Two From Oleg Volk


Have You Shared Your Knowledge Lately?

Playing Well With Others

All we have is each other.

There never has been any cavalry coming to save the day.

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  1. Probably the most important shooting you will ever do is when you are introducing newbies to firearms, firearms safety, marksmanship, and the “I refuse to be a helpless victim” mindset. Those of us over the age of 50 have a duty and responsibility to pass the torch of liberty to the next generations.

  2. Lazarus Long

    Shooting at a tin can mounted on a steel fence post. Not smart.

    • Depends on the distance to the can and the fence. At 50 yards, ricochets aren’t an issue. But you are correct — this shows training, typical distances are shorter, and also the chance of hitting barbed wire exists.

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    Teach kids to shoot and hunt,keeps ’em out of trouble.
    All our kids know how to shoot,know about gun safety/safe firearms handling-and they’re all girls.
    The youngest-she’s 20- is going deer hunting for the first time on Mon.
    None of our girls will ever be a helpless victim-they’ll shoot,kick,punch,stab,claw,bite-whatever it takes to fend off an attacker.

  4. That graphic reminds me of a lesson my dad gave me —
    “See that rabbit?”
    “Uh, yeah….”
    “Well shoot! He’s dinner.”

  5. I recently had the best day I’ve had in a long time: I had the privilege of working with a bunch of Boy Scouts and teaching them how to use a .22 rifle.

    Not only were the boys engaged, I did not hear any foul language the whole day, from either parents or the boys.

    The most amusing thing that happened was when I asked some of the boys, after they were done working on marksmanship and were just plinking for fun, if they wanted to shoot something a little bigger. After a couple of enthusiastic “yesses” I told them to get permission from their parents and got out the Garand.

    I then told the dads they had to go first and the dads stepped right up.

    I had one little boy that couldn’t hold the Garand by himself, so, I supported the rifle while he pointed it in the direction he wanted to shoot and pulled the trigger. The excitement after the “Kaboom” of the rifle going off still brings a smile to my face.

    I hope to do it again next year as I learned a lot and would like to do a few things differently.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. No dice.

    Everyone once “important”, with whom I had attempted to share something pertinent, is treated as a novel curiosity and dismissed with a shrug and an eye-roll. Therefore, as they’ve made their own proverbial beds, they may sleep in them, as “comfortably” as possible*-

    -And, NO – I will NOT feel one pang of remorse or regret should something untoward happen to them; I refuse! Impudent, disrespectful Philistines – f*** all of ’em!


    *Provided I don’t urinate all over their prized Macy’s sheets, firstly. 😉

  8. outlawpatriot

    Have I shared my knowledge lately? Yeah. Every Sunday. Militia training day for the South Florida 27th Light infantry Swamp Dogs. It takes everything I got, what I can get from others, and about 15-20 hours of prep and study per week.

    Do I play well with others? Well, sure. So far my leadership is accepted by all and I do everything possible to make sure that every troop understands the importance of individual knowledge and performance. Then, the more important aspect that team work is the best guarantor of success.

    I just wish that some of them could fill out a pair of jeans like the honeys in the photo. It would make my job so much more enjoyable. 🙂

  9. Marlo Stanfield

    I would start with getting a female teen or male their first flat top AR15 and probably a G26. And some DVDs from AGS  on the complete take down of an AR and the G26. If money is an issue buy used, the AR and G26 will be trainer weapons, to be taken down and cleaned until the drill is burned into their minds. Until they can routinely burn a small hole at 25 meters with the AR, there is no need to shoot any further. The G26 master the draw and safe gun handling and shooting at a stationary target. Distance? Nose to a few feet, where most of the bad things happen to females. I forgot, buy them electronic ear protection. I wish they were around in the early 1980’s. Also buy them a well fitted mouth piece so when they are in their 30’s their teeth don’t fall out on some corn on the cob. Years of working out lifting weights take their toll. Speaking of working out pass on the push ups. They are a 50% bodyweight exercise at best. Train a person to do their body weight on the bench, deadlift and squat. And the military press while in a Smith Rack. Safety first. Pick some exercise for working the neck. Get them good at doing Burpees instead of jogging. No mugger will ever jog after you. Actually when it comes to fitness here are two world class names, Paddy Doyle, and Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell. Paddy  holds all the records in some crazy exercises and Louie has produced some of the worlds strongest males and females. No sense in starting the Next Gen on shit that didn’t work for us. The beauty of short distance only training means you can buy just about any ammo, cheaper the better. The corrosive stuff means a weapons clean and breakdown after every shooting session. This is a good thing. During this time they need to be watching those videos on the net about not talking to the police. And how to talk to the police. It won’t hurt to sit them down in front of a defense attorney. A good opportunity to get a group of teens together for a sit down. Teens don’t need to be carrying those weapons all the time, but range work should be as regular as possible. This isn’t about show and tell for them, but grow up and shut up and learn. They also need to learn to drive a stick as soon as possible. And their first vehicle should be a basic 4×4 truck with said stick and no frills. Taking shop in high school all four years would be great. Might be hard to find  a school offering shop. Another thing to buy is high quality safety glasses. Finally teach your teens on what not to say. You can believe any thing you want to, but saying is another matter. Same goes for politics, your guy won, but will he survive? Or get caught up in some shit, or the losing side holds key positions under him. There are the civil servants who don’t get voted in and usually last a life time at their job or office. Well not finally after all, the work place, Human Resources job is to find a reason not to hire you or find one to lose you. Money learn to make your own and learn to live on 10% and invest the rest. A real simple lesson on relationships, find someone of the opposite sex who loves the idea of waking up with you. Great looks are a plus, so don’t shop at the Pound. And if that ever changes leave, don’t end up on TV. For the male all your shit can get replaced at the local big box. Oops males and females need to learn to  cook on a wood stove with cast iron. Dads buy your daughter a fixer upper while she is little and get it in This Old House shape while she grows up. There are houses available that are cheaper than the new suburban you are eyeing. I think I should write a book. 

    • A most excellent point, among many:

      ” During this time they need to be watching those videos on the net about not talking to the police. And how to talk to the police. It won’t hurt to sit them down in front of a defense attorney. ”