We’re Done

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H/t to MB for this gem:

Army Thanks Soldier For Confronting Offensive Behavior Online

See ya.

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  1. Nicki over at Liberty Zone had some some special luv for First Sgt. Katrina Moerk and made some decent points in going after Moerk.


    Worth your time to read and Nicki seldom is off the mark.

    • I left this comment over there:

      There’s a book out called “Hellstorm – The Death of Nazi Germany 1944-1947” that details what the Russians, British, French, and Americans did to the defeated populace of Germany during the listed years. This woman has absolutely no idea what is in store for her when (not if) we ever lose a war with the Russian Army. (Reading the book will explain why I say when, and not if.) This book would clue her in. And give her nightmares for years afterward.

      • The tragic end of Anneliese and her family

        In part:

        Neuwied, June 15,1946

        “Did you ever get the letter telling you of the tragic end of Anneliese and her family? No one of you mentioned it. She was in Dresden with her mother and sister when the Russians came in. He husband died in the war several years ago. She and her two dear little boys, her mother and sister committed suicide out of fear of future happenings. How she must have suffered to be induced to such.”

        • Thank you for the link. I chased a few more links over there; now I know where to send the “Hell yeah, let’s get this party started! Let’s warm up our rifle barrels! ” type of “patriot” we see occasionally. And I now know what some of them really want to “get started.” There’s a very thin line between a moral fight and barbarism.

          My reply will be, “You’d better not lose, because that is exactly what will be done to you and yours.”

          I’m saving one full magazine.

  2. “America is a communist country” – M. Moldbug

  3. Really,she’s got nothing better to do with her time,like say go take some advanced classes or training-she’d rather just fuck with guys on the interwebz? Who cares what they are doing in their off time-I wonder what the “offensive” video was-as that’s not something included in the Military.com story.

    We have to stop this recent culture of people telling us they’re offended,and expecting us to give a fuck.

  4. Flight of the Blue Falcon.

  5. Commissar comrade.

  6. I guess that means no more strippers at the NCO Club on Friday afternoon?

    • The Army has done away with the NCO club, it was deemed discriminatory.
      I’ve heard Marines, Navy and Air Force still have them.

      • They were discriminatory: No officers allowed.
        But I’m sure it was a female Bird who had a bird about it and crapped all over the place.

  7. outlawpatriot

    This is exactly why women should not be allowed to serve in the military. And the Army has a department to facilitate this crap. We’re way down the rabbit hole.

    • in the context of revwar 2 this is exactly why we should all fully suport this line of thinking. Our military history since vietnam shows that we dont really have what it take to fight as a country (I’m not complaining, I’m not sure how my children or I benefit by blowing up camels with precision munitions) There will be a power vacuum. The less prepared the collectivist are to resist change the better.

  8. Liberty zone was pretty rough on her. Maybe she’ll get a purple heart next.

  9. “…One of the many curiosities about the sitting President of the United States is the fact that, unlike us, he has not one, but multiple Social Security numbers (SSN)…”


  10. When I saw the thread, I said to self “Probably a female.”

  11. Another well-meaning young woman who believes that the social experiment known generally as “The US Army” exists for her comfort and benefit. KGB morale-sappers and cold war psyops snicker here at a job well-done.

    • When Saddam Hussein was still ruling Iraq his newspapers said the same thing about him as most admired man. Oh, and they didn’t even ask about women.

  12. Meanwhile, while Obama builds his feminized military, entire Russian and Chinese armies are probably being trained equivalent to what American SEAL training is. But it is nice not to even care anymore.

  13. Getting a medal for doing your job as an NCO? Tell that to Colour Sgt. Frank Bourne who did NOT get one of the eleven Victoria Crosses as a result of his gallant actions at the battle Rorke’s Drift because…..he was only doing his job.

    Somewhere behind enemy lines,
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia

  14. MtTopPatriot

    Looks like that fundamental transformation is almost complete. The thought jungle monkey police are receiving medals for valiant politically correct merit.
    Maybe ole Kim was right.

    Every witch hunt the sycophants go on makes it that much easier for opfor.

  15. If the tyrants choose to attempt to confiscate my guns by insulting me online, then hey, give me more of that. Replace all of the law enforcers with smaller-framed women who use keyboards instead of guns. …but words will never hurt me; unless I’m a German Jew and I choose to obey those hateful words. Don’t you do that.

  16. outlawpatriot

    Hey Klein, don’t you wish you had a department? And somebody to pin a medal on you? 🙂

    • Tell us again how you don’t have me on your mind, you bullshitter. Anyway, the answer is no. It was the only part of business I didn’t enjoy, being the boss of other people.

      Now you, meanwhile, fantasize about a new Constitution with new Amendments, a different class of voter and even some wild occupational force to make it all happen. Hahaha…that’ll happen, right?

      So who is it that wishes he had a department? Hell man, you fantasize about running the whole thing. Sorry to expose you like this, but you just wouldn’t quit with the bullshit. Even I have my limits.

      • “It was the only part of business I didn’t enjoy, being the boss of other people.”

        What business was that? The one which failed for lack of leadership?

        No wonder you often have no running car or money to gas it up, self described “poor guy.” Too bad the effluent from yer mouth won’t power shit.

        If only you could make a bullshit digester to convert all your accusations of bullshit into methane.

        “Even I have my limits.”

        It is fondly to be wished.

        • >>> “Even I have my limits.”

          It is fondly to be wished. <<<

          One day you'll get something big right. I see today's not that day.

          I changed my mind. Physical limits are enough; why have any more?

      • outlawpatriot

        You have limits? Hardly. You will find that out though soon, good Lord willing. 🙂

  17. Just curious — anyone actually have a link to the alleged offensive material? I mean were these guys cracking “yo momma so fat” jokes or were they making jokes about sodomizing orphans with broken beer bottles?


    • Something about a video where the soldiers were passing by a females room and remarking about it being Susi RottenCrotch’s room…

  18. Wow Nicki at Liberty Zone tells it like it is. I give her a salute on her response to the 1stSG Moerk. I can appreciate the vocabulary and direct approach Nicki gives in her blog. Well worth the read. Made me smile.

  19. We have met the enemy and she is us!

  20. funny stuff. The comments at military.f**ck’d were right on-target. Again, the more the Regime degrades its own military, the better for us. So go to it, Sgt. Mork…and may you find your Mindy

  21. Been following this at thisainthell.us. More details, and better comments.

  22. Tried to view Soldier Betty’s blog: she has again marked it private. I assume the jackass can’t stand up to mean words and non pussy petting behavior. I have worked with women like this before-believe me, they make everybody’s life miserable! The WORST mistake ever was that be all you can be bullshit getting women in “the service”. I would say that 90% of the women that I know are not now, never were, and will not be in the future-able to hack it in a military setting. Women do their best fighting when it is personal: defending home, hearth, or their lives. Men do their best fighting because they can. And no, it isn’t negotiable. It’s nature. Soldier Betty thinks that she has found a new way to fame and riches. Where I grew up, in Los Angeles, we called it star fucking.

    • That is the best comment on this whole topic I’ve ever seen, and from an unimpeachable authority on the same… a WOMEN.

      Thank you for the honesty and the grit to say it.

  23. usarmyretiredsgm

    I am not surprised. Intel, probably been nowhere, done nothing. Jump the chain and cry like a baby. Simply wears the stripes buy not a NCO. No respect for this creature. I wonder how she feels about social media now that military.com is openly letting “real” soldiers excoriate her silly butt?

  24. First shirt my ass!…she most likely got her stripes BECAUSE of her sex which in itself is SEXIST but welcome to the new army of 2015. She seems pretty delicate to me to be “offended” by on-line crapola. I haven’t been offended since I was about 5……I saw too many of her type while I served. They all were in HQ units or handing out basketballs at the gym all the while getting rank and pretty much being a welfare queen in uniform. Oh well….yup we are done.

  25. One wonders why she was not given a bronze star for this brave action. Not many soldiers would be willing to storm snitch hill like that.

    • Maybe she can borrow a Purple Heart or two from the Prince of Ketchup…

    • “welfare queen in uniform.”

      “Storm snitch hill”

      You guys are killin’ me!!

      That’s funny right there.

      • usarmyretiredsgm

        Storm snitch hill wins the snippy comeback in my opinion.

        Remember the conversation around my firepit when you stepped off and said women should not serve? Damn near choked on my whiskey and you almost lost a friend permanently since his wife was active and sitting next to you. LOL, Course, he is no longer married to her now.

      • Even funnier:

        storm snatch hill

        And I left out MtTopPatriot’s winner of the day afaiac:

        “The thought jungle monkey police are receiving medals….”

        That’s creative!

  26. Rearrange the letters in ARMY and they spell DRAMA.


  27. Moerk=


  28. The Walkin' Dude

    She was probably munching the SHARP director’s rug, being a GI-Jane Dyke and all.

  29. Every night you should be going to sleep with a big smile on your face. Because 1) the commie commissars who enforce political correctness are showing themselves for who and what they really are, and 2) Obama Care is the gift that just keeps on giving; so much so, that the average soccer mom will sooner or later come to the conclusion it’s time to start cleaning the manure out of the barn.

    • Not the hive-dwelling soccer moms. They live for Big Government. Just as do their Significant Others…