Psychopolitical Warfare and the Soviet Brainwashing of the United States


As posted at Brock’s place – go read the whole thing.


No matter what.

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  1. The thing was written by L. Ron Hubbard. Of Scientology squalor.

    • Sheesh. Thanks for that.


      It is generally accepted that either Kenneth Goff or L.Ron Hubbard worked together or separately on the book, both claiming it originally came from source(s) within the Communist Party.

      I suppose one would be safe assuming brain washers attend many of the same classes.

      Given the stats regarding the % of Americans currently taking some form of pharmaceuticals which alter brain chemistry, the point may well be moot, as to the authorship of this little book. Its goals appear to have been, in large part, met.

    • Truth is independent of the speaker. If this book accurately predicted the results we observe today, then it is a true theory, regardless of the writer’s intent or surface lies like who is claimed to have written it.

      • “Truth is independent of the speaker.”

        Exactly. If the piece portrays the truth and satisfies the sense that we all have of the results, it matters not who wrote it.

        If the many links provided generally support the assertions and context, again it matters not what sort of agenda or history the writer has. If it rings true, it probably is. And is there any real doubt here that this piece is generally true?

        For once, I agree with “anonymous!”

        Occam’s Razor.

        There is a tendency on the part of many internet commentators to dismiss anything they have heard condemned by sources they admire or which have awakened them, in a reactionary way that prevents true evaluation of another point of view.

        For example, if I were to bring up Theodore Roosevelt as an example of
        A Real American Man, there would be an automatic storm of repetition of all the talking points against him shared and taken as a matter of faith by the “libertardian/anarcho/cynical,nihilistic Axis of Doom,(tm)”, and many others.

        Never mind his many sterling qualities, the examples of manhood and courageous accomplishments, his encouragement of the best qualities of America and Americans… the memes will out and drown any considerations to the contrary.

        Now, I’m not trying to deflect the discussion in the direction of the useless repetition of that debate, but only to illustrate the tendency to reduce all debate to narrow preconceptions and dismissive backhands.

        We’re all guilty of the same, perhaps mostly because of the limited confines of comments threads, but also due to limited knowledge and the intractability of narrow beliefs.

        • We’re all guilty of the same, perhaps mostly because of the limited confines of comments threads, but also due to limited knowledge and the intractability of narrow beliefs.

          I believe, the reason the American public believes the fallacy of proof-by-expert is an effective method of identifying truth, is because that is the method the government-church (public school) and church-church (Christianity) has taught us. Faith means to deliberately work to suppress and dismantle that part of your brain which is best able to identify truth. Religion is mental illness. Every school day your children are taught to become mentally ill, then on Sunday you get another dose of this Soviet psychiatry.

          Fallacies have Latin names because these mistakes in rational thinking have been known for thousands of years. When humans really want to know the truth, they lay out the parts of the crashed airplane in a hanger and spend a year putting the jigsaw puzzle together and looking at the broken edges under the microscope. But when is the last time your Sunday school examined the radiocarbon-dating test results for the tablets that held the ten commandments?

          • I was referring to the quality of “debate” we too often see on blogs, not to the larger considerations you mentioned. Those are certainly worthy of discussion but… another time.

            Suffice to say, I do not agree that faith is the stunting of critical thinking. Faith operates precisely in the area of That which can’t be known or explained by ordinary intellectual methods. However, a reading of Thomas Aquinas wouldn’t hurt you any…..

            • I do not agree that faith is the stunting of critical thinking. Faith operates precisely in the area of That which can’t be known or explained by ordinary intellectual methods.

              It makes no sense to have two different incompatible truth-finding methods. If faith was a better method for finding truth than the scientific method, we’d use it for every subject area. “Religion” and “science” are not two unrelated physical universes with different rules, there is no evidence to justify splitting the universe into multiple pieces. If you first assume a creator, that’s just circular. The “universe” includes everything, including any creators who made the visible universe which humans can perceive. Super-natural is a non-sense word. If a question can’t be answered by human science, then humans have no answer yet.

            • Faith makes the mistake of looking for an “explanation”, when what you should be looking for is predictive power. An explanation is just a story which is emotionally satisfactory. “The Sun is Apollo’s chariot” was a perfectly fine explanation. It was also a mental computer virus handed out by priests to poison the ability to further pursue that line of questioning. Suppose you “know” the Sun is Apollo’s chariot. What new ability does that knowledge give you? Can you predict eclipses or sunspots? No, you can’t do anything new which you couldn’t do before; instead you’ve lost the ability to further investigate and understand the Sun’s behavior, because the priest told you that was impossible and you believed him.

            • Here are some more explanations: gun control saves lives; the climate is warming due to humans burning fossil fuels; minimum wages give the least productive workers a living wage; import tariffs protect American jobs; government can make everyone better off at once.

              No no don’t analyze it and think about how mechanically it might work, just accept it on faith and act as if it were true.

  2. Excellent piece, thank you. Read it all. It’s eerie how well it fits. Look at what’s being done to the young vets. Every article about .mil these days includes the PTSD meme. I’m not saying PTSD ain’t real, just that it’s now a tool for them. No need to revisit the rat poison purveyors of big pharma,
    It’s self evident. Damn.

  3. Found the link from I’ve been seeing WRSA links on that and BIN lately.

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  5. Economic competition does not explain the persistence of “Soviet” ideology. Br. Nathaniel Kapner straightened me out on this. “Communism is Judaism,” he said.

    Race hate accounts for this persistence and virulence. Nothing else does. And it’s coming from Jews. I suggest you read the Protocols of Zion. Do they not fit current events?

    The Jew Lavrov is Russia’s foreign minister. I assure you he’s in bed with the bankers of “the West” and this is the final offensive against White people.

    The US is back in Cuba to block the Russians, who have been flying Badger patrols from their Cuban base, too near the so-called U.S. border.


  6. “Love truth, but pardon error.” Voltaire