The Complete Obama Timeline

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Fearing the inevitable Camacho 2016 surge (and the equally-inevitable BHO endorsement), Cankles Command today released this ongoing archival attempt at documenting every jot and WTF tittle about the Mighty Kenyan and his era.

All flippant comments aside, it is a bruiser.

Not so much at Soetoro and his cronies.

But of the voters of FUSA.

Mencken’s comment about deserving to get it good and hard comes to mind.

And here are the girls just dying to do it:


15 responses to “The Complete Obama Timeline

  1. We might do best by getting our ownselves good and hard.

  2. They’re getting old , and so is their 60’s line of Saul Alinsky Commie bullshit . One thing I have learned in my travels through life . there is nothing , as hateful , and vindictive , as an alcoholic queer .

  3. RobRoySimmons

    Without the conservatives doing their best to hold this shit show together we could be long on our ways to a much freer existence.

    The conservatives are basically trying to rationally negotiate with lunatics, it would be like debating the Jonestown cult over the finer points of theology in the last week of its existence.

    The term we are looking for is “delegitimize”, and thank god President Camacho and his cult are working hard on that project.

  4. “And here are the girls just dying to do it:”

    One may hope….

  5. The constitutional republic is dead in the air. The conservatives are trying to maintain best glide so they can reap as much profit before hitting the ground while the libtards what to nose over and crash it now. Both want to fundamentally change this country into their own image, either equally bad for the general population.

  6. “The girls” are 7 years too late…none of this was unknowable in 2007…

    Now that it is so out there, I wonder where the arrest warrant is languishing?

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. “…I wonder where the arrest warrant is languishing?”

    There will never be one.

    It will come down to outlaws making things right.

  9. StandYourGround

    If America was a healthy nation, one that acknowledged and served God through his son Jesus, Obama and his cronies would have been executed a long time ago for their treason and usurpations.

  10. communist bimbo and fascist bimbo, happy together. Hiligula’s got too many warts, but The Lefter One, Ms. “(I made millions from inside-traded houseflipping) but you didn’t build that” just might finagle her way into the WH. Think of It as a female Wilmer Wilhelm. Or whatever his name is

  11. Thanks for the mention!

  12. I have just been referring to the wonder ticket as “Cancklefest 2016”

  13. butchcass223

    I am glad someone is keeping track of the history. The nice thing, if its on the net it’ll be there forever. Granted so was 410 AD when Rome fell, so there ya go. I can only imagine if the other lunatics in history would have as good a PR firm as the American media. I am guessing the History Channel would have more footage to show in the never ending WW2 shows.

  14. As long as the votists breath air none of this will go away.
    Your chains are bound by chads.