows for eggs,meat and milk/butter/cream, a root cellar for storage. Let ’em shut it down. I have no delusion they’ll let us be forever, but we sure have some mad skills for the coming darkness!

  2. Excuse me? I thought we WANTED ozone (O3) in the atmosphere, especially the upper atmosphere. Ozone is what blocks the gamma (and other) radiation from space. I thought that was what the big brew-ha-ha was about 10-15 years ago, when the big hole was found in the O3 layer, over the South Pole. “Oh noes, we’s all gonna die from ray-de-a-shun.” And from there, certain chloro-fluoro-carbons were effectively banned, because they were the “cause” of the Large O3 Hole.

    Once again, we see that it’s NOT about the earth, or the people on the earth. It’s about CONTROL OVER the people and the earth.

    • 2nd that. Co2 is about 1% of the atmosphere and man contributes about 1% of that 1% and yet man is responsible for everything happening in the environment. to keep selling their point of view is only to make those even more dependent by raising energy costs and those POS’s will luck out by those enrgy costs increasing even more because the sun, who is in charge of the enviroment is currently taking a break and that will cause food prudcing prices and heating costs to skyrocket. the epa should be thrown in the potomac river along with congress and the white house.

      • Actually, at 400ppm CO2 is 0.04% of the atmosphere. Estimates of human sources of CO2 are from 3 to 7% of that. Doing the math we see the warmists want us to panic over less than 0.0028% concentration of CO2

      • Bad Attitude

        All this contradictory environmental behavior/dogma makes perfect sense if you view environmentalism as a religious movement (which it really is). Even as the theory of “anthropological global warming” has been discredited, government and AGW believers continue to move forward with what can only be described as religious zeal to impose their belief system on everybody else.

        Many years ago, I read a book by Michael S. Coffman titled “Saviors of the Earth? – The Politics and Religion of The Environmental Movement” which highlighted the religious underpinnings of the environmental movement. Based on other things I knew, I got the distinct impression that Coffman was only presenting information for which he had solid sources – there were things he probably knew but could not adequately document for inclusion in his book. Since the book was published, old environmental crises have been discredited (but the government regulations live on) and the environmentalists have moved on to new crises that can only be solved by expensive invasive government regulation.

    • I miss R12 coolant in my vintage coolers.

  3. StBernardnot

    Keep throwing out “bogus” laws & soon none of them will be obeyed. None.

    • FrozenPatriot

      ↑ This.

      I can’t seem to find anything about the environment or Ozone in my copy: http://press-pubs.uchicago.edu/founders/tocs/toc.html
      If those sworn to “uphold and defend the constitution of these United States” and “faithfully execute their duties” contained therein can’t follow the basics, soon neither will the people who sent them. Those in the District of Corruption were sent to protect our freedoms and manage a few, enumerated affairs so the people can enjoy peace and prosperity. When government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the peoples’ right — their duty — to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

      Tempis Fugit indeed…

      • … if elected leaders “can’t follow the basics, soon neither will the people who sent them. ”

        I had nothing to do with sending them! I want nothing from them other than to be left alone. I quit the illusion of voting 20 years ago.

        This gaggle of whores hasn’t represented the people or faithfully executed anything for a very long time. 20 years ago was my break point at which time they crossed my line in the sand. That was after watching them for nearly 20 years prior. They are corrupt through and through. Accept that fact and set yourself free.

        Stop feeding the beast that seeks to eat out your substance and devour your children.

        Wake up, America! Walk away. Let it go. The Republic is dead.
        Can you imagine the impact of 1 million citizens refusing to pay the unlawful so called Federal Income Tax?

        • “They are corrupt through and through. Accept that fact and set yourself free.”

          Yep, it’s just that easy. Problem is, it’s even easier to pretend that it depends on what someone else does. So A waits for B who waits for C who waits for A…

          • FrozenPatriot

            Wow, just by accepting something, I’m now free from all the laws, regulations, wealth redistribution, myriad enforcers, and their guns and cages? Golly, that sounds easy! Sign me up!

            • Yep, and nobody even has to sign you up. That’s what Responsibility is all about. There was no claim that consequences disappear; that’s because they never do. So you pick and you choose, as does every single soul on Earth.

              Just a fact, that’s all. Always has been, always will be. You wanna keep trying to deny it, or muster the courage to accept it?

              • To clarify, the “you” there is generic, not personal. It applies to every single person alive, including yours truly.

        • FrozenPatriot

          Have you completely stopped feeding the beast, and are paying neither income tax, nor the hundreds of thousands of pages of other taxes, most of which are rolled into the prices of things we all buy (including computers, electricity, and internet access)?

          If so, congratulations. You’ve either gone mad, or you’re living as a taker. Either way, you’re still feeding the beast — either sustenance or legitimacy.

          Mind you, I’m not claiming that either “gone mad” nor “taker” apply to you, I’m merely pointing out that there are PLENTY of ways to feed the beast besides income tax. Speaking of which, are you claiming the sixteenth amendment to the US Constitution is unlawful?

          • Absolutely correct. And that’s when it’s going to change, when the complicity becomes unbearable.

    • The power companies will comply. Those responsible though (EPA, etc) have demonstrated themselves to be domestic enemies; traitors through their constant attacks on the citizenry. Save all these documents because they’ll be erased some day.

  4. These idiots are gonna have their hands full when PO’d mothers have to watch their kids shivering in the candle light.
    That is, since it seems women are the only ones w/enuf balls to do anything.

  5. Nothing says “I’m qualified to run the EPA quite like a “Bachelor of Arts in Social Anthropology.”

  6. “How many days or weeks without power will the mega-cities tolerate before they are begging for sweeping, “emergency” nationalization. ”
    That sounds like a plan.

    I know that during Irene a state patrol told me they plan for 3 days. By day 3 shit starts to unravel badly. As in past the point of no return. Hell during day 1-2 there were home invasions, armed robs, rapes, stabbings etc. And funny enough, none of that activity made the local news whatsoever. ‘Cause it was all in the hood and no one gave a fck.

    We are all on our own. There is no cavalry ever.

  7. Endarkenment or Dark Enlightenment?


    A little bit of the basics:

    …democracy is not only (or even) a system, but rather a vector, with an unmistakable direction. Democracy and ‘progressive democracy’ are synonymous, and indistinguishable from the expansion of the state. Whilst ‘extreme right wing’ governments have, on rare occasions, momentarily arrested this process, its reversal lies beyond the bounds of democratic possibility. Since winning elections is overwhelmingly a matter of vote buying, and society’s informational organs (education and media) are no more resistant to bribery than the electorate, a thrifty politician is simply an incompetent politician, and the democratic variant of Darwinism quickly eliminates such misfits from the gene pool. This is a reality that the left applauds, the establishment right grumpily accepts, and the libertarian right has ineffectively railed against. Increasingly, however, libertarians have ceased to care whether anyone is ‘pay[ing them] attention’ – they have been looking for something else entirely: an exit.

  8. Don’t forget the prior festering sack of garbage-
    Lisa Jackson
    Lisa P. Jackson official portrait.jpg

    She started the CO2 is a pollutant regs,among other equally absurd regs,including the first version of the BS that the current sack of festering garbage is trying to enact.

  9. €œIn times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.
    € Eric Hoffer

  10. I’m pretty sure most of us are already using unapproved woodstoves. Maybe I should switch it off–like a lamp, right?–and go look for a warmng center. That’s a tough one; I gotta think about it a while.

  11. Since they think that they in DC are so important, let them start implementing this rule in DC and all government offices first for a trial of 20 years so we can evaluate the results before we implement it nation wide..

  12. To the EPA: When you finally “get it” it will be too late. There will be no “notice of proposed rulemaking”, no WARNO. By the by, guillotines & gallows don’t need electricity but still have pretty good throughput.

  13. Battlefield USA

    Easy. An earth populated with only 500,000,000 people.

    Several years ago, I was acquainted with a tree hugger. She could not come to the terms that her house was made of wood. Her furniture was made of wood. That a lot of stuff in her home was the by-product of wood. She could not understand, that by her logic, she needed to give up everything she had and live naked in a cave and freeze to death.

    And you have to understand, these people, the powers that be, have no plans for implementing all this non-sense on themselves, only you.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      We have several environazis here, who have organizations of their own, and see nothing wrong with driving big pickup trucks to pull their horse trailers, or climb aboard a jet and fly to Africa or Nepal once or twice a year, YET they want everything closed down so only hikers can go there, and keep preaching to the world about reducing their carbon footprint!! They’re behind every single liberal wackjob political referendum they can get signed, yet none of them live the life they preach. It’s more about power and control than saving anything…….

  14. HHH Old Vet.

    FAWK IT.

  15. the “cherry on top” for those of you fond of conspiracies, it was none other than our friend cass sunstein that sent the letter to ms. jackson in september 2011, saying to hold off on these new standards until the new data was in for 2013. which means “consider acting on this after the elections in 2014”.

  16. If ozone is such a pollutant-why are ozone generators being to control scent for hunting?
    “You’ve had your head in the clouds if you’ve missed the de-scents-itizing hype of companies selling ozone-generating products. Ozone, they claim, contains an extra oxygen molecule that attaches itself to other molecules—say, b.o. molecules—and changes their structure. I’m eager to examine any deer hunting trend and, if necessary, flip it on its head. So I enlisted Chance, a highly trained police dog, to test ozone’s effectiveness. I’ve watched Chance’s nose zip through every sort of no-scent solution and was fully prepared for an ozone rout. But that’s not exactly what I got.”



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