RT: ​CBR launches SWIFT alternative for domestic payments


Totally meaningless.

Neo-Soviet agitprop.

America remains “the one indispensable nation in world affairs.

Backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.

Obama Team Laughing_fx7.8

8 responses to “RT: ​CBR launches SWIFT alternative for domestic payments

  1. MtTopPatriot

    Now what are the chances the former cold war adversary of the west, without a single nuke fired, through economic and financial sovereign independence from the deep state bankster cartels, gives the elitist fuckers the finger and causes the entire edifice of leveraged fiat and blue sky ponzi to collapse and wins in the end?

    Not for nothing, Russia like we little people, don’t need the bastards, now matter how much power and wealth they have usurped. They need Russia, because no matter how they portray the Russian and American people for that matter, you can’t be a totalitarian tyrant if integral components of your pillage and rapine give you the finger and tell you to go fuck a flyin’ rollin’ donut.

    You have to have somebody to steal from and extort tribute from when you are creating a one world order.

  2. THEBigFatPanda

    Another chunk taken out of our leg. Soon, whole thing falls.
    Wonder what Russia’s immigration policy is?

  3. If one looks at the history of economics, `The System` seems to rock along quite nicely, till it does not. Rarely do dislocations appear as a fading apparition but a as a hard jerk on the halter. So when the $$ is dumped, as it must, it will be gut wrenching. For those that are prepared for such events there will be opportunities.

  4. Please start reading and linking to Vox Day.

    He has compiled the best book on 4G war under his recently new publishing company. He is a christian nationalist libertarian.

    His most recent 4G post is here:


    My daily must read blogs are WRS, Vox Day, Free North Carolina, and a few other liberty/southron blogs.

    Please link to his 4G blog posts as many here with our shared mindset would benefit.


  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. nimrodhunter

    Thanks, CtC. I always learn something from this blog when I read it, either from the essays or the comments.

  7. Shinmen Takezo

    “Full faith and credit of the United states!”…

    Okay here’s some other slogans that have equal merit…

    The Pepsi generation.
    I won’t cum in your mouth.
    The check is in the mail.
    We move you!
    The US Navy… a global force for good!

    Wrap your skulls around it.

  8. How bout’
    Winston tastes good like a cigarette should
    I’d like to teach the world to sing
    You can’t get pregnant doing it the first time
    My word is my Bond
    We really move our tails for you!
    Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines! It’s a great place to start!
    Only I’d like to wrap some one elses’ skull around it.