Hey, Officer!


Come back to America.

And read Bracken’s thoughts on your essential role in this country’s future.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Thank God for Bracken. I have learned more reading his books than most anything else. He thoroughly takes the subject from A to Z with all ramifications spelled out. Keep prepping, keep training, keep up the PT. Add to the defense arsenal, and I don’t mean just firearms. Let’s make 2015 a blessed year for Patriots!

  2. I hope when you call a cop they have read this post. Pathetic.

    • Does Listerine take care of the taste?

      • Yeah, screw you veritas, call a pig for what? So they can flashbang a baby in a crib? Shoot a mentally retarded 18 yr. old armed with a butter knife? Drag an old Vet off a tractor and beat him? Take someones money because the number on their speedometer is higher than the arbitrary number on a sign on the side of the road or because they rolled through a stop sign? Haven’t ever called one in 53 years of living, don’t ever plan on it. They have no legal obligation to protect us so why bother. Glock 23 AIWB, an AR15 in the truck and years of rolling on the mats with my older and younger sons says good luck to any ner’ do wells if they decide to try. No need for jack booted thugs to protect me and mine. Pretty sure most guys here feel the same.

    • I hope your pigs and their whores get to enjoy the fruits of their labors under their very own Rules of Engagement.

    • I’ve never called a cop for help. I sort out my business myself. Getting cops involved in your business complicates things and costs money and freedom.

    • It’s odd, cops always seem to think people want to call them. I suppose there are some masochists out there who would do that, but not all of the human race are masochists. Oh, and there are others of course who wouldn’t normally do it, but the cops have disarmed the population, and in other ways made self defense difficult, thus making 911 the only alternative even if it is a pathetic one.

  3. Truth Corps

    Whoda thunkit? Bassem Masri.
    Black, mooslime, cop-hater & (drumroll)….. III percenter?

    You sure you want to align yourself with these black anarchists?
    Or am I mistaken, and Baseem is one of those Liberty minded black patriots I keep hearing about?

    Since Bracken is also mentioned, what are his thoughts on the racial aspect relating to law & CW2? (rhetorical)

    • He is on the payroll of the elite…Pretty good propaganda you have to admit…What better way to discredit the III movement than have him state he is one…People when then use him as the example when they hear of the III and will be against it because of him…Sheep are easily fooled…

    • Dude is hardcore. I think after watching this we’d all agree to follow this man into battle:

    • Are you really so stupid as to think the people here don’t recognize propaganda and false flags when we see them?
      Shove it up your ass.

    • A Non E Mouse

      In all honesty “Truth” Corpse I sincerely hope you spend as much time training as you spend on your obsession with that dead horse.

      • Truth Corps

        When one wants to know how to hunt gators, one does not go to Wyoming. When one wants to learn about Kodiak bears, one does not go to Florida. Likewise, when one wants to learn about blacks, one does not go to Washington State, Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas etc.

        What I have learned about blacks, segregation, jim crow & forced integration at FEDGOV bayonet point is from generations of firsthand experience & family history.
        But if & when I ever decide I want a Starbucks coffee & lecture on life in a region almost free from the black undertow I’ll ask someone in Washington State.

        Lastly, the training is going great, thanks for asking! Heading out tomorrow night to eradicate some hogs & try out a new thermal setup with friends.

        • A Non E Mouse

          “Truth” Corpse, having lived in Louisiana for over a decade myself there isn’t much to learn about blacks. I’ve worked with them, I ate with them, I lived in their neighborhoods. Why? Because I was just as broke as they were. Thats the common denominator. They learned real quick I had zero tolerance for “the evils of slavery and how they were victims of white oppression” and wasn’t afraid to tell them so. See this Kracka doesn’t suffer from “white guilt” and they knew it, so they quit playing that game.
          The EXACT FUCKING GAME YOU’RE PLAYING. How hard is it getting through your day as a victim of your skin color?

  4. Truly an amazing con though. Imagine convincing people that you will be able to control an entire society through the percieved control of lawr enforcement. Good luck with that.

    It’s a myth and when the checks stop coming in, the myth will be acknowledged by the mundanes who have thoroughly failed to grok it thus far. There won’t even be any chalk outlines by then. Maybe they can save some episodes of Law n Order on their iPads to watch as Rome burns.

    • Hopefully you understand that Your Betters realize that as well. Which is why the pigs’ paychecks will ALWAYS come in. And as long as there’s that paycheck and the right to be an Only One, the Blue Wall shall stand firm. Until enough corpses of dead pigs and their whores are stacked in the streets, of course. You’ll still have the die-hard swill like Manny Ramos. But those so-called “good cops” so popular with Sipsey et al will decide they chose the wrong career.

  5. WRSA readers will like this presentation from Dave.


    Do insanely big cops funerals send the wrong message?
    Dave share’s the thoughts of a former cop that mirror his own views.
    Should cops enforce every law that’s on paper? If not, which ones?
    How does “department policy” affect police work?
    How much faith should we put in the courts?

    • Actually, “insanely big cop funerals” present a helluva an opportunity. Even with the pigs on the roofs. But especially when they are all in the cortege. Again, “armed irregular”. And quite frankly, the hearse driver is a valid target.

  6. Be careful with broad brushes and half-cocked rhetoric. Most of them are on our side. And I do mean MOST of them. Sensationalized headlines and events, which seem to occur more frequently as time marches on, does not make this untrue. Most of them are watching the world change around them, just like us; and most of them are preparing for the time they will be called to help restore the republic. Just like us.

      • In the smallest of departments, far-removed from the hives. And even there one will find plenty of agencies that are as fully corrupt as their hive Brothers. But then again, I clearly am bat-shit crazy, and Sipsey, War, and Max have it all sussed out.

        • My County has only 1 LEO organization-a very small Sheriffs Dept. I have to say they’ve been pretty decent-so far. But I’ve run into a certain asshole who has shamed the Dept. A young Deputy who has displayed a serious attitude and acts like a psychotic roid rager. I have no doubt he will murder someone at some point.

          • If there were any “good cops” in that Sheriff’s Department, the bad piggy would soon be gone.

            • I wish there wasn’t any cops so the good people would be able to correct the scumbags. We could clean this nation up and restore Rightful Liberty in short order-something the police will never do.

          • That’s what Human Resources depts are for…get the right types in. I’ll bet it isn’t so “very small.” It never is. Besides, that’s only the *local* LEO organization. Any state or fed guys there?

            Meanwhile MM may be the only guy around who could write, “the hearse driver is a valid target” and make it sound funny.

        • they don’t…but U R. My encounters with the TBL have run about 50/50 over the years. And I’m certain that at least half of the (former) TBL will be in our corner when the dollar is no more

          • Well of course you’re right! After all, they have indeed cleaned all the sewage out of the Habersham Sheriff’s Office, and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, and the Framingham Police Department and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Pima County Sheriff’s Office and the Albuquerque Police Department. And those five Fullerton Police Officers definitely stopped Manny Ramos from beating Kelly Thomas to death, since they “will be in our corner.”

            Tell me, does that come naturally to you? Or do they train you specifically in testilying as part of the academy???

  7. It depends. If Race War comes before disarmament, cops may end up helping White Patriots, as Bracken in his CW2 Cube piece described. Tom Chittum described the same thing in his book, Civil War Two.

  8. BTW, now that the shooting of cops is in the news, some here might enjoy a little story I wrote a while back: