Earning A Living In The Dark Market

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Read it and think.

In the system, you are a beast to be exploited and manipulated.

Why stay where you are treated so poorly?

System D.

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  1. What’s wrong with the term’ black market’? Business conducted completely ignoring government. The way it should be. Of course, if all business were conducted this way government would be starved to death and die. All people would be free of government control. How evil is that?

  2. the fukkn A-team

    System D works. That’s how you get ahead in this world. I retired at 40. 🙂

  3. Those two articles are a nice shot of optimism.

  4. It doesn’t take much space to set up a small shop to manufacture whatever widget you know there’s a market for.
    A small/med sized pole barn,even a 2 car garage will work.
    This can be done at the family/tribe/group level,or several groups can combine tools and workspace to set up a slightly larger widget manufacturing business.
    Not only can it be done,it needs to be done,and it needs to be done ASAP-yesterday would have been the best day to have set up a shop.
    When .gov inc. does not have the ability to control the flow or cost of the products manufactured, or control the methods used, .gov inc. loses most of it’s ability to exert control the citizenry.
    Once mini/micro manufacturing places are set up and running,and the supply chain is set up by those doing the manufacturing .gov inc. loses even more of it’s ability to control the citizenry,and to extort taxes,require licenses and permits which extorts even more $$$,and the beast begins to be starved.

  5. Thanks for posting the pic of the Gold coin. I also read the article and have to ask: Given the millions in bitcoins that have “disappeared” on the exchanges or were outright confiscated over the past year, why are there still people discussing this as a viable alternative currency?

  6. There are so many avenues one can take. Mother Earth News, farming, hobby, craft, and specific trade magazines have advocated small home and village methods of making money. I look at our neighborhood and see that there are mom and pop business in yard and tree care, chimney sweeps, home repairs, appliance repair, natural eggs and groceries, gun shows, knife and blade sharpeners, farmers markets and even some small dairy outfits. To this I would add making soaps, quilts and blankets, candles, bio-diesel, beer and wine, generator repairs, installation of solar and wind systems. For those with the funds to begin I would look at such activities as installing or upgrading septic systems or a water well drilling business. All for cash or barter or silver and gold coin. If the gun control advocates have their way, ammo components and reloading will show promise along with gun parts and repairs. My grandfather and his brothers held the alcohol production and supply business in their area during prohibition. And that is a legitimate business for anyone whose heritage dates back to the Celts and Nordic folk. The point is to find what you either know, are interested in or which you have natural tendencies and background and begin production, manufacturing or growing. Begin now while you still can. In FUSA, many items will become scarce. Water, food, fuel, energy sources and protection to name a few. Organic, non-GMO, non-hybrid heirloom seeds are a must. And get friends and family (kith and kin) closer together. Your gonna need them.

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