Ivy Mike: If I Were A Psychopath…


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  1. Precisely.

  2. I never understand why people the world over give commies the pass as if they are harmless do-gooders looking out for the poor. Communists are the worst form of scum to take a human shape and the people of New York voted one in as Mayor. Would they have done the same if he had been a Nazi? or a Jihadist? or a mass murderer? Well commies are all three and then some. Sat Cong is right. They will do it to you if you don’t do it to them.

    • The text books I read in school never once portrayed communism as bad…. Just nazi’s were bad.

      No mention of stalins mass murders…

      • I had the supreme dis-pleasure of having one of my daughter’s friends, a young man, and a very smart one tell me “Communism isn’t bad, it’s the best system, it’s just never been implemented properly”.

        A discussion ensued. I pointed out that Nazism had only been tried once, in one nation. Where as Communism had been tried dozens of times, on every continent, with every race of people, with every level of society – from proto-industrial to agrarian to tribal – and always had the same result.

        I gave him some books to read. He’s a fine young man now, and he doesn’t go around saying stupid shit like that anymore.

        It’s our job, fellow gray-beards, to explain to this generation that they have been lied to in their schools.

    • Jimmy The Saint

      Why do the commies get a pass? Because they control public discussion. Simple and effective.

  3. MtTopPatriot

    Good ole Mike, he smacks it out of the park into the next solar system with that one.
    If that doesn’t sum up the bastards and how corrupt and insane they are and how they operate while lying through their fucking teeth, nothing does.
    Bravo Mike!

  4. Диана Шрайбер

    Worth a listen.

    Patrick Henningsen – Hour 1 – The Ferguson Frenzy & The Technocrat War on Human Nature

    This program was recorded before Antonio Martin and the NYPD officers Rafael Ramos & Wenjian Liu were shot and killed.

    Patrick Henningsen is the founder and managing editor of 21st Century Wire, an independent virtual journal that delivers news and exposés on intelligence, foreign policy, climate change, the war on terror, technology and Wall Street. Patrick has been a regular guest on the program and joins us again today to discuss the Ferguson fiasco and some of the surrounding issues concerning race, individuality, destruction of culture, and what the end game plan is for the technocrats as they bring in more control by conjuring up more chaos with the aid of willing accomplices and naïve, good intended people. We consider how modern activism is motivated by the influence of social media and the dangerous divide that is being created in America through the weaponization of political correctness. Patrick analyzes the compulsive behavior displayed by politicians who use crisis situations as a way to grab as much political capital as possible.

    We look at the fallacies of mob mentality, mob justice and inherent white privilege. Then, Patrick talks about how Americans are becoming increasingly class conscious and narcissistic while at the same time falling into the traps of political activist groups that are essentially promoting a war on human nature with their collectivist agenda. In the members’ hour, we reflect on the militarization and mechanization of the police force and situations like the Eric Garner incident that fuel the frenzy of the Hegelian dialectic. We also ponder the rapid homogenization of culture, ethnic erosion, and white guilt. Later, we’ll compare the similar views and goals of the left and the right as well as deliberate the evolution of class and gender warfare, our oligarchic rulers, and the wide acceptance of inherited wealth and fame. In closing, Patrick shares his views on the crab mentality of egalitarianism.


  5. Jeffery in Alabama

    I believe what we are seeing is the acceleration of plan that has been set in motion for quite some time. All the constitutional infringements by .gov, all the excesses by the militarized police state, all the treasonous acts (I will lump in false flags, conservative profiling, excesses of administrative law, “frame ups”, etc under this term) committed by the batfe, irs, dhs, white house, etc so far have not been enough to provoke the “liberty/patriot movement” or militias to throw down the gauntlet or commit acts of retaliation (so far and I for one am glad they have been discerning and reserved). So, in the greater scheme of things we see elected officials from the president to mayors, race baiters, paid “peaceful protesters”, etc., championing no justice/no peace, kill cops, burn this bitch down, and so forth in the name of helping poor defenseless children (which we know is a lie). This sort of “racial cheerleading” will continue until enough cops die that the TPTB either attempts to federalize (I don’t see this on happening), unionize, or in some other manner consolidate the “brotherhood” of leo under one umbrella. Then, when the time is right, TPTB along with the MSM will have the majority of the American populace in lockstep with the “brotherhood” of law enforcement demanding that Congress abolish the Second Amendment and ban (or severely restrict) private ownership of firearms once and for all. Many lawmen who once championed 2a, The Bill of Rights, etc., will go right along with this plan of self-destruction in the name of making ‘murica safer. All the while these poor souls are being complicit they will not realize they are just a very small part of a much larger plan.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Battlefield USA

    Always remember, Hitler was somebody, because some bodies, made him somebody. If it wasn’t for his enforcers, he would have been a nobody. His power came from the bottom up.

    • Those people were desperate for someone and something concidering Germany was in a depression after ww1. Hitler answered their cries and made them proud to be Germans once again.

      We got obama in 2008 on similar grounds.

      Like most Germans had no idea about the death camps…. Amerikans still sleep and are apathetic and would go along with just about anything the govt cooked up. Why? Because ultimately they are stupid and know their voices matter not.

    • Jimmy The Saint

      “If it wasn’t for his enforcers, he would have been a nobody. His power came from the bottom up.”

      To give the man his due, he was good at recruiting. His enforcers may have made him, but he enlisted the best possible enforcers.

    • Well that, and the Versailles Treaty…

      • Battlefield USA

        The fact remains, without the allegiance of the people, majority or not, Hitler would have been a nobody. Same with Lenin. Same with Mao. Caesar, without his legions, would have been executed. And you don’t need a majority, just true believers. Those who just go along, to get along. And then those who just sit it out.

        There are those who get the government they want. And then there are those who get the government they deserve.

  8. blunt force

    No sacrifice of humanity nor national treasure is to great for a government of psychopaths to expend in instating regional conflict in order to establish hegemony over another government of demonic forces.
    For an eye opening read on governments willingness to sacrifices their young in pursuit of global dominance,take the time to read Make the Tigers Fight : Soviet Strategy in Asia 1925-1975 written by Dr. James Perry available @ http://www.castaliahouse.com/downloads/riding-the-red-horse/ or http://www.amazon.com/Riding-Red-Horse-Christopher-Nuttall-ebook/dp/B00QZD9H5K

    FWIW , I have no monetary interest in this publication or association with any of the publishers. It’s just one of the most informative analyses of the ongoing conflict between the three major world players I ever had the pleasure to read and feel it goes a long way in shining a brilliant light on the psychopaths to which Ivy Mike so succinctly refers.

  9. The leaders of any society reflect the values and morality of the vast majority of it’s people. Can’t you really see the psychopath in the mirror every day? The psychopath is the guy who believes he has a duty and a right to demand that his neighbor live by the rules the psychopath claims as ‘right’. Got a junk car in your driveway? I’m calling the men with guns to compel you to court to pay and get that car gone. You’re hurting my property values. Oh, and cut your grass and trim your bushes or I’ll have .gov tell you for me. And don’t you dare use any drug that I don’t approve of,(and I don’t approve of any) or your ass will be hauled off to jail. And what are those words coming out of your mouth? Did you say what I think you said? Well, we have laws against that. You’re disturbing all my peace, and I will not tolerate that.
    I think we live in a society full of psychopaths. That’s why only psychopaths run for office, and why only psychopaths get elected. Keep your head down.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReMABJBEvZg and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcCrwoHPOmQ

    • “The leaders of any society reflect the values and morality of the vast majority of it’s people.”

      This statement is a bit too collectivist for my taste, and I really don’t think the ruling class thinks like the average Joe does, either. They are psychopaths. Of course a lot of average Joes would turn into psychopaths if they got into power, but they aren’t going to.

      Abraham Lincoln (who should know), said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” A test he failed, by the way.