WM: Guard Encounters Armed Blacks with Guns in Ferguson — Cooperation Ensues


WeaponsMan explains.

It ain’t the melanin that is dispositive.

It’s the amount of assholism present in the individual.

Each individual.

Just like any other freedom issue.

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  1. Good news….and spot on.

  2. The cuffs came off. Apologies were made….Neither the Guard nor the volunteers at the Conoco station shot anybody.

    No doors were kicked in? No flash-bangs were thrown? No drugs were planted? No video cameras were siezed? No dogs were killed?

    How were the National Guard troops able to go home safely that night without shooting, or at least beating the crap out of, the men at the gas station?

    • Because 90% of what you read about cops (and anything or anyone else on the internet, for that matter) is BULLSHIT. Some on our side are just as guilty of lies and distortion as our opponents. Pick one story out of 100, run it, and say that ALL (fill in the blanks) are the same. Not WRSA, but there are plenty of others out there that do.

      Ask yourself this: what are the motives of bloggers and other “alternative media” that do this?

      • To be credible, provide supporting documentation and citations for your claim that “90% is bullshit”.

        • I can’t; it was just a rant. 90% is just an estimate based on my experience. The fact that I can’t provide the proof you request proves my point.

          The fact is, I’m just sick of the whole internet business. Maybe it’s because it’s winter, and I want to hibernate. Please delete my post, as it serves no useful purpose. Thanks.

  3. All well and good. Maybe we need a secret handshake or sign.
    Something other than a thumb hooked in belt with three fingers extended.

  4. Exceptions that prove the rule are just that.
    That said, the amount of assholism sure seems prominent in a certain demographic.

    Ask the shop owner how many times he’s been robbed, then ask him for descriptions.

  5. Awesome story!
    Not in the teeny bopper constant misuse of the word way, but I was truly awed by this display of solidarity amongst good people.

  6. Yes! How generous of the Defenders to be so cordial with the other guys at the end. Let’s face it—of everyone involved, only the guys with the cuffs have to examine their choices. Everyone else involved was great…and good to boot, just like almost everyone.

  7. “It ain’t the melanin that is dispositive.”

    Wow, the evidence of the last 100 years shows that the amount of melanin is nearly predictive when it comes to community relations, I.Q. and criminal behavior. I quote from the Washington Post reporter Capehart (black) talking about New York:

    “In short, 95.1 percent of all murder victims and 95.9 percent of all shooting victims in New York City are black or Hispanic. And 90.2 percent of those arrested for murder and 96.7 percent of those arrested for shooting someone are black and Hispanic. I don’t even know where to begin to describe the horror I still feel looking at those numbers. But the word ‘hunted’ comes to mind.”

    The criminal behavior and atrocities in Haiti, Somalia, Congo, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Detroit, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Birmingham, Clayton County, GA., St. Louis, Philadelphia, Ferguson, MO (and many others) all have something in common about their crime. The amount of melanin in their skin. In fact, Atlanta in 2012, though being 50% black and 50% White had a murder rate that was 100% black.

    The Knock Out Game, The Polar Bear Hunting, The Beat Whitey night in Ohio, the ripping of Whites out of their cars at the Wisconsin State fair. The Flash Mobs in Denver, the beatings and murder of Tuba Man in Seattle and of course, the horrible murder of Jonathan Foster by blowtorch and on and on all have a single common element. They just arrested the head of the MO chapter of the New Black Panthers for plotting to blow up the Gateway Arch and murder the Police Captain of Ferguson (and not because he was taking away “freedoms”) and guess what? He’s black.

    For some reason Whites hold blacks to a lesser standard of behavior than Whites, excuse them or say “What can you do?” while mopping up the blood of innocents. If Whites we daily playing the “Nig-knock” Game or 14 year old Whites were being arrested for killing blacks and when asked were saying they were “bored” or wanted to make their street cred, then you might have a slight case, but right at the moment the violence is all one sided and it ain’t the Amish.

    • +1,000
      …and all of this while entitlement programs have grown in every manner, schools have been desegregated, ease of entrance to college and preferential treatment in hiring for .gov jobs, etc.

    • Aw shit, Lt. I trust you know by now that I want you to get what you want. But if you care so much about “predictive,” why not just go have some fun at the casino or racetrack?

      I think the Amish overall are incredible role models myself. So is Walter Williams. The intellectuals can use all the words they want—ain’t nuthin’ out there but individuals.

      • Blacks are, at this point, a violent Hive. Killer B’s. De-individuated via group-entitlement. All except Walter Williams, Tom Sowells, and that other guy

    • outlawpatriot

      LT, if I told you I wasn’t at least a little conflicted, I would be less than honest.

    • Walltheghetto

      Hear hear!

      Don’t forget Detroit. The Paris of the Midwest until obama’s sons took over. Now it is Haiti.

    • Sure blacks do commit a disproportionate number of crimes relative to their % of the total population.
      White make up 77.7% of the population.
      Blacks make up 13.2% of the population.

      According to the FBI the percentage of Whites who committed murder was 31.1%
      For blacks it was 38.0%
      That was for 2013-from the FBI’s UCR-expanded homicide tables.

      Yes,the violence is one sided-but as with anything else-it’s not all black people who are thugs,rapists,murderers,armed robbers,etc.
      Just as not all white people are innocent-not all black people are guilty.
      It’s also not white people stopping black people from moving out of the inner city housing projects.
      The black community has to fix the black community’s problems-no one else can do it for them,or is going to do it for them.
      Yes,there is a problem,yes blacks commit more crimes than whites-yet there are still good black people who are not career criminals,who’s kids aren’t out on the streets knocking out old white folks,or robbing the corner store,or stealing cars,burglarizing homes,or selling/using heroin and cocaine.

      Don’t doubt for a second that .gov inc. will hesitate to use whatever “crowd control” techniques they perfect during the Ferguson protests they feel necessary to control the white people that the leftists in charge are making out to be the enemy with each news cycle-the whites that leftist tools like Mark Potok and the SPLC say are the problem-white southern Christians,second amendment/gun rights supporters,those in the liberty/patriot/III% movement,those who support the Constitution…

      The current protests are just practice for .gov inc.
      The don’t care what color the people’s doors they kick in at 4am are.
      They don’t care what color people they shoot when they kick in those doors.
      The goal is to keep blacks and whites at each others throats,and whites and Hispanics at each others throats-so .gov inc can keep taking away our freedoms while everyone else is too busy fighting among themselves,or too distracted by the current “threat to the homeland” to notice.

      • You ARE aware that since 1993, on the orders of Janet Reno and Hillary Clinton, in the UCR Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are Officially White when they commit violent crimes, right? And they only turn brown again when they are assigned “victim” status.

        I bring this up to make the point that the real numbers are vastly more lopsided than the current Official Truth from MINITRU.

        • All Arabs, North Africans and Middle Eastern types (muslims) are classified as “White” as well.

          Yes, crime has a color and, for some reason, it pains people to admit that 90% of it is not White.

        • Any way .gov inc. manipulates the “official crime stats” is for the benefit of .gov inc.-not us.
          The point is by considering all those with different levels of melanin that you as enemies-you are not counting those who could and would be valuable assets.
          Read history-there were native Americans who helped the U.S. Army hunt down the tribes,or parts of tribes still wage war on the “white man”.
          Blacks fought on both sides during the civil war,Japanese fought on the side of the allied forces in WWII-and on and on.
          As someone else posted-there are a hell of a lot of white guys who’s asses were saved in combat by those with different levels of melanin.
          Discount,or throw away those assets at your own peril-.gov inc. is currently using those with different levels of melanin than white man for practice-when the time comes- .gov inc. will have honed all the skills necessary to put down any “rebellion” by the white people.

          • right. When you see a crowd of Blacks coming toward you, conduct a poll to see if any are potential FreeFor recruits. You’ll be left lying in a pool of your own blood. It is, of course, also true that around 1/3 of the Whites are going to be on the Regime side of the barricades

            • So if that’s true “of course,” then what’s the point? Which is a larger number…1/3 of whites, or your fanciful 99% of blacks? You’re just looking for an easy way out, so maybe you won’t have to think. Very modern American.

      • Actually we have a black run govt. not that Obama is president but the entire purpose of govt is to transfer wealth from whites to blacks. From affirmative action to make work give jobs to welfare. Also from the destruction of freedom of association ( and non association).

      • FBI stats include hispanics as white, skewing the data intentionally. Nevermind that they leave off the racial statistics for rape. I wonder why?

  8. Never forget the Deacons from the past!!

  9. It’s news because it’s the kind of thing TPTB want floating around as “common knowledge”, even though it’s news like “Man bites Dog”.

    It’s good to hear that it’s possible. I wonder how it would have worked out if the station owner had been out getting a burrito while his friends and customers guarded the station? Uhhhh, the way it usually works out.

    • “It’s news because it’s the kind of thing TPTB want floating around as ‘common knowledge’,”

      It’s only too simple. All they want floating around is that everyone should see anything EXCEPT the individual. There’s nothing else to it, which is why it ends up the same no matter the issue. As long as it’s anything BUT the individual, then SOMETHING other than the individual decides.

      Uh, not exactly “decides.”

      It’s a money-maker beyond belief, and has been for 5,000 years or more. For the occasional sick-fuck thug, it presents extraordinary career opportunities.

  10. outlawpatriot

    But let me add LT, there are plenty of whites concerning which I am not conflicted and harbor a great hatred and animosity toward. Some of them right here on these pages.

    • Thanks for sharing. It’s really interesting that you harbor great hatred and anomosity. Maybe everyone should their emotions, especially without specificity. We can call it the Catharsis Club.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Nice to know that voicing your opinion on social and political debates will possibly get you killed by a good constitution upholding Christian. I expected better.
        We hurl lots of insults at each other, and piss each other off frequently, but that borders on dangerous behavior.

        • “I expected better.”

          That’s why it pays to understand what collectivism is, and how it makes one believe that it’s always about the group or the label. It’s the quickest route to denying one’s own responsibility…for anything.

          Once you accept a lie like that, anything goes. It’s the Founders EXCEPT Patrick Henry and George Mason. It’s the Declaration EXCEPT “all men are create equal.” It’s principles EXCEPT that consent is the only source for a government’s just power.

          Once you deny who you yourself are, then everything’s anything and there’s not much point to having a mind in the first place.

          • SemperFi, 0321

            Something most of us do, pick and choose the parts we like best, and discard the rest. Another reason I never went hog wild for religion or politics.
            I’ve been a pretty good citizen most of my life, moved here when I was 1 yr old, spent 7 yrs in the Corps as a resident alien (Canadian) but according to alan’s take on the Constitution, I don’t count, since he likes to cherry pick his favorite passages. And at this point, I don’t give a flying fuck anymore. He can have his beloved Constitution and read it anyway he wants; conflicted, with great hatred and animosity too!

  11. Lt. Greyman, NVA,
    Ohhh nooo! That’s not the approved Will Grigg-Equalitarian narrative! Badthink, you go to time out…

    • Grigg’s article that you elude to is not mentioned in this piece by WM. However, it is worth noting that one can challenge police use of force issues and not summarily be an advocate for rioting and looting.

      As LT. pointed out, this article demonstrates the exception to the rule.

      No, all blacks are not criminals, but their numbers are disproportionate in relation to percent of population. Additionally, there are damn few blacks who will dare speak out against the race pimps, the violence they incite and the high crime statistics of their demographic. This is problematic. In such cases, silence can be tantamount to approval.
      So, y’all can keep your warm fuzzy feeling about people of color. Keep in mind though, you may change your opinion the day you suffer violence at the hands of a group of “troubled and misunderstood black youth”.

      • And you may change your opinion the day a person with a different level of melanin than your own saves your ass from some threat to you and yours.
        it’s not about being all warm ad fuzzy about anything,it’s about not throwing away the valuable assets some INDIVIDUALS can and will prove to be.

        • Yea, lKAGO (I Know A Good One). I hear it all the time. For years I heard about how Bill Cosby represented the Best of the Best, till it turned out his hobby was drugging and raping White women.

          Hey! The OathKeepers are in Ferguson, on the roof tops with suppressed, Night Visioned AR-15’s, M14’s and HK’s for shooting looting and Arsonistic….wait for it….individuals.

          Your Skin color is your Uniform.

          • Except the odds are the stories of Cosbys assault habits are as fictitious as your assertions that your skin color is your uniform. Based on something that sounds like its true but upon inspection proves to be nothing more than agenda driven bullshit. Cosby starts telling blacks to drop the thug culture and get a fucking job and suddenly he is no longer the stand up man of his community but the Uncle Tom with a pair of raping slippers in his closet.

            I doth not purchase it.

        • correct in theory, false in practice. Simple IFF (e.g., skin color) = combat efficiency. Incidentally, one of the several Black “individuals” who gave pro-White testimony to the Ferguson GJ has now been liquidated by the Black Hive. Stay tuned

  12. Exasperated Citizen

    Let me get really, REALLY, PRACTICAL with you people, about all this: While I totally “get” the STATISTICAL approach to thinking you can help “predict” who might, or might not turn-out to be a “good guy,” or a “bad guy,” I’ve personally had BOTH Blacks AND Hispanics stand-to, in catching THIS White Boy’s SIX, and that INCLUDED putting their 1* (that is, their “one ass to risk”) AT RISK, to do-so, just like the Black Fellows mentioned in this news segment about their having defended a White-owned gas station in Ferguson. Look, I understand the apprehensiveness about dealing with “statistically-prone” groups. That, in ITSELF, is why profiling is used, and why profiling WORKS, even though people who want to be “fair-minded,” as-opposed to being reality-based, don’t like it, and even try to forbid it. (It may well be forbidden, “by Policy,” but it cannot really ever be EFFECTIVELY “forbidden,” in the minds of Police personnel, of WHATEVER race, because they all KNOW better.) That said, I submit to you guys, at least SOME of whom are BOUND to have had your lives saved, at some time, or another, by another, darker grunt (am I right?), that blindly missing-out on the beneficial effects, influences, and EXAMPLES of GOOD GUY minorities, is both wasteful and ridiculous. I’m glad I’m still here, and I’m glad that brave, loyal minority dudes stood-to, when they needed-to, regardless of the fact that I both “get,” and clearly UNDERSTAND the statistics on this. I’m not dumb, and I’m not blind, and because of that, I don’t want to see any VALUABLE “human resources” (like Sheriff David Clarke, of Milwaukee County, for instance), left-out, spurned, or scorned, just because of statistical projections that patently do NOT apply to men like HIM, at all, NOR to men like the late MSG Roy Benavidez, the well-deserved Special Forces Medal of Honor Recipient. Google either ONE of those names, and ask me if THEIR contributions ought to have-been rejected, due to their “tans.” This wordpress site tends to be heavy on history, which is a GOOD thing, so let’s think-back to the Crow, and OTHER Native American Scouts who did recce for the United States Cavalry, and the “Kit Carson” Scouts who befuddled the NVA for our side, since they could don some Bata Boots and an AK Mag chest rig, and walk right UP to the enemy, before anyone had time to spot their “Sát Cộng” tattoo, before it was altogether too late. Something to consider, before needlessly putting potential ASSETS to waste, right? I urge you to just think-AGAIN, about this, so that you do not waste or spurn any worthy assets. Just sayin’.

    • No, there is no such thing as a moral or freedom-minded non-Caucasian. Just ask the profound intellects around here, and please stop saying anything that would disrupt their collectivist mass-murder schemes based on melanin.


      Some benighted asshole who believes that collectivist mass-murder based on race or ethnicity is evil

      • The pendulum swings, and always overshoots. From war of all-against-all, to families getting along well-enough, to randomized forced association in the name of goodness at the point of a gun. All this collectivist stuff hurts.

        The last time things were right with my brown brothers, we were wearing green in a common cause. In retrospect, there were darn few of us. To borrow a notion from the Mainiac Captain in “Victoria”, hospitality of helping the “other” to be warm and fed goes a long way in starting negotiations leading to cooperation. Starving and cold leads to some amazing feats that you might not appreciate.

        I fear the general rule may go back to “your skin is your uniform”, along with shouts of “burn, baby, burn!”. What’s to like about that?

        The pendulum swings, and always overshoots. Maximum speed at the bottom.

    • Your anecdotal evidence simply proves the rule. Blacks regress to the mean and have never had a civilization. EVER. Any country is better without them. Just sayin…

  13. Unless Whites become race conscious again, America has no future…

    • The Caucasian race is “done” morally, spiritually and demographically.
      Responsible for virtually every social
      and technological advance of the last 5,000 years, the white has man
      rolled over.
      “Take my wife…..please!” Rodney Dangerfield

  14. I wonder why this story hasn’t received much coverage?

    HT Sondrakistan, but I think we should be asking about motive vs. applauding blue thunder for cowboy trick shots?


    He didn’t targe buildings, he targeted the Mexi consulate. Smell the coffee bitchez.


  15. I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the many great contributions of the Black community to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature makes them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real estate values are fueled by the influx of African-Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nurturing of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self-improvement, hard work and a self-reliant nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Just look to South Afrika to see how well things are going. They also couldn’t be happier.

    • To say nothing of white redneck assholes who have the same effect. Cars on blocks and trash in yards, high school dropouts, pregnant teenage daughters, self righteousness and all are great evidence of “white superiority” aren’t they? There are just as many low melanin individuals that can eat the skinny end of my rifle as there are high melanin individuals. Anyone who loves freedom is a friend of mine. You can’t stand for liberty and dismiss an entire race at the same time. If you do, you’re just as bad as those you claim to hate. Wise up.

      • Liar.
        Out of wedlock pregnancy are all lower in White areas, same with high school drop out rates. Blacks have never invented the Wheel or anything of note and destroy such with their behavior and presence. Please, name one black run Country, County, city or town that is a success. Just of the top of my head, Republic of Congo who’s favorite punishment in their long running civil war is to induce Bowel/Vaginal Fistulas, Clayton County Ga where upon election of a negro police chief, fired every white officer and had them escorted from the premises in Prisoner vans under sniper cover. City, Detroit where 1000’s of homes burn every year, the land is going back to farmland, the negros insist on Whitey paying for the very water they drink and entire block sections of the city are dark because the negros have ripped the copper wire out of the street light for scrap. Town: Ferguson, MO where the cities businesses burn as I write this, whites fear to walk the streets.

        Your Turn

        • “the negros insist on Whitey paying”

          Even if true, that’s only half the equation. “Whitey” said Yes. You make it sound like black folk turned this country into a communist orgy of collectivism and altruism. Sorry, but virtually every person involved in that was white.

      • Members of race 1 have a 1% to 3% chance of being psychopathic barbaric assholes. Members of race 2 have a 10% to 20% chance of being psychopathic barbaric assholes. What’s the cost/benefit analysis breakdown between unwilling exposure to psychopathic barbaric assholes, and missing out on an extraracial friendship?

        If I want to maximize catching psychopathic barbaric assholes, “dismissing” all of race 2 is clearly the way to go – especially as, if I am not a member of race 2, I have absolutely no responsibility toward them whatsoever.

        If race 2 has an issue with this, it’s up to them to sort themselves out. If the old-guard-conservative / classical-liberal / individualist / freedom-lovin’ line of patter has any validity, they are fully capable of doing so, and if they don’t do so, it’s because they don’t WANT to and CHOOSE not to – which would justify “dismissing” them. And if they’re NOT capable of doing so? You’re right back at the same exact conclusion.

        If you care about your civilization, stay away from them, and keep them away from you. It’s hard on the good ones over there, I know. Not doing it will be harder on you.

        • Rollory, Lt, et. al.

          I’m not about to try to persuade you from ignorance.

          For everyone else reading this, there’s a lesson to be learned here. Men like these cannot be trusted in your tribe. They will get you killed. If they don’t get themselves killed first.

          They’ve allowed themselves to be sucked into the “us” versus “them” rhetoric that has been used by TPTB to divide and conquer. Their blanket statements not only lead them to distrust someone that may very well be trustworthy; their blindness also leads them to trust someone who may not be. And they show their inability to be free thinkers in the process.

          Let’s say, for example, that Rollory is manning your LP/OP after the balloon goes up. One day, a black man comes down the street carrying an AR with a pack on his back. Will his ignorance lead him to shoot first and ask questions later? What if this individual was a trained veteran who was in possession of information and/or skills that could help your tribe survive? Can you trust that he’d make the right decision?

          The next day, a white man comes down the same street with the same gear while Lt. Greyman is sitting in that same LP/OP. Will his ignorance lead him to let this individual close to your retreat because he believes what the man says to him, just because of his skin color? What if this person is an informant that was just allowed to infiltrate your community? Do you really think the feds would try to infiltrate you with someone other than someone who looks, talks, and acts just like you? Can you trust that he’d make the right decision?

          Their mockery of “I know a good one” plays to their lack of intelligence, or willingness, as Mosby says, to make friends with people, to really get to know them as individuals, and to build a community around common ideals.

          If there is one human being in Detroit, Ferguson, or Congo who yearns for the freedom to govern himself or herself; one human being who is willing to risk anything to give their children a chance to be free; one human being who is willing to stand up; that human being is our brother or our sister. Regardless of melanin content.

          If there is one human being whose aim is to hold another individual, group, or citizenry down while they raise themselves and those in their chosen “in” crowd; one human being who stands against the rights of the individual; one human being who refuses to give to others the very liberty he wishes to reclaim for himself; that man is our enemy. Regardless of melanin content.

          So by that logic, there likely exist men and women in the FBI and BATFE that are our brothers and sisters that would work for our side in the Liberty games. There are also those within our community that we have trusted that are our enemies.

          Men like Lt. Greyman and Rollory, and anyone else who makes broad generalizations while claiming to champion the cause of liberty and self-government are the worst kind of enemies to our cause. Their intellectual laziness will extend far beyond the issue of race. They are subject to falling prey to any other sort of manipulation that TPTB want to use to divide and conquer.

          If you associate with men like these, their idiocy and lack of ability to think for themselves will be your downfall.

  16. robroysimmons

    Good for all those involved, to think acting like adults. What bothers me is the waiting for Uncle Remus tone of the story and how middle aged white men just lap that shit up. I’ll tell you straight up back in the day when we were young if we would have ran up to our grandfathers waving this story in their faces they would have punched us for acting like sissies.

    • Yes, Absolute Desperation to see that Blacks are just like us – and to be heard saying so by the Authorities who have gotten inside their heads. They don’t feel like good people unless they believe this. Who wants to be a Witch? Or seen as one by others – especially by those in power? So big strong men act like faeries. White Promise Keepers kneeling to wash the feet of Black Men. This is what Christianity has become – the worship of minorities, the darker and more alien the better.

      The Blacks worked at the gas station. They were helping themselves. Sheesh.

      • Hey fucktard…we are all “just helping ourselves” Do you think I am doing this shit because you are white and so am I? Fuck you in the ass with a square dick!

  17. The Walkin' Dude

    Anyone can dream, I reckon. Gotta have that feel good story to remind people, “See? They aren’t ALL that way! Keep hoping!” Kinda like Leg-breakers rescuing a Poodle somewhere, without shooting it. Or knocking on a door to serve a warrant, instead of flashbanging babies. Amazing! Exceptional! I knew there was hope! Back to you Jim! I’ll still be more watchful (or should I say waaaaacist?) of those people with more concentrated melanin content (same as I would those people with starched uniforms and shiny badges “that aren’t ALL that way”, but I digress.) The regions they “control”, or inhabit in high percentage, say enough about their civility overall. Look at most of Africa. Look at Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Philly, Harlem, Oakland, Compton, and everywhere else in the US they heavily concentrate. I’ll believe them on par for the “Civilized People” title when the Knock-Out game and Fam-Mob stuff disappear from their repertoire, which will be about the time my shit turns purple, and smells like Rainbow Sherbet. TAK!

    • You’re mixing your Stephen King between the The Stand and The Dark Tower.
      The point isn’t that they aren’t all bad-the point is anyone who considers all those with a different level of melanin as “the enemy” is throwing away the chance at gaining some valuable assets.

      • Valuable assets? Can you be sure? Didn’t someone bring up how friendly Vietmanese were able to get close to the Enemy? So seemingly friendly Blacks could get close to us. You say that it could work the other way too. Well sure theoretically. But if you know Blacks, you know how much racial identity means to them. The good ones will support the bad ones the vast majority of the time. Those are very long odds to gamble on when the stakes are so high. And weren’t Blacks famous for fragging during the Vietnam War?

        • From what I’ve been told and read about the Vietnam war-2nd Lt’s fresh out of West Point were fragged by blacks and whites-for not knowing shit about fighting the enemy,and getting guys killed.
          Ask the guys who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq if there’s black they would trust with their lives-and 99% will tell you yeah,because at some point in the misadventures over there-a guy with a different colored skin saved their ass,or covered their ass and is the only reason they are still above ground.
          There’s quite a few black guys I would trust with my life-there’s also quite a few Mexicans I would trust with my life. These are guys I know and trust,they earned my trust,they have proven themselves to be guys that can be trusted.
          Racial identity-no one gives a fuck about racial identity when they’re being shot at by the Taliban/Al-Queda/ISIS-or whoever.
          None of the guys I know give a flying fuck about the gang-bangers,dope dealers,armed robbers,and other assorted ghetto trash-and they sure as hell don’t identify with them-racially or otherwise-they think they are worthless pieces of shit.

      • The Walkin' Dude

        What do my references to Stephen King matter? It all revolves around the Dark Tower. TAK is Desperation. Regardless of that redirect, all I’m saying is the sooner people figure out we’re not all happy shiny oneness and never will be, the better. We’re all animals. Some more civilized. Some incapable of being civilized. I will still shoot first and ask questions later, when the SHTF. I will probably be correct that most of the “uncivilized” I end up shooting at will have darker melanin concentration. If you’re a “civilized” animal with concentrated melanin, you are the exception.

        • Okay,so it’s the exception-it’s still the individual that matters-not the skin color.
          There’s plenty of white pieces of shit around too-that I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to put a bullet into.
          It’s the individual.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Look at the other story on being offended. Most white males in this country just pale with fear when someone throws that at them, then start pissing themselves while apologizing for being a bad person. Men cower behind their women today, afraid to speak up with an original opinion of their own.
      And that is what is wrong with this country today, neutered males bossed around and then groveling at the feet of their female masters. And it’s way more common than you want to admit, I even see it out here in rural Wyoming. Our entire school system is run by liberal women, the few men just do what they’re told.
      Standing up for what you believe to be right and true is long gone, everyone just backs up and lets themselves be told what to think.

  18. I should also add that, as Mr. Dampier ably explains, the basic claim that this incident is positive in any sense is absolute bullshit.


    The moment those guardsmen tried to take guns away from citizens not self-evidently breaking the law, they should have been the recipients of lethal and repeated gunfire.

    “To be dealt with as wolves are”

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I was thinking the same thing. Oathkeepers allowing themselves to be disarmed?
      I haven’t had a cop take a gun away from me yet, but I always remind myself, when that moment comes, your ass is toast anyway. Make the best of it.

  19. I can tell why you’re exasperated, EC, and justifiably so. It’s really kinda simple. The reason folk would prefer to rest on statistics rather than the attributes of the individual, is in order not to judge THEMSELVES in that fashion. Like everything else, it’s just more abdication of the mind and especially responsibility.

    What’s not so simple is that the only way out of that–the only reason to judge individuals AS individuals–is if you think you yourself are worth it. That’s kinda tough for most people, since there’s been about 5,000 years of bullshit teaching the opposite.

    At least it’s a good joke—they call it “civilization.”