Mosby: Updates And A Request


Go and read them all.

Please consider the request seriously.


6 responses to “Mosby: Updates And A Request

  1. I did the life subscription.

  2. I believe in hard copying EVERYTHING!

    So I’s got me the hard copies coming next year for sure!

    Death before slavery!

  3. I can’t get to load: 503 Service Unavailable

  4. is back online. life sub done

  5. Simon Jester

    It’s back offline, unable to do the lifetime subscribe.

  6. Hey Guys – Sorry for the website being slow or down. We’re in the process of migrating over to an enterprise-class hosting server so that our readers have industry-standard load times. Once we’ve finished building out the new site design, we’ll be back up and blazing fast. And we’ll run the promotion for another week because of the problems we’ve had with the 503 errors.

    I want everyone to know that we’re committed to building a world-class publication. I’m really excited about what we’re doing in 2015, and I can’t tell you enough about how much your support means.

    I promise each and every one of you that what we do this year will be worth above and beyond the cost of your subscription, and we’ll be happy to do it.