Hogwarts: Intro To The Foundational Medical Courses


Let’s start at the very beginning.

A very good place to start.

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  1. MtTopPatriot

    Hats off to Mike and Doc Grouch, they have done us all a truly great service.

  2. Yup, 2x thumbs-up.

  3. Maybe give this site a spot on the blogroll to left?

  4. I checked out the hog school a few days back,still getting up and running but seems a very good site and Doc and Mike seem gracious hosts,nice to be in at the start.Looking to learn some basic med as I am or have something to offer/question worth checking out.I will say thanks to WRS for putting up their start a few days back and giving me one more site to gain knowledge from,thanks WRS.

  5. Marlo Stanfield

    All these older doctors and such giving up because of high insurance. People should be making real friendships with these older people now while the getting is good. Maybe skeet shooting and dove hunting will appeal to some, or trout fishing. These people were younger once, shame to see some of them end up in nursing home and watch a life time of acquired skills wither away. Personally I don’t trust doctors and such without grey in their hair. Doc off Gun Smoke, not Gay Ass Doogie Houser and his butt dart man friend. Older medical people shouldn’t have to worry about where they will spend their senior years. Then again give Doc an FNP90 and a 30 year old female trainer  for an office assistant…

  6. “as possible, to secure the release and safety of our children.”

    Next those cops need proper equipment. A handgun with 46 rounds of ammo (give or take a few depending on make, model and caliber) and concealable Level IIIA body armor is hardly sufficient. Our officers need to be trained and equipped with the basic equivalent of an infantry soldier in today’s Army: They need an assault rifle, at least seven magazines, external body armor, a ballistic helmet, protective (gas) mask, hydration system and medical trauma kits. Remember, that’s at a minimum.

    Of course, we have two other issues that have to be addressed either before those things occur, or immediately thereafter.

    One: We have to focus on hiring warriors to become our law enforcement professionals. Academies have to begin training them to STAY warriors rather than creating carefully choreographed social workers who are capable of violence as a last resort. An incentive program to encourage honorably discharged service veterans to enter public safety work should be a HUGE priority.

    Two: We need a great public relations team to explain why things are changing with a heavy emphasis on the need to protect our children; the children who represent the future of our great nation.

    Can we do these things? We’d better be able to. If not, the security of our American future is seriously in question. Next we’ll take a look at the events of Virginia Tech in April, 2007 and how they should, or shouldn’t, affect our response protocols.”

    WOW! The words of bluemudpatriot who’s been posting over at Hogwarts.
    This guy is a whackjob. https://bluemudpatriot.wordpress.com/

  7. Good stuff
    Know this its not the ABC’s anymore

    Protocol today is

    Learn it and stock your med kit for it. The final exam is a bitch.

      • Yep also the protocol for active shooter /IED type events for EMS is
        Threat Supression
        Hemorage control
        Assesment by higher medical assistance
        Transport to ER

        Even on the “non battlefield” side of the house primary attention is to make sure the bad guys are down.

        • I know that you knew….

          Thanks for the additions to the original comment

          • I know you knew I knew!
            Right I didnt take it that way, just adding info for those that dont know. Also on a big med kick right now. Got a new pack I was putting together and some new gear resulting from my TC3 class I took. Keeping this stuff in the front of your head is just as vital as the gear so the more we get to use or practice it the better we are. There will be some med work at the Winter Muster.
            Assess the casualty
            Treat the wound
            Coordinate a MEDEVAC
            Move casualty to EVAC point.

            I just did an order with these guys that went very well


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