RT: Impoverished DNA co-discoverer Watson forced to sell Nobel Prize due to ostracism stemming from African IQ remarks

Related UK Independent story from 2007

Doubleplusungood polispeak.

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  1. “Elementary, my Dear Watson. You imagine they were paying you to make discoveries affecting genetics using objective reason, while simultaneously divorcing your thoughts about “protected” topics from any reason whatsoever. Therein lies your error.”

  2. The shaming 2 minute Hate goes on in the RT comments against him. The existence of intellectually superior Blacks or Africans does not change the truth about the averages. I wish the IQ issue did not exist but facts are facts. Unless you are not allowed to talk about them. :-/

  3. Watson wouldn’t have suffered so much had he simply stood his ground. The evidence is entirely in his favor.

  4. In before IKAGO.

    I Know A Good One.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. The Church Elders of Salem would be proud.

  7. not only are Blacks stupider than Whites (who are also, in general, extremely stupid; Jews are also stupid, but less so), they also feature Low Impulse Control. Even the smart, successful ones often come to grief in this respect: cf. Orenthal J. Simpson, Tiger Woods, Bill Cosby, etc

    • So just go show ’em what brilliance is like. You do a bang-up job here, after all. According to you, we’d do just as well with numbers as names…maybe with a group letter in front, right?

      • the woodsman

        Quick – get a paper bag! Don’t hyperventilate! I know observable truth gives people like you the vapors, but I’m confident you can overcome your condition!

  8. Well Watson is wrong…..Africans are smart not dumb like everybody says. Africans have built submarines to go to the bottom of the sea, airplanes to fly the length and breadth of our globe, developed nuclear power and even flown to the moon. Oh…Nevermind……

  9. Not much difference between a trailer park home in the US and African mud hut, except a big screen tv, phone, indoor plumbing, HVAC, electricity, refrigeration, washer & dryer, windows, doors and carpet on the floors.