Your Papers, Citizen


Free your mind first.

Everything else will follow.

5 responses to “Your Papers, Citizen

  1. Requiring an ID disenfranchises every dead voter in America!

  2. This illustrates one of the PR difficulties that those of us opposed to background checks for firearms face.

    Most people have undergone background checks to apply for a job or rent an apartment. In many cases, those background checks are more invasive than what’s on a Form 4473 (for example, credit, references, etc.)

    Why should the average voter be sympathetic to claims that “background checks violate our rights” when it comes to the 2nd Amendment?

  3. To the left column should be added “see a doctor”. Required by law and they are getting tough about it.

  4. Nobly spoken, from a convicted felony extortionist. Oh, I’m sorry, have I said something I oughtn’t?

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