Capitalist Eric Sends

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If You Can Control The Money, You Can Control An Empire


Under-Commissar For The Ukrainian Special Economic Opportunity And Waffle House Market Expansion Zone Greenwood has assured me that America would never wage economic war on the margins of a competing hegemon in the hopes of exploiting the resultant regional chaos.


State Department Head Spokesjuggie Jen Psaki could not be reached for comment.

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  1. (Duplicate of my comment at Eric’s blog) No wonder two supermarkets and two drugstores that my wife just visited were sold out of Imodium. “But in their guts they feel it,” indeed.

  2. even the Rack was caught just the other day on a live mike, muttering something like “what a Lie! I can’t say this…”. Pretty good essay by Eric, except the part about MH-17 being a mistaken ID, with the real target Putin’s plane…don’t think so, given that it was Urainian ATC which routed MH-17 100 miles north of normal course and right into the kill zone. Also, the bloodthirsty Zionist neo-conz who control US policy aren’t looking toward a nuclear war. Even they’re not that stupid. They just figure they can kill the ruble, and with that bring down Putin’s regime…currently a large, White pebble in the globalist shoe

    • Most folks aren’t looking for the war they get.

      Hell, not even the Serbs wanted what they (or their survivors) got back in ’14.

    • I’m pretty fucking sick of your “Zionists who control the U.S?” antisemetic bullshit. I would fight to the death for your God- given, constitutional guaranteed rights, but the way you talk I wouldn’t trust you behind me or beside me.
      Go fuck yourself.

      • @ Carl: go ahead and list the two-dozen or so globalist billionaires who own the DC politicians: that would be the Wall St. Gang, the Vegas Mob, and the Hollywood Crowd. Definite non-random ethnic distribution here.

        @ CA: Good point about the Serbs and in general…though I will note the fact that, in 1914, the Serb Black Hand & politicians were after a Balkan Empire of Their Very Own. And at Versailles in 1919, they got it:

        • Those folks are NOT representative of all, let alone most Jews, any more than the KKK is representative of all, let alone most whites.
          And the are oligarchs far more than they are Jewish, just as statist, power hungry people in congress are oligarchs far more oligarchs than public servants/patriots.
          Only people with severe prejudices paint all members of a group with such a broad brush.

          • You tell him. This “Zionists are gonna __!!!!!” bullshit gets really old.

          • the woodsman

            In your initial reply you are the one implying that being “anti-zionist” equates to being “anti-semitic”. By this you imply that that all Jews are Zionists. And then you have the gall to say that “those folks are not representative of all, let alone most Jews”. So which is it? Or is it just that anyone who disagrees with you is an “anti-semite”?

            • I apologize for not taking your apparent lack of reading comprehension into account.
              To clarify, the Banksters and globalist billionaires that happen to be of Jewish descent are not Zionists. They aren’t even practicing Jews. They are motivated by their greed and pursuit of wealth and power and have no loyalty to anyone or anything else.
              They are about as Jewish as pork.

      • Jmfing Jones


      • The Nazis came to power on the same theories of “Jewish international financiers.” They acted out of those theories too.

        The Soviets believed the same theory (from the “Jews are imperial capitalists” perspective), and Josef Stalin plotted with his inner circle to eliminate the 4 million Jews in Russia, but he passed before it could be handed down to the NKVD.

    • I came to this conclusion because of the timing, as well as the *lack* of time to adequately prepare a smooth assassination of Putin. They literally had a window of hours to get the plan operational.

      And while Kiev ATC can ID various civilian planes via transponders, military fighter jets don’t have that capability (as far as I know), leading to the possibility of attacking the wrong plane.

      Overall, I can see no other logical reason why Kiev would willingly take such huge risks. IMHO.

      • Your theory was also being discussed on a Russian News channel that I caught in a Youtube video. The video referred to the news channel as a non mainstream TV channel. The Russian channel reported Putin’s plane turned off its IFF since they feared they were being tracked and they unfortunate other plane matched radar profile etc. Now granted this is coming from someone’s translation of that investigative show in Russia so its as reliable as MSNBC I’d venture to say.
        FWIW I would not have any doubt’s it is plausible knowing the chuckleheads running Circus Amerika currently.

  3. I agree this is a much more realistic take on events than the original article from the “XX Committee”, which read more like cold war propaganda.

  4. Waiting in Idaho

    I sleep so much better since US foreign policy is being run two sorority sisters. At least it isn’t John Ketchup. Why the long face, John? Oh, never mind.