DanMorgan76: Negotiations 101


Go and read, please.




Especially amongst folks that are not of your immediate tribe.

Got people skills?

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  1. I second the recommendation for ‘How to Win Friends & Influence People”. There is a reason it has sold a gazillion copies.

  2. This works great when the people you are dealing with have an IQ higher than room temp. But most merikuns are so damn stupid it just doesn’t work. I find trying to reason with or persuade the average mentally retarded man on the street a total waste of breath. Most can’t get past the fact that they are not “middle class” anything. Why is it so many people think they are middle class? lol. Lower-middle class STARTS at 50k per year. Yet even the EBT foke think they fall somewhere in the middle-class range. Amazing.

    • I should’ve added this: If they would just turn off the TV, stop the “pop a cold one” every fukking waking hour, and pull their heads from their asses to get some fresh air, it might help. The people that read this blog are not the average idiot- so we’re all just preaching to the choir. It’s the flag waving fools who stay stoned and dumb while impressing their friends with the latest sports stats and dreaming of suzi slutfuck next door who will never get “it”. My firm belief is the non-prepping johnny fucktard and his buddies aren’t going to be assets during hard-times. If this were any other group of people other than the muricun idiots we would have already formed organized units. I have more faith in Blacks, Mexicans, Albanians, and Muslims sticking together than the proven useless dumbshit murikuns.

      • Since you think Americans are so stupid and contemptible and so far beneath you perhaps your superior intellect (not to mention your ego) would be more comfortable somewhere else while you fuck yourself.

      • tfA-t, Yep, for the most part, I agree with your asessment. When I realized that same problem years ago, I purposely chose to live in a rural area where most of the folks are is still very family oriented and very, very, clannish. And being tough mountain families, they routinely do things that preppers should be doing; gardening, farming, canning, hunting ect. But most important; they look out for one another. So my primary mission has been use my set of skills to help the folks, who have accepted my family into theirs, to get ready for what’s coming. And they have been pretty receptive. Now were starting to work with other families around us. Some have had hard feelings toward one another for years, but we work through it. It’s taken time, effort and negotiation skills, but the payoff is there. But then, it’s not my first rodeo.

        • MSG Dan. Who could disagree with your rational? The problem as I see it with mountain/country folks, is they have such thin-skin and limited experience compared to city folks, which makes their learning new ways(especially from someone in a different socioeconomic status) difficult-if not impossible. In these last 10 years, everything has changed(for the worse) except peoples view of reality. They just cannot accept where we are as a nation. It would be easier teaching illiterate tribesman in a 3rd world country than here in the states trying to get thru these brainwashed “citizens”. GOD help us all.

          • *rationale*
            Once I got to know the few neighbors I have in this very rural area after retiring 10 years ago. The patriarch(a friend and Viet Vet) of the local clan passed, That left me as the only one around who had the means, ambition, and was healthy enough to help anyone. I would plow 1000ft drives in the winter and shovel their walks-for nothing. I loaned out my splitter, paint sprayer, generators, tools, ATVs..I let them use my equipped garage for repairs, took the guys to the bar, traded them money for work services, you name it. That’s just how I am. Finally the drunk uncle came out and said he thought I was trying to “take-over”. So this moron stirred up some shit and fucked it all up for everyone because he was jealous. Jesus Christ. How stupid can anyone be? Seems some people just can’t accept generosity. Needless to say, the place is up for sale and I hope I don’t have to leave with the house unsold. I’ve said it before… I wouldn’t count on civilians for anything, they’re not team players.

      • So, about those people skills…

      • Col. Hans Landa

        Rats stick together as well. At least until they over-infest a place, then they eat each other.

    • Looking down on others… sounds like you are a budding elitist, with aspirations for the ruling class, eh? Think you can run their lives better than they can?

      People are what they are. Some will make the transition into the new reality of Revolution, some won’t. It’s not our problem.

  3. Thank you Sir…

  4. Not to pick nits, but…the mast head and the topic are somewhat cross purposed, are they not?

    I’ve spent a lifetime negotiating and compromising, with often less than stellar, or even personally satisfying results.

    One could look to DC as prima facie evidence that some ammo is better spent than saved.

  5. Can’t negotiate absent serious counterforce with scoundrels.

    But folks that might/do have common interests?

    Many in FREEFOR have some room for growth in their social skills.

  6. Just don’t forget that negotiation tactics can vary greatly depending on if you are dealing with friends, neutrals or enemies. It does make a difference.

    This particular saying was posted on the wall of a B-1 bomber base mission planning room. It has nearly always been true.

    The best way to negotiate with your enemy is with your knee on his chest and your knife at his throat.


  7. Good information…

  8. outlawpatriot

    Negotiation? Sure. My safety will be off and my finger will be on the trigger. There will be a fire team to my rear, one on a flank, and snipers over my left and right shoulders.

    If you’re gonna negotiate, always, always, do it from a position of strength. 😉

  9. outlawpatriot

    Negotiation 101. http://youtu.be/pBH6d-3-30

  10. In any revolution, the vast majority of people are neither friends nor enemies. Despite all the jokes here, negotiation skills will still be needed.