White Death

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One man with a rifle can make a large difference.

Your vocabulary word for the day?

“Motti”; see also here, here, and here.

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    Excellent article and links. Go to the WRSA and then follow the links.

  2. I remember the first time I read about Simo Häyhä.

    If he hadn’t been a real person, and somebody made an action movie that duplicated his exploits, everybody would call bullshit. It’d be impossible for one man to do all that, we’d say. Hell, even Rambo, in that entire movie series, hasn’t killed that many people.

    But Simo Häyhä was a real person, and really did kill all those people. And managed to survive a horrific head wound. And was disappointed that he couldn’t kill more communists after half his face had to be reattached.

    Who’s gonna be our Simo Häyhä?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Another question: who’s going to be their Vasily Zaitsev and Lyudmilla Pavlichenko?

      Though it annoys Hedley Lamarr, it will be important to head them off at the pass.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. The Walkin' Dude

    Gotta love snipers. What better way to terrify an opposition than to have them fearing each moment is going to be the one where their head pops.

  5. My world is changing. Never would I have thought my morning read would include military tactics employed by superior planning and sufficient will, by decidedly inferior numbers, and experienced command.

    My day is better for this one.

    • Exactly. This sounds like Sun Tsu taken to the extreme; exploit every weakness for maximum effect.

      Working within the firing arcs of enemy weapons? One wonders how many died due to the kitchens being targeted… Exploit the weaknesses in command-and-control structures…?

      It’s obvious that .gov places ever greater reliance on technology-based solutions… Drones, cameras (with narrow FOVs), FLIR, ELINT, etc. Surely there is a way to exploit each technology deployed, turning it from an advantage to a liability…

      The thuggish “stack” tactics by SWAT are easy enough, but what about when the tactics currently utilized in the military (in the M.E.) are used against us???

      • “The thuggish “stack” tactics by SWAT are easy enough, but what about when the tactics currently utilized in the military (in the M.E.) are used against us??? ”

        Good question, if things get that far. Right now, I am pondering whether those tactics will be needed…what with so many proxies ready at hand.

    • Concur.

  6. The Walkin' Dude

    Plus, he makes Chris Kyle look like the statist psychopath he was.

    • WTF are you saying??

      • Shinmen Takezo

        Met with the beloved Kyle once with others–he was a moron as well as being a statist lackey. This guy would have literally done anything he was ordered to do. This movie that is out is pure propaganda–this coming from a professional screenwriter FYI. Kyle was the kind you wound up and let loose to do your bidding. Sorry for the big slap of reality here. We should be very careful just who we prop us as our heroes.

        • That’s the point of the SEALs. They’re not decision-makers, thinkers, or builders. They are killers that obey the orders of the chain of command. You pull their string and point them in the general direction of the guy you want dead. That’s it.

          • Ya, sure- right and spot on. (sarc off now)
            Now, go tell that to Matt Bracken. Or any other SEaL you happen to meet.

    • Your outta line Dude!

    • That’s Kyle precisely. He was FUSA serial killer that would have killed anyone of us without blinking if ordered to do so. That he’s been turned into some sort of larger than life hero speaks well for the capability of the US government’s propaganda wing and Joolywood.

      • That makes sense, at least about Kyle maybe. But it would be an exception in the SF all around AFAIK. Yarr’s got it all wrong IMO.

        On those tough Finns…of the ones who came to America, let’s not overlook where they decided to settle here, at least the toughest ones.

  7. I visited Finland a few years ago. I went to the Winter War Museum. Very interesting. The Finns have “leased back” some of the territory conquered by the Soviets. Until the lease expires, it’s effectively part of Finland again.

  8. Nice article from a historical and “rigged individualist” view. Im sure all the Eric Fein’s of America have illusions of following Simo Hayha’s footsteps.
    As there will never be any massed troop encirclements of America’s Kollaa Hill, there will probably not be any need for another Simo Hayha. Nothing wrong with dreaming about heroic people of the past but its like you are dreaming you can be a hero of the future. Its like my military DI said, “The only heros I know are dead ones. Is that what you want to be troop ? “

    • Who’s dreaming, anon?

      And what’s your plan to unfuck the situation?

      • No plan is better than some fantasy plan that isnt workable

      • All I have to do is “unfuck” my AO. When you have anarchist like this chiming in I have to wonder what what the average WRSA readers plan is.
        “Plus, he makes Chris Kyle look like the statist psychopath he was.”
        Is that you Kent ?

        • “what the average WRSA readers plan is.”

          That sounds easy. For what…a sociology book?

          Yeah, Kent maxes out at 5,000 friends on facebook cuz he’s the only one who thinks that way. Great guess, except that Kent calls himself “Kent.”

      • Most likely filtered coffee and donuts. That seems to be a popular solution these days.

      • Kerodins 1 week plan will work. It isn’t pretty or high-speed, but it would be effective. Leave your front door and go to the nearest communists place to render them in-operable. Then do it again until you meet up with the next Liberty-minded soul- you now have a cleared AO. If millions did this all at once it will be all over in a week.

    • Your military DI? Was that what they called them in the Air Force, or just your pipe catus legs Roseanne Barr looking “pack mother” ?

      There will never be any food riots at the nearest “pantry”. Hell, there will never be any riots on Nov 26th at the nearest Best Buy, either.

      And it’s Rugged. Rugged Individualist there tiger. What are you doin, trolling from China? Rigged is what the vote is, son.

      • Sorry, “rigged”= rugged. We don’t have fancy spell checkers in the wing-waxers club. I didn’t know Rossane was a pack mother and I haven’t studied her legs in…forever. Was that the troop you belonged to sport ?

      • No, in the AF, they were/are called, ‘TI’s’ or, more properly, ‘MTI’s’ for ‘Military Training Instructor.’ Those of us who didn’t want that duty but still taught were, “Technical Training Instructors,” and later, when warranted, “Master Instructors” back before the Air Training Command became sophisticated and became the, “Air Education and Training Command.”

        Geez….no respect! 🙂

    • I know what a Hero is just never figured out what anonymous stands for except nothing.

  9. It would appear we may have overloaded Damn Interesting’s server.

  10. My doctor is from Finland. Pretty cut and dry.The old Viking,” kick the shit out of anyone in your way”,may be coming soon to a theater near you.

  11. Always one that has to poo-poo a fine example of what the human spirit can do when confronted with evil, against all odds I might add. And without history you can’t navigate present or the future. History didn’t start the day Barry Obamao got coronated either, despite what his sycophants think. The article wasn’t provided to promote heroics. We’re not about heroes here, we’re about surviving whatever may come our way.

  12. http://www.badassoftheweek.com/hayha.html
    “Häyhä’s specialty was his knowledge of the forests, his enduring patience and his impeccable rifle marksmanship. A sniper by trade, he would dress up in all-white camouflage, sneak through the woods with only a day’s worth of food and couple clips of ammunition, and then lie in wait for any Russian stupid enough to wander into his killzone. His first battle-experience came in the hard-fought Kollaa campaign, where a severely outnumbered Finnish force bore the brunt of a large-scale Russian assault. Temperatures at this time ranged from -20 to -40 degrees Celsius, and the entire forest was covered with several feet of snow. While this played havoc on the inexperienced and under-equipped Russian invaders, the Finns were right at home in it because FINLAND IS FUCKING COLD AS SHIT ALL THE TIME and they’re used to it there. Throughout this campaign, Häyhä basically just ran around doling out head-shots like the ice cream man gives out Dove bars on a hot sunny day in the Sahara desert. His personal best was fucking twenty-five kills in a single day. That’s like an entire baseball team.

    Throughout the Winter War (as it would come to be known), Simo Häyhä ran around being what experienced HALO players would call a “camping fag”, and scoring enough kill shots to make fucking RoboCop and the Terminator hide their heads in shame. …….”

  13. Shinmen Takezo

    In the future conflict–there will be literally tens of thousands of Simo’s out there… the stats on the ammo and guns sales bear this out.

    • Don’t bet on it. History proves that in a war against the ruling powers, only approximately 3% will actively resist. Possibly 50% of that number will die on their first contact, or be reported by “friends or even family.” Of course if we win, then everyone will be a supporter.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        What, you mean all of France weren’t members of the Maquis in WWII? Not to hear them tell it….

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    Focus. Duty. Belief. A fine example for us to emulate. Thanks for sharing this.

  15. Just finished reading the intel from 1942. Great piece. Very useful information. thank you.

  16. I am friends with several Finns and agreed. They know of Simo and one can sense him in their voices and see him in their eyes. Excellent post and links. Will pass along…………

  17. Them Finns were some hardcore motherfuckers. Gotta love ’em. Killed commies wholesale.

  18. Great article…..a simple man with simple weapons using simple skills to great effect. I like when he said “practice”. Sums it up quite nicely!

  19. The Walkin' Dude

    Heh, no Kent here. Sorry to burst peoples’ bubbles of that awesome Murican hero. He killed third worlders on orders, no better than a mob hit man. I imagine if there is a hell, he is burning in it along with the couple Katrina looters and all the camel kids he offed.

  20. My Finnish neighbor’s wife, Tella, was Simo’s physical therapist before they moved to the U.S. Both Sami and Tella had many conversations with Simo about his experiences in WWII.

    Sami and Tella both state that Simo did not consider himself some kind of “badass” with a rifle. He considered himself a Finn, an independent man, a freeman and individual who went to the woods to thwart, as best he could, the threat to Finnish freedom no matter the risk this involved to his own life.

    Though Simo was, indeed, a badass a rifle, I think Simo is also like many individuals who read your posts CA. Americans, freemen, individuals who realize they/we are close to having our backs against the wall. They/we may not shoot first, but if the shooting starts, I think many will be prepared to head to the woods, or wherever, to undertake the type of actions of which Simo provided an example.

    “White Death” was a Finnish sniper in WW2 who holds the record for the most confirmed kills (505) in any major war. When asked what he felt when killing an enemy soldier, he responded, “The recoil.”

    • Thanks for sharing, John. Best wishes; you are missed.

      • lastmanstanding

        I agree. Check for his blog every so often. Just noticed yesterday that he is no longer on the blog role.

        Thanks John. Come to Big Sky country and I’ll take you fly fishing.

    • “Though Simo was, indeed, a badass a rifle, I think Simo is also like many individuals who read your posts CA. Americans, freemen, individuals who realize they/we are close to having our backs against the wall. They/we may not shoot first, but if the shooting starts, I think many will be prepared to head to the woods, or wherever, to undertake the type of actions of which Simo provided an example.”

      Agreed. I think there are many more people out there like this than even FreeFor imagines, and definitely more than OpFor is figuring.
      We shouldn’t be so quick to write everyone off.

  21. I would only note that OpFor this time has drones with IR vision and radar. And the same scruples as the Soviets. And a lapdog Media. A lone individual wandering around as Häyhä did will be seen by the drone and exterminated. REGARDLESS of whether he was doing anything nefarious or not. And the Media will parrot whatever they are told. Unless, of course, the individual killed was one of Their Own.

    The hive dwellers believe what they are fed by the tube. The rest do not matter.

    • Duly noted. Also for the record, the Afghanis threw the Soviets out on their asses despite their huge technological advantage, and just kicked us out of their country. It took a long time, and they lost a lot of people, but they did it.

      Let’s not lose heart. Hell, if this was easy everybody would be doing it. 🙂

      Time for dry-fire drills, set to Five Finger Death Punch. (H/T Bob.)

  22. The god’s of the mountains are not the same as the god’s of the valleys and ye shall understand it. -Ethan

  23. Jimmy the Saint

    Something else to consider – from the article: “Throughout the war, Häyhä raked in a total of 505 confirmed sniper kills (in some sources he is credited with 542). On top of this, he also mowed down two hundred men with a Suomi 9mm submachine gun, bringing his total kill count to over 700 men in under 100 days. Nobody in history has ever been credited with more confirmed kills than Simo Häyhä.”

    Vasili Blokhin:7,000 in 28 days at Kateyn (10x Shimo’s score in 1/3 the time) [plus tens of thousands of others over his career] Guinness World Record Holder for mass murder.
    Lorenz Hackenholt: 50,000 in 30 days (7x Blokhin’s score in about the same time)
    Emil Kostenko/Erich Bauer: 250,000 in 17 months
    Friedrich Jeckeln’s bodyguards: 25,000 in about 18 hours in just one instance..

    While Simo’s tally is impressive and his skills are almost incomperable, he’s an absolute piker next to the government-sanctioned guys.

  24. ^^^Allen :3

  25. I thought you had to be a roided up SEAL type to be a sniper. This Simo was a meek looking little fellow. Audie Murphy was little too. Hmmmm

  26. One can’t forget the exploits of Heinrich Severloh: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinrich_Severloh