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The Revenge President: With Two Years Left, the Inflection Point of the Obama Presidency


Fundamental transformation, via executive fiat.

Key quote:

“…This is not about Obama suddenly grabbing ahold of himself and remembering to dance with what brung him: this has been the end game of the entire Obama presidency from the start.”

No meaningful political opposition.

No effective relief at the legislative, executive, or judicial levels.

Government bureaucrats defying their own auditors.

Mainstream media connivance and complicity.

This is life under totalitarianism.

And it will get worse.

Good news?

Worse is better.

Goal for 2015?

Replication of every resistance skill you know far and wide in your AO.

By any means necessary.

By any means

Day By Day


From Chris Muir.

Guerrillamerica: Charlotte, NC Intel Course – 30 JAN/1 FEB


Right now, imagine that the lights go out. What threats should you be expecting in your community? How long will it take them to arrive? Six hours? 24 hours? 72? Where will they come from? Who are they? What will they look like? What kinds of weapons and vehicles will they have? How will they specifically target your family or community?

If you truly want to be prepared at a homestead/community level, these are just a few questions we need to answer; and not just answer in a passing, fuzzy, estimate kind of way, but answer in a realistic, meaningful, life-depends-on-it kind of way.

Our first open enrollment course of the year is scheduled for 30 January to 01 February, Friday to Sunday. I’ll be teaching the Operations Security (OPSEC) Course on Friday, followed by the Intelligence Collection & Analysis Course (ICAC) on Saturday and Sunday in Charlotte, NC…Course Curriculum:


– OPSEC, COMSEC, & Collection Tradecraft

– Introduction to Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Collection

– Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): Queries, Social Media, Social Engineering, Radio and TV Media, Reporting Intelligence Information


– Intro to Intelligence & Critical Thinking

– Intelligence Requirements and Collection Management

– Analytical Tradecraft

– Common Analytical Tasks

– Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield/Community

More details here.

Contact Sam C. at sam (at) guerrillamerica dot com.


Screen shot 2014-12-26 at 9.39.54 PM


Screen shot 2014-12-26 at 9.42.47 PM

Pentagon Set To Resume Special Foreign-Born Recruiting Program


I think I’ve seen this movie before.


Oh….please excuse my Godwin.

Pay no attention to the photograph above.

Acting Deputy Under-Secretary of Foreign Schwing! Greenwood has just informed me that is totally unpossible that the American Government would ever arm foreigners to do their bidding where the use of American troops was inadvisable for one reason or another.

I do beg your pardon.


Land Nav: Get The Best Map You Can Find, And Then Get Trained




Read ’em both.

There’ll be a practice test on 14 FEB.

Hope to see you there.


Just One of Dozens of Uncooperative Federal Agencies


H/t to the reader who sent this NRO link on how the IRS and other .gov bureaucracies are flipping off the very Inspectors General system designed to keep them in check.

No meaningful political opposition.

No effective relief at the legislative, executive, or judicial levels.

Government bureaucrats defying their own auditors.

Mainstream media connivance and complicity.

This is life under totalitarianism.

UPDATE 1500EST 26 DEC 2014: But wait – there’s more:

VA employees doubt agency can police itself


Global Hourly HF Propagation Maps

Washington DC

Maximum Frequency for NVIS HF Communications Within 300 kilometers of Your Location By Region – Updated Hourly At 40 Minutes Past The Hour

Courtesy of

HFpack is the International Resource for Amateur Radio HF Portable – Mobile – Emergency Communications – Ham Radio Information Exchange – Nets – Ionospheric Propagation.
HFpack provides an information exchange about transceivers, antennas, systems, High Frequency communications, QRP, HF packs, propagation, EMCOMM, new developments and
techniques in VHF and HF portable operation. Radio Amateurs are invited to participate in HFpack group forums and on-the-air nets around the world.

Land Nav: Compass Overview – Suunto, Silva, Brunton and USGI Lensatic Cammenga Compasses


Got a quality compass yet and know how to use it?

Then we’ll see you at the Winter Muster.


TL Davis: Be American


And remember that your country is not your government.

Audentes fortuna iuvat.

Two From JC Dodge


Land Nav Skills – A Consolidation Of Posts

“Survival Arms”- My Thoughts On What’s Worked For Me

Words of wisdom from a pro.




Practice some more.

Dethguild Nails It – Twice


Merry Christmas – Don’t Eat the Brown Snow

It’s a Culture War, Stupids

An astringent palate-cleanser and preview of what is to come in 2015, wouldn’t you say?

WeaponsMan: The Christmas Gun



And To All, A Good Night

Screen shot 2014-12-24 at 11.13.35 PM

To every WRSA reader, commenter, and contributor:

The stats above belong to you.

Many thanks.

Blessings on you and your families.

Merry Christmas.


More Hate Against The Blue-Garbed Badged Heroes (Whose Most Important Job Is To Go Home Safely Every Night) That Protect The Law And Its Servants From Us Dirty, Filthy Peasants

officer safety important go home

This time from Denninger:

…We must insist that we have peace officers rather than law enforcement officers. A Peace Officer by definition is there to enforce that which is necessary to deter breaches of the peace — nothing more. A man selling something he lawfully purchased and owned to another person who can lawfully own and consume same is not breaching the peace. A man pointing a gun at someone, on the other hand, is and such an act is perfectly legitimate to meet with deadly force.

If we are interested in stopping the rapidly-deteriorating cycle of violence we must be honest about what has prompted the destruction of trust between peace officers and the public, starting with the redefinition of ‘peace officers’ into ‘law enforcement officers’. We then continued by militarizing those forces and intentionally creating an air of intimidation they project onto the public, from their big honking SUVs (what do you need one of those for, complete with its sub-15mpg fuel piggishness and outrageous cost to the taxpayer, when a Prius will do just as well as a routine beat cop?) to commando-style outfitting and equipment…


I defy anyone to construct a rational argument against demilitarizing 95% of local and state police personnel.

It’s well past time for a return to the Peelian Principles.

SWAT teams and armored vehicles are appropriate tools for barricaded violent felony suspects that have objectively demonstrated a refusal to surrender to lesser means.


The government legislators and executives who first hyperlegislate/regulate and then support militarized policing to enforce those excessive laws and regulations by implication also support the armed occupation of FUSA by paramilitary forces.

And they, along with their lackeys, will reap what they have sown.

shiny badges

Screen shot 2014-12-24 at 11.27.38 PM
(Image via Comrade Ushanka)



Read the whole thing.

Christmas blessings unto all.



WaPo: CDC reports potential Ebola exposure in Atlanta lab

NYT: Ebola Sample Is Mishandled At C.D.C. Lab

AP: CDC monitoring tech for possible Ebola exposure

Attkisson: Oops – Per NYT, CDC Makes Horrible Lab Error – And It’s Not The First


Two From Max V

Max + Ivan

Tactical Clearance: An Alternative CQB Technique

Tactical Advance to Battle (TAB) Instruction + Gear

2015 MVT Training Schedule

Live hard.

Die free.


Two From Straight Line Logic


Ms. Yellen Whispers Sweet Nothings In Mr. Market’s Ear

We’re Doomed

And don’t forget this well-written, fast-moving tale of hard-money America before corrupt central banks:


‘Twas The Night Raid Before Christmas

Via Reason.

Required equal-time disclosure for the emotionally-fragile Ordnungspolizei in the audience:

You have a really tough job. All of you are heroes, even though not a one of you has any legal duty to protect Mundanes from other criminals. Remember to do it to them before they do it to you.