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Black Friday.


9 responses to “Banzai!

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. CA,

    I notice you don’t have much to say an Ebola any more? You lose interest in how we’d all be dead by Christmas?


    • Detroit:

      Ebola is still there.

      I published best available info on which I took personal action.

      If you don’t like the editorial choices, by all means find another corner to blight.

      Oh, and while you are it, go fuck yourself.


    • Detroit,

      You should go back to worrying and crying about who is sucking dick, that seems to be more on your level. Leave the discussion to the big people.

      • Big people? More like hens worrying about stuff that will never happen you mean.

        • Like I said, we’ll let the big people do the real adult talking and you can go back to rumour mongering and worrying about which politician is sucking dicks and which one isn’t.

  3. Detwaa, Ooh, it sounds so French. So refined. No other outlet in the media,anywhere, put out more good information on Ebola than WRSA. The information presented, gave the opportunity, to intelligent people, to form their own opinions. The scenario;painted has not changed. Intelligent people recognize this.You don’t recognize this: therefore…you are not intelligent.Dick!