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How We Won : The First and Last Operation of the 2015 III% Revolutions

This narrative recounts how the III% Patriots and III% Militia won Operation Afghanistan 1000X.

Operation Afghanistan 1000X was a war game proposed by the III% Patriots in the course of their blogs and comments. Because so many of those patriots and blogs had the same understanding “They are so very obviously going to lose their financial and physical assets in any shooting war, how can they be so stupid? How can they do this to us?”, the idea arose to demonstrate III% strength, then to do so in a war game with live ammunition but very carefully controlled so there will be, can be, no deaths.

The idea of a war game exercise as a low-cost resolution of the political standoff between the kleptocracy and patriots was first mentioned in a leading patriot blog in mid-December, 2014 and then discussed widely during Christmas’s family gatherings. After a January of online discussions, the blogs had settled on a proposed war game and the name, a reminder that things could get very serious for everyone if a shooting war started. As an alternative to ‘the Samson Option’ sabotage campaign, pulling the system down around everyone’s ears, a bloodless war game made a lot of sense. Deaths, everyone agreed, short-circuited rational calculation of costs and benefits, preventing political resolution of disputes until long after the outcome had been decided. That was in nobody’s interest.

At that point, several different groups began issuing press releases and touting their stewardship of their ‘better version’. Others began development of Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) war games and the development of weapons, strategy and tactics. A coordinated war game proposal and player-generated game was developed over the next few months for each of the variants of the proposed war game. All had a large number of enthusiastic participants providing data for each.

Major opposition in the patriot camp came from some of the better organized militias, that had trained long and hard for a guerrilla war, and from segments with an economic interest in that approach. However, the advantages were too obvious, and within another month these groups had been convinced and then provided some of the best tactics and operation plans.

Because the III% Militia was not a unified command, rather a bunch of people who own the uniform might decide to wear it on some particular day, the government ultimately settled on the particular version of the war game, the one they thought was most favorable to them.

That live fire exercise became the first operation in what has become known as 5th generation warfare, where everything is planned and coordinated in the open, on the web forums, but executed by individuals and small cells that are entirely unknown to each other. It is now a standard method for resolving very difficult political disputes around he world.

By the end of January, the discussion was serious enough that it began percolating into the 1%’s minds. The potential loss of wealth among the oligarchy if a Samson Option was not avoided made the 1% and minions., all infected with Gruber’s “they are stupid, have always believed our lies, how could we lose?” mindset, to cause every minion editorialist in the country to agree that a war game was a fine idea.

Soon, all agreed that no rational group would choose the possibility of a real Afghanistan 1000X and the deaths and poverty that would imply, that this was a fair test in a contest of political wills, and certainly should decide the issue. Privately, after careful consideration, the 1% without military experience all agreed a bunch of peasants could not affect them beyond mere inconvenience, perhaps a temporary loss of stock price. Of course, they knew how to hedge against that, even make $ from the credulous peasants who might be persuaded to bet against them, given the right editorial leads. So many adopted a hard line, advocated vigorous any-cost defense measures to “put them in their place”.

As there were few in the 1% with military experience or deep knowledge of history, that was a nearly unanimous opinion, widely echoed in the neocon press.

Not that governments had any choice, as the target chosen was US Airports, a list of the 30 top airports, all the international arrivals, etc. Those depend on government security via TSA and backed up by a lot of federal, state and local agencies. They are crucial to commerce, e.g. if FedEx stops backup units don’t get delivered, … The cascade of problems arising from delayed deliveries would be endless, each one pointing out the government’s inability to keep the infrastructure operating.

Patriots announced a time and date for the attack : 10AM on 8 November 2015, 9 months in the future. They agreed to limit attacks to 2 airports, one chosen 1 minute before the hour by the government, another chosen at the same time by the value of a random number mod 30 taken from a public source of random numbers. That source was to be determined, and proved quite contentious.

Patriots defined their goal : Without loss of life by either side, shutting down both airports for 24 hours to demonstrate the depth and breadth of their commitment to a return of Constitutional government and the proposition that no society can withstand a determined assault on its infrastructure by such a group. If the society cannot withstand such an attack, then the political system must act to satisfy that group. Successfully shutting down the airports is such a demonstration. Politically, QED.

Obviously, all of the airports would need to be shut down with personnel moved to safe locations for the duration of the attack. The war game had serious costs for both sides.

This war game obviously gave huge advantages to the government, they could concentrate all their resources protecting these 30 airports. They could do a best-possible job on the airport they chose. As a one-time operation, they would have at least 4X the effective security personnel as would be required for a long-term 24/7/365 effort. Other advantages were that operations can be scheduled so as to not be disrupted and provide the maximum number of people and amount of material to be used to recover from any damage. Patriots, on the other hand, would have to cover all airports with their attacks, as their targets were both chosen at the last minute.

Simultaneously with the discussion and decision of the target, attacks on all the possible targets were discussed, including rail and truck transportation, IRS processing centers, the electrical grid, and irrigation systems. People with insider knowledge began contributing to the discussion, TOR had 10s of 1000s of exit nodes added, far more than all of the intelligence services in the world combined could cope with. Chains of trust were built from people well-known in the Patriot movement to anonymous insiders.

One very popular option was dubbed ‘pitter-patter of lead rain’, in which active III% attackers would shoot at parked airliners during the 1-hour interval. To shut down an airport was easy, according to this discussion thread : all you had to do was damage airplanes and keep dumping crap on the runways. Airplanes can’t take off if there is any possibility of damage, and lead and steel pellets everywhere may well damage engines. By this thread, defenders would have to assume worst-case. Defending an area of completely- cover-your-ass radius from the airport to a completely-cover-your-ass search detail is obviously impossible in a reasonable time at even unreasonable cost. Impossible for even a one-time event.

The ‘lead drops’ thread developed into sub-threads discussing usefulness of different calibers, optimal combinations of attack range for each, effectiveness of indirect fire from maximum distance, CPEs, measuring the precise ballistics of your gun/ammunition combinations, range extensions via saboted rounds in the .50CALs, development and integration of software, what reference landmarks to use for indirect aiming, and, given the target and local temperature/pressure/humidity the number of clicks vertical and horizontal for all known scopes, and training games to develop real skill with the targeting software and setting up the ‘artillery’ location.

As the discussion developed, it became obvious that airports were really soft targets, and that people should not be in them during an attack. This assumption made the attacks easier, as there were a wider range of ways to deliver damage to the total airport if nobody was there to be hurt. Other threads discussed overwhelming any possible defenses by very many cheap and easily-constructed mostly-paper and -plastic battery-powered drones dropping finned steel rods from above-goose-gun heights, attacks of many types on TSA’s defense systems and the Air Traffic Control systems. Suggestions were many and varied, and all recognized they were only working on the obvious and general cases, and many locally-better ideas would be kept secret by individuals intending to use them. Trebuchets and potato cannons of various ranges were a fun alternative, not entirely unrealistic as a means of putting a lot of scrap metal on taxi ways and dents in airframes.

The hacker vector garnered world-wide attention, with many participants who claimed they were part of elite hacker groups in countries less-than-friendly to America. The government media tried to make an issue of this, but the III% response of ‘we didn’t make them mad’ along with “not our day to watch them, we can’t even herd our own cats” denials of responsibility ended that dispute, advantage patriots.

A fully distributed militia has plausible and convincing deniability far exceeding that of even the most incompetent governments.

Communications disruption was coordinated with the hackers, timed for the last 5 minutes of the hour, giving hackers enough time to FUBAR all of the control systems in the airport before all the fiber optics would be cut.

The discussions convinced disinterested observers around the world that this would be an attack in great depth in every vector, putting maximum stress on defenders. At least that would be true if the III% Milita was as strong and effective as claimed.

All agreed that large numbers of fireworks and firecrackers and shooting blanks would begin on the hour at all locations, and continue through the end of the hour. All agreed that every individual would decide on what they could do, and begin acting as through they were going to execute that plan. Whether or not they thought they would do so, acting ‘as if’ was good camouflage for those who fully-intend to ‘do’. Nobody in either group did anything illegal, just the obvious purchase of supplies, building paper and plastic airplanes and practicing their bombing runs, downloading of software, playing training games, reading the online discussions, practicing in the real world, measuring locations everything needed for targeting programs, etc. These made it obvious to the authorities how wide the support and simultaneously impossible for the authorities to follow everything and everybody.

By the end of July, all the required data for the gun-version of ‘lead rain’ had been collected and targeting software integrated with detailed maps giving lat/long/altitude for floors of buildings and windows in them, scope data, calibration procedures and tools at every gun range. The maximum ranges for .50CALs was 3 miles using saboted ammunition. Leaked government estimates were that 1,000,000 sportsman had calibrated rifles of .338 and above. Interest in hunting the biggest game animals appeared to surged amazingly, as sales of rifles and ammunition in all larger calibers was at an all-time high. 100s of 1000s of individuals had downloaded the targeting programs for one or more of the 30 airports and played the MMOG games that used them. New sub-threads were elaborated continuously : one-shot drill-pipe muzzle-loading gunpowder cannons with saboted finned rods as penetrators proved to have a very long range and to be surprisingly, if not very, accurate. Used drill pipe and other high-strength tubes disappeared from inventories before the government could react. Plans for trailers loaded with those cannons to ripple-fire penetrators at buildings with electronics were developed, published, critiqued and revised. Youtube’s many ‘how to add tungsten carbide tips to tools’ videos suddenly became very popular.

Citizens near airports had stockpiled huge amounts of firecrackers and other noise-makers. Sales of 3-d printed components for drone aircraft and purchase of steel rods and fin materials were 10s of tons. Intelligence estimates were ‘enough to carpet the parking areas, not a square meter of airplane undamaged’.

The government had been busy in defense since the Status Quo had decided they could win this game. It had early given up on ’rounding up the leaders’, as the first effort had resulted in 3 masked people, III% Militia by their uniforms in the videos each of them shot of their operation and uploaded to Youtube, walking up to the security fence at a local airport and shooting holes in a parked United airliner – none were caught. That airline was chosen because United’s Chairman had been a staunch advocate of hardball security, even most security minions thought he was extreme and most outsiders assumed he was representing the most aggressive security organizations. Those were, of course, the ones least exposed to immediate blame if patriots succeeded.

After that incident, nothing dramatic happened in August and September. Intense discussions of possible attacks and defenses against them continued. The MMOGs kept evolving to incorporate the weapons used and the MMOGs had more players, and many more very good players. The MMOGs held weekly tournaments for players at all levels. In all of this, many players evolved ‘innocent attacks’ able to divert security operations with completely innocent actions, well scripted and well acted.

Government forces could not keep up, as obvious attacks were widely known to evade any possible defense, reiterated by TSA and other security experts many times in public and private forums during July, September and very often beginning in October. Few people wanted to be anywhere near an airport in the attack hour : estimates were that saboted tungsten penetrators would destroy all electronic equipment outside of fortified bunkers.

The chains of trust allowed last-minute delivery of passwords, configuration and other information to be used by the hacking teams to shut down much of the airport security and ATC electronics during the attacks. Again, this was coordinated in open forums, with TOR access by everyone. It was thought that even without damage, scrubbing those systems before they could be trusted would take several long days. Thus any access and execution of a prepared script would be sufficient to win the engagement.

Mainstream coverage of these events was very sparse until the 1%’s minions were instructed to do so. The week after Labor Day, coverage was incessant, equivalent to that given to the Iranian hostage crisis under Jimmy Carter. Every evening news programs would have a segment relating the days A1000X events. During October, the alarm was extreme, and political reactions driven by fear followed closely.

Political leaders followed their standard playbook for alarming situations, projecting firmness against the ‘domestic terrorists’, while resisting actual police operations to avert the attack. It was clear from the beginning that the government did not have enough police and military to round up enough people quickly enough to prevent serious damage to the economy, and that droning any of them would be really bad PR. Lesser restrictions, on ammunition sales and on-site surveying to establish distances and directions for targeting were judged to be useless, and that it was better to allow them and use the information to assess plans.

Despite great efforts, the National Security Council, military and intelligence leaders could not find a possible winning end-game for any authoritarian action: all would confirm the worst fears of the III% patriots, and would recruit a larger and younger group. The lessons of Afghanistan and Iraq had finally penetrated. Cynics speculated that bearing the costs of the stupid policies here in the US made the difference.

By the end of August, there were far too many people who could plausibly join the attack and far too many openly-discussed attacks to lose the game, no matter what resources the governments and airlines deployed. There were hints of many other attack plans that were not openly discussed, of already-successful hacks that would foil many of the government’s defenses.

Because it was so apparent that the attacks would overwhelm defenses, the TSA changed the person in charge of defense against Operation Afghanistan 1000X every month from July through October. The last appointed, in mid-October, was a noted ‘defensive strategist’, Daniel Thompson, who had been an advisor in several peasant uprisings around the world. Dr. Thompson was a well-published authority in that area and had a very good track record as a ‘global strategist’, by which he meant ‘going broke is losing’. He had been, from the first, a consultant to TSA in planning the response to ‘A1000X’, as TSA had designated it.

Dr. Thompson’s reputation was one of dealing with raw reality and always telling the people hiring him exactly what his very professional opinion dictated. He was convinced to take the job by a very large bonus if he could ‘prevent the government from losing in an A1000X attack’. That phrasing covered the intent, badly, being political shorthand for ‘convince everyone we are going to lose, do it in a way that makes you the lightening rod while we get to be judicious in assigning blame for the terrible state of our security’, and that was just bureaucratese for ‘put a good face on abject surrender’.

As the day approached, III% web sites got a lot of attention, sales of gear soared and their ad revenue funded the next year’s keg parties.

The airlines insurance carriers and legal advisors were first to insist that the companies accept that attacks were going to happen and that the government could not stop them all, or maybe not many, thus liability/liability. Insurance carriers refused to insure any airframe parked at any of the 30 airports during the hour of the attacks. Legal all said the airlines would be liable for injuries to passengers if they delivered them into a target airport. Those restrictions ensured that no flights could be scheduled to leave the airports for about 2 hours prior to A-hour, none to land for the rest of the day in order to be sure the runways had been cleared, computers restarted, … Basically, all 30 airports would be closed the day of the attack. Personnel may as well stay home, and all security personnel would be well protected, invisible. Security videos of empty airports would be good PR for patriots, the governments could not let that happen.

The government, under Dr. Thompson’s direction, very reluctantly gave into the Airlines rescheduling, as otherwise someone would have had to sign to accept the insurance coverage of all involved. No political advisor could see enough upside for their principal to allow them to do that, and all policy analysis said ‘no way, law suits forever’.

Thus, the last day, with very intense coverage of all sides of the event, the news channels running patriot site comment streams live, the President put a good face on the situation. He lauded patriots for their adherence to the Constitution, the civilized way they had demonstrated their commitment to it, and the many ‘activist milita’ members who had ‘seemed to prepare’ for an attack. Voice-over commentary on all the networks, easily tracked as the President was speaking slowly, ponderously, intentionally impressive because he had to pull a nation with him in order to avoid a civil war, all said ‘seemed to prepare’ was probably true. “However,“ the President said, “that large minority and their intensity can no longer be ignored, they and the government failures in public functions they identify must be taken very seriously. Further, a series of local optimizations does not produce a global optima.

Clearly, the government and its relationships with the rest of the society could be improved, as the current system had alienated so many people. It is time to rethink the government. Thus, the government is proposing legislation for a ‘blank slate’, repealing all laws.” As it was unlikely that all parties could agree on a date, his administration had chosen to repeal all laws since the first day of the congress in 1776.

And everyone lived happily ever after…

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  1. Uh huh….
    problem is-the average age of a guy who can make stuff from raw materials is somewhere well north of 50-I have a hard time finding guys that can read a freakin’ tape measure any more.
    Finding a guy that put a simple replacement window in with me standing there and giving step by step instructions is also next to impossible.
    So is finding a guy that even knows which side of the drywall faces out-or a guy who can cut a 2×4 to the correct length,make a header for a door or window opening…
    Tell a kid just out of high school that you can fix the busted strut mount on his car by welding a new steel plate in place and drilling holes in the correct places-or you can weld the exhaust pipe back to where it broke just behind the catalytic converter ,or that you can drill out the broken bolt,and re-tap the hole with the next larger thread size-and they look at you like you’re from another planet.

    Nice story though.

    • I’m surrounded by people who can do all that and more.
      Of course, I live near a small town in the South and work in the construction industry.

      • There’s a world of difference in what young people can do in the south-vs- Cleveland,Ohio. I spent a few years building homes on the N.C. Outer Banks-the young guys there could work unsupervised,and rarely made mistakes.
        As I said,around here,it’s hard enough finding a guy that can find 1/16th on a tape.
        Finding a young guy who can work unsupervised? Found exactly two of them in the past 5 years.
        Starting pay of $15.00 an hour for those who have experience-raise in 30 days if the workers proves they can do what they say isn’t bad pay around here either-so it’s not a pay issue-it’s a there’s a whole lot of young guys who simply know nothing about carpentry.wiring,drywall,replacement windows,siding,plaster/drywall,or concrete work.

        • Really? I was paying that 20 years ago and had a hard time finding even decent help. I had one guy I would pay $200. a day in cash because he actually had talent. Problem was, he was a crack head and would show up when he ran out of money and then slept for a couple days. It was hell trying to get jobs done. I finally gave up. I didn’t need the money and was tired of the bullshit. I bet it sucks to be poor AND dumb. Murikah!

          • I was both paying more and making more 20 years ago too-not the same game anymore,too many guys competing for too little work.
            I had the same kind of guys,crackheads,methheads,drunks-payday comes-and they’re gone for 3-4 days.
            I mostly just do maintenance type shit for a couple of small-(20-40 units)-condo complexes-keeps us in gas for the van and car,groceries,pays the bills,with a little left over for important shit like ammo.

    • How could they think? What are the dimensions of a 2×4?

      • Ha. In murika? 1 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ That’s how screwed this country is. I have always been told the reason our building codes are so flimsy, is because nothing was meant to last. Unlike Europe in which they last for centuries.

        • Ah, you think their building codes are the reason their buildings last centuries. I think it has more to do with economics…

          • Bullshit. They make buildings out of stone and concrete. My sister lives in a, yes- a castle in France. It’s hundreds of years old.

      • They can’t find the 1/2″ on the tape to tell me.
        Actually,the old Cleveland homes have 2×4’s that are 2″x4″.

    • I’d had the thought for a while for a patriot shooter game, with some of the puzzles involving a lot of that stuff–you find a broken gun, find the right size pin with a micrometer to replace it, cut some wood to build a shelter, etc. Also have fun gun stuff like having to run from a full up swat team with nothing but a single action .22 revolver for a weapon, if that. Haven’t run out the plot a whole lot besides “feds bad, rebels good.” It would be a very dynamic game with a story line that is affected by lots of decisions, some very early–you pick the wrong pin like above for example because you read the mic wrong or whatever, your gun jams a lot until someone fixes it for you–might even serve as a platform to get some of the video game generation(generation “V”?) interested in politics and stuff.

      • Unless you gave ’em digital mics and digital calipers-most couldn’t read either if their lives depended on it.

        • I still sometimes end up .25 off on a mic. Likely it’d just be exposure. Game would be set up to randomize it a bit, so you can’t just look up the answer. Things like this wouldn’t be vital to a game, maybe a tape measure somewhere, but to show them the bigger universe. Read the mic, get the AR or M1A. Don’t, go with the single action .22 revolver or nothing.

          • I’ll admit to being off on a mic reading once in awhile,but I rarely use a mic these days-which does make a difference. It takes a bit of practice to become proficient,like anything else,plus it’s a skill,skills atrophy just like muscles when you don’t exercise.

            The game’s got possibilities-just need some people who have done that kind of thing before-or something close.

  2. “Finding a guy that put a simple replacement window in with me standing there ”

    That should read without me standing there…

    • I was in the trades and you’re right. Even the guys who claim to be pros usually don’t have any TALENT. When I purchased my home, the first thing I did was order 20 yard dumpsters to get rid of all the “new” upgrades the former “builder” installed. I was tearing out materials dated the same year I bought the place. Looked like a drunk and his buddies worked on everything. The few “contractors” I did hire, I had to hold their hands every minute to make sure things were up to MY standards and not theirs. And of course, they all have a case of the ass because of it. Idiots. The BIGGEST mistake I made in my life was not leaving the country when I retired. America is done-stick a fork in it.

      • We just had a wonderful house built, and very professionally done. Of course, the builders were ethic Russian Ukrainians… I was amazed at what good capitalists they were.

      • I’ve worked with those “pros”-one guy just looked confused when I told him to change the framing on a wall,because the window had to be put in a different location-even after I had sketched it out on a scrap piece of wood for him.
        What’s so hard-the same X ,the same C and the same J mean the same thing-whether it’s on a blueprint or a scrap of plywood.

  3. You left out the part about the false flag attack that .gov pins on .freedom. Ya know, the “real” attack with dead kids and murdered teddy bears and all. MSNBC will have all the video, a super high capacity machine assault sniper water pistol will be the weapon used.

    And the part about the sheeple begging .gov for more laws to restrict .freedom.

    Wishful thinking.

  4. Brother, your comment on “finding a guy…” is painfully true. But I put a good part of the blame on those of us “well north of 50…” because allowing these young men to age, without our mentoring them in the finer arts of being in the garage or workshop; and allowing them to focus on video screens and/or what passes for ‘education’ today… happened on our watch. It makes me angry and disappointed as well; at this point all we can do is try our level best to pass along what is in our ‘well-seasoned’ brains; to the generation that we all know will need to learn those skills to survive. As I’ve said forever… “pay attention, Grandpa is not going to say this twice”, for two reasons: they have to learn this step in order to go on to the next step, and… we don’t have the time to repeat as necessary. Learn fast, learn well; on to the next step. Grandpa is a busy guy. Still. stormfriend

  5. Yup…good story and shutting the airlines/airports would cripple the government. But remember the law of unintended consequences as the feds will be more violent in response I think. Also, not all young people are idiots as I have met quite a few that are welders, roofers, and such and quite good at what they do but there are a lot of pajama boys out there.

  6. A nice story, but not very realistic with this country’s government – at ALL levels – what it is today. Much like “Victoria” where the Muzzies take over Boston, but Israel does nothing.

  7. I am stunned.

    The ‘gamer generation,’ keyboard commandos and Halo-heads, seriously believe the government will play fair? Come on. That is laughable, and in the realm of pure fantasy. The government-banker-elite axis will NEVER play fair, never admit defeat, and never, NEVER willingly repeal laws. They have the patience of many lifetimes until they, or they great^N-grandchildren finally achieve utter and total power. Whoever believes this fantasy has got it coming.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

  9. It’s crap like this that makes the Northwest Front look realistic by comparison.

    This whole thing is somebody talking who has never written a line of code in their life and has absolutely no understanding of what would be involved and what the characeristics are of the output. I worked for a game company for a few years. The worst part of it was the goddamned idiot customers who thought they could tell us how to do our jobs and what the results would be because obviously they knew better than we did.

    When Fatbeard-Without-A-Clue jabbers on about what a badass he is and how he’ll shoot the guns right out of fed hands, once he actually buys a gun, someday, you all laugh at him, yes? This is the same thing.

    • Yup. I stopped reading when they agreed that 30 airports were in play. Any good warrior would hit airport #31.

      • Ah, but that would be CHEATING. I can already hear the screeching that would come from certain well-known places…

  10. You are exactly right. The next generation simply has not been taught how to solve problems, or required to do actual physical work. They are being raised in a world where cursive writing is no longer being taught in school.

    I’m doing everything I can to teach my son to hunt, trap and prosper in the outdoors.

    • Oh, nonsense! Cursive is STILL being taught in schools. I mean, all you have to do is walk by ANY group of Blacks and Hispanics to understand THAT.

  11. I wish the fantasy writers for the Bad Guys had it this tough.

  12. Ah… well… I liked it a lot. 🙂

    My first thought was, great outline – when will the book be published?

  13. highly entertaining. That’s why I hit this site every day…entertainment, + a shred of enlightenment now and then. Fact is, I could shut down the local flugplatz from my backyard in less than 45 seconds. Of course, I could never do such a thing because Lee Greenwood would not approve

    @NSA: +911 bonus points

  14. Nice story, but the .gov would have just shut down the blogs, and black bagged the leaders, before such an operation got enough steam under it to be a threat. The powerful aren’t in the business of giving up power.

    • Pretty much what they are going to do anyway. I lean towards your story more than the writer of this tale. Certainly interesting times we live in. I don’t see much of a future for any of us anymore. The best we can hope for is to survive long enough to see the communist regime fall and be tried for treason along with the enablers who facilitated the nations demise- GOD willing.

  15. I thought it was mildly entertaining, however unlikely in certain respects. I don’t think it assumed the ruling class would act contrary to their interests, but out of desperation.

    As to worthless kids, there is a tendency for every generation to say, “I walked to school in 2 feet of snow for five miles every day.” Somehow the next generation always manages, even without the snow. Yes, kids spend far too much time staring at screens. When the incentives point in that direction, that is what they do. When the incentives say, “Find a way to be useful to others, or starve,” that is what will happen too. Either outcome, becoming useful or starving, solves the problem. Non-competitors are removed from the gene pool.

  16. To hell with the war “game.”

    Just do it.

    The elite will never play fair.

    We should feel no need to do so.

    • Amen, brother. And that’s what the reality will come down to, just doing “it” and moving on to the next objective. The elites will send out their hunters, so the main game should be hunting the hunters. There’s ways to immobilize an AH-64, drones, or other such toys, with only a .22 pistol …

    • +100 We don’t win by playing their game. We only win by making them play ours.

  17. comeamdmakeit

    Drill pipe smoothbore is nice idea. Even nicer is stainless tubing, which you wind with Kevlar thread and fiberglass epoxy. Buy the unwaxed thread from fishing fly shops.

  18. What a fucking waste of time.
    Another pointless exercise to avoid doing what is required.
    Worst of all, the running and hiding is intentional.

  19. Do the Ferguson protesters read WRSA? You be the judge, our lines are open…

    Protesters shut down St. Louis Airport

    • outlawpatriot

      Go back to the first congress of 1776? Mmm, I gotta couple of questions. No AoC, right? Wasn’t even considered until 1777. Just don’t wanna deal with the AoC morons you understand. Then that means we’re back to individual colonial charters and government. Ok, I’m cool. There is a problem with the vast majority of states though. Some were territories of the original thirteen, but most weren’t in existence or even thought of. What do you do with them? Who gets to determine the way forward? In 1776, only white, propertied, males with membership in a protestant church were generally the guys calling the shots. Not necessarily a deal breaker for me, but I’m guessin’ more than a few won’t wanna go along with the plan.

      So, nah. It’s like fornicating for virginity. Like the Cold War win where the commie bastards were left alive and in place. Not a chance of fixing anything. We’re gonna go back to a time where virtually everything is wiped away and we leave all the anarchists, communists, progressives, white nationalists, fascists, Democrats, Republicans, the mouthy women, faggots and every Tomas, Ricardo, y Harry alive and in place? Really? And we’re gonna be able to come up with somethin’? Really? Do you know how hard it was to come up with our Constitution? And that was with a bunch of people more or less of the same stock. The odds would be long.

      I don’t think an airsoft game is the answer at this juncture. It’s gonna take real resolve to drive the enemies from the land and out of our government. And bullets. It’s gonna take real bullets.

      • All you gotta do is invent a barrel with a spinning wheel at the muzzle, and you’ll be all set. Wanton death…what a joy for you, eh?

        Either that, or maybe check your premises. Like this one…”Who gets to determine the way forward?”

        FOR WHOM??

        Get this through your thick fuckin’ noggin already—you WILL NOT determine the way forward for me or any other free man. You can talk about square dicks, you can bullshit about the Founders, you can gang up with guys who are as angry as you. None of that matters—YOU CANNOT AND WILL NOT DETERMINE THE WAY FORWARD FOR ANY FREE MAN.

        You’re so fuckin’ tough that you can destroy a life at 300 yards, but not tough enough to accept this simple fact and MYOFB.

        I got the same question I asked at K’s today…WHY?

        Let’s see if you’re tough enough to answer.

        • outlawpatriot

          Ya know Jimmy, I got up this morning, ran 5 1/2 miles and did 32 stations of heart trail. I completed a lesson plan for a Fighting Rifle class I’m teaching next week-end at Whet Stone. As of the moment 30 individuals have signed up for the training. I’m still refining the lesson plan for my class on light infantry unit and tactics for next week-end as well. I suspect I will have about 30 in that class as well. I also did some more research to develop the colonial militiaman character that I will be portraying for the entire group of approximately 40-50 during a bonfire on the opening night. With all that, I also managed to develop some land navigation problems for my militia unit for our next training after Whet Stone.

          And you want me to answer YOUR questions? Little man, depart yourself from me. And never, never meet me on the field.

          Your friend,


          • Battlefield USA

            Now, now… understand that Kleinstein there thinks that those who wish to enslave you have every right as free men to live and breathe and exist to to enslave you… as free men.

            That is what he just said in his own philosophical psychedelic word-salad way. Got that?

            It is always amusing to watch Kleinstein come in defense of his free men, only to see him lump those who wish to enslave you in with free men. Because damn it! Because every free man has right to think

            But then, Kleinstein is a man of the times. He always the first to jump in in defense of the immoral as if every free man has every right to be free men.

            • Battlefield USA

              Because every free man has right to think… they have the right to enslave you.

              • outlawpatriot

                Thanks. There are moments when I feel all alone. Here anyway. Out here in meatspace, not so much. But then again, I don’t spend all of my time on a keyboard. I suspect the Kleinster does.

            • And to you as well, Curtis.

              I’ve waited a long time for someone besides me (and Alan) to get fed up with the timorous two time tap dance.

              • Now there’s a shocker; the House Collectivist chimes in. Oops, you forgot…you don’t like it when people blow their own horn and are arrogant and pompous. Ego bad, remember?

                Oh, that was then. This is now. H-Y-P-O-C_____

            • “Kleinstein there thinks that those who wish to enslave you have every right as free men to live and breathe and exist to to enslave you… as free men.”

              Curtis, Curtis…that was beneath even you. I don’t think any person has any right to enslave any other person, and you damn well know that. Maybe pay a little closer attention—op is suggesting to enslave people and here you are…not just kissing his ass, but lying about me to do it.

              “Psychedelic word salad,” eh? Something not clear to you there? Then just ask. Your buddy’s out there figuring out which parts of the Constitution will be enforced, what amendments there’ll be, and who has the right to vote. You in favor of that too, or does the cat have your tongue suddenly?

              He thinks he and his buddies–30, 300 or 3,000 are somehow going to have an “occupation force” while they get it all done—in a country of over 300 million people. His battlecry is, “Let’s go backwards.” You down with that stuff too?

              This is what he calls “doing something,” living in sheer fantasy with nothing to rest on except that he figures he can kill a person before that person kills him. And you call ME “psychedelic”? Just cuz you want to be wanted? Damn, that’s something; who’s the girl now?

              But hey…your values are yours and his are his. I don’t care about any of that. I just wanna know WHY op chooses to bullshit…about the Founders, about the principles in the DofI, about the AofC, about the Constitution. Here he is training–and yapping and yapping–about men going into battle and putting their lives on the line…and all based on what he KNOWS are falsehoods. Ignorance is one thing, intentionally misleading others quite another.

              So I want to know WHY. That’s all. If he’s brave enough to do all that he says–and all that he says he’s going to do–then he ought damn well be brave enough to stand up and say WHY he does what he does.

              I don’t write to persuade anyone of anything; I write to check my own premises. But I can smell bullshit from thousands of miles away, and it’s starting to stink already. Am I mistaken? Then show me wrong.

              Or do what you did before…write a post about me and then block my comments! But only after you do a piece about bravery, right?

              Oh…one more thing. “He always the first to jump in in defense of the immoral…” Just one example please, so that every reader of the most widely read patriot blog on the planet will know that you’re not a bullshitter too. See…if you actually got one, which I don’t believe for a second, then I want to know it too. I NEVER lie, and I write to check my own premises. So I’ll be grateful for such an example, just one…when was I the first to jump in inn defense of the immoral? For that matter, when did I ever defend the immoral at all?

              You too can write a (self-aggrandizing!) essay about why you won’t bother to answer my question. Why sure, maybe every reader here is dumb enough to fall for that one. Twice.

              Truth…it’s a bitch, ain’t it?

              • “You too can write a (self-aggrandizing!) essay…”

                Why, how condescending of you. How very rich! I thought self aggrandizement was a positive virtue according to you.

                “I don’t write to persuade anyone of anything; I write to check my own premises.”

                Another self delusion/lie, so obvious as to be laughable. You could check your premises in utter silence before your mirror, or out in real life. You have long since “checked your premises” and found them flawless. You come here to flaunt your self assumed (that’s “arrogance'” btw) intellectual and philosophical superiority and to hector and “correct” everyone else to longing for praise and agreement. You have some nerve bandying about the word hypocrite.

                No convert like a new convert. You think you’re doing some great work and it might be that you could if you weren’t as thoroughly persistent, annoying and irritating as a bad case of scabies.

                “Truth…it’s a bitch, ain’t it?”

                How would you know, since “Truth” is whatever bolsters your inflated notion of yourself in the moment?

                • Y’know, one of my theories is that a Collectivist will ALWAYS reduce to dishonesty, if pressed enough. But that’s epistemology.

                  Still, thanks for confirming. “…longing for praise and agreement.” Funny stuff; thanks again.

          • Wellllll, alllllllrighteee, then! Hahahahhahhaha!

            Thanks, Alan.

        • “Either that, or maybe check your premises. Like this one…”Who gets to determine the way forward?”

          “FOR WHOM??”

          FOR ME, dickhead. And guess what?

          I also get to decide WHO MY ENEMIES ARE. Also I, as (you know) an INDIVIDUAL ‘n all, get to decide what to do with ’em. Oh yes, and with whom to associate in said activities.

          It is you who should “check your premises” and realize that the world doesn’t run according to your strict interpretation of your narrow idealistic philosophy.

          Out on the Street of Life ™, it’s dangerous to run yer mouth and lecture folks on their “premises.”

          You check your premises and I’ll check mine.

          • Check your premises, rookie. My world DOES run on my premises, and yours runs on yours. That’s all I’ve been saying all along. I’d have enjoyed being proven wrong over these years, but that’s not quite what happened, is it?

            • I am not certain what you are badgering each other about, but I will answer your “Why?” question as it pertains to myself:
              1. Because it needs doing,
              2. Because my principles dictate that every man should have Liberty,
              3. Because a mighty few have the actual intestinal fortitude to do what needs to be done.

              It just so happens that sometimes killing is a sad requirement to secure, retain, or otherwise obtain Rightful Liberty, because the fuckers on the other side refuse to allow it by any other means. Whether you like it or not, I don’t give a damn.

              • B-Dog, very nice summation. Thank you.

              • Thank you B-Dog, but the question wasn’t, “Why fight for Rightful Liberty?” The question was why Alan has to bullshit his way through this…not just by offering bullshit philosophy which is always debatable anyway, but by offering bullshit FACTS about history and such. He does it regularly on the topic of the Foiunders and the Constitution. Regularly, all the while pretending to be some history expert. Just like the commie-lib “experts,” huh?

                Plus, maybe you didn’t know, but Alan won’t take a stand for Rightful Liberty. I’ve tried to coax it out of him for a long time now. His goal–in HIS words–is to go BACK, not forward. Check it out—see if you can get him to write, “I’m willing to fight for Rightful Liberty, period.” Won’t happen. With me, he won’t even MENTION “Rightful Liberty.” With others, he probably will now (that’s how bullshitters work), but you can bet dollars to doughnuts he won’t end it with “period.”

                I’ll guess that surprises you a bit maybe. That’s why I do what I do…so bullshitters won’t snooker good men, and persuade them to die on behalf of total bullshit principles built of total bullshit lies.

            • Battlefield USA

              Kleinstein… you made it perfectly clear in your response to Alan.

              You think every anarchists, communists, progressives, white nationalists, fascists, Democrats, Republicans, the mouthy women, faggots and every Tomas, Ricardo, y Harry lives by the principle of free men and should be treated as such.

              You said: Who gets to determine the way forward?

              Well, hopefully it is not the objects of your defense.

              • Battlefield USA

                And Kleinstein, you have been of habit of late, of calling me a collectivist. Explain to all and sundry how you come to that conclusion.

                • No, No, No, Curtis… I’m the “House Collectivist” here, a title Klein zealously reserves for me… or anyone else who dares disagree with him.
                  Oh, and “thug” as well.

                  How dare you presume to usurp my status as “collectivist/thug/hypocrite.”

                  At least I’m not a narcissist like Little Jimmy Me First!

              • What the hell happened to you? Did you fall into some trance or something? This is just utter bullshit. First, it was ALAN who asked, “Who gets to determine the way forward?” Maybe if you get your nose out of his ass, you can follow who’s saying what.

                I don’t recall EVER calling you a collectivist–you say “habit of late”–but if you put up a cite, I’ll be happy to address it. My guess is you’ll have none, but who knows. Habit? Really? You’re dreaming, you poor guy.

                More dreams—I think every one of those “lives by the principle of free men”…where’d you come up with that? Hell man, I don’t even think YOU necessarily do that, let alone commie-libs, Party members and all the rest of those looting scum?

                Really…where do you come up with this crazy shit? Can’t you just use quotes and stay on topic? You tellin’ me fantasy disease is passed through the ass?

            • Your world is not The World, rookie, and does not run on your premises, predilections or phantasies.

              “Rookie.” Ha! You child… experience trumps glib certainty and facile verbosity every time.

              “I’d have enjoyed being proven wrong…”

              I thought you said you NEVER lie? You go to linguistic and logical contortions worthy of a Chinese gymnast to avoid being proven wrong. Your every comment here shows it.

              • Trouble reading, or trouble being honest?

                “My world DOES run on my premises, and yours runs on yours. That’s all I’ve been saying all along.”

  20. I agree with most of the comments – pipe dream. But I must admit it was a nice read.

    As for what Gamegetter II had to say, I can only agree. My brother was recently an OIC of a SOF training facility. They were forced to create a three week long pre-training program for students entering the training facility (before starting the actual training they were sent to learn) to teach them the basics of how tools work. He said it was so bad that over 75% of the students did not now what Vice Grips were, or how they worked, and even more did not understand the mechanical advantage of a pulley system – and this from young men who had qualified as SOF operators.

    I recently took an amazingly smart 30-somthing year old who had no skills and taught him my manufacturing trade over the past year. Now he has a useable skill he can use to make money anywhere in the world. Sadly, all of his friends are as unskilled as he once was.

  21. Seems to me the point was that airports are a weak point in the overall system and that there is no way to protect them. Demonstrating that the 99% could easily shut down any airports at will, despite any possible defense, to the 1% would change the political equation.

    • Hopefully you understand that if FreeFor should even TRY something like that, the government would crash a commercial jetliner in a manner to maximize the destruction and loss of life, and then blame same on FreeFor. And the Media would eat it up. And the FedPig swill would “corroborate” the government’s claim. Just as they are currently doing for the Sony hack, insisting it was the Norks who dunnit, when everyone else understands it was done by a former Sony employee.