Nuclear Attack/Civil Defense Information

Dated, but increasingly relevant.

Above is a compilation of the UK “Protect & Survive” series from 1980; see also the Protect & Survive pamphlet. Related UK materials here. Note that the attack sirens and other warnings will differ here in the FUSA.

Below is a US Civil Defense film from the Sixties:

See also this CD film from 1969:

Finally, see this current material, as well as the essential Nuclear War Survival Skills book and website.

This post will be in the left margin under “Practical Resources”.

In the meantime, having reviewed the unclassified nuclear weapons effects material, Deputy Assistant Undersecretary For Mass Casualty Fallout Minimization Affairs Greenwood assures all of us that our Federal government will keep us safe in the extremely-unlikely event of a multiple sunrise here in the FUSA.

16 responses to “Nuclear Attack/Civil Defense Information

  1. Camacho2016!

    Don’t forget this valuable (and free) resource.

    Dr. Cresson Kearny

  2. Shinmen Takezo

    Bring on the canned sunshine–bring it baby!!

    And don’t forget to follow up with the locust.

  3. Those interested in radiological defense would do well to get a copy of Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H. Kearney, available from the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine ( either by free download or print copy. Bruce Clayton’s “Radiological Defence” is another excellent book. Lastly, a late edition of “The Effects of Nuclear Weapons,” and the until recently classified “Employment of Nuclear Weapons” are both good technical resources.

    • Any online links there?

      • I emailed Clayton WRT reissuing his book about 8 years ago, but Paladin Press who holds the copyright was not willing to do it without a guaranteed buy of several thousand copies, IIRC. I got my copy used.

        I have seen both “Effects” and “Employment” online but don’t have links bookmarked. Both are public domain, I think, so someone could easily scan and upload them.

  4. There are very few humans on the planet that have ever witnessed a Nuclear detonation. I think there should be a Summit of ALL World Leaders in a remote location somewhere in the world, and have them witness a real live Detonation,, give them a taste of what they’re screwing with. There seems to be a trend that somehow Nuclear War has become Trivial,, an acceptable method of fighting a future war. I know a Gentleman who, after fighting thru the Pacific Theater, was one of the first troops to enter Hiroshima after the Bomb. He saw its effects first hand, saying when asked what it was like,, “not good”

    • Sure would be a shame if that nuclear detonation were to occur where all those World Leaders were located, would it not? Indeed, a crying shame…

    • Better yet. Get them together with their families and nuke them as a group!

  5. Anon @ 21:48.
    I think that’s one thing we need to dwell on in the run-up to the coming festivities: Logic dictates that killing the ‘alpha male’ of the house and/or any who could assume that position will certainly instill temporary fear in the survivors. History has shown that that fear is eventually replaced with resentment or outright hatred. For example, the many people who “remember” Sherman’s march to the sea through Georgia. If the Civil War were to break out again along the same lines, a soldier from a northern state would have a rough life if captured by a local Georgian militia.
    If (when?) our situation devolves into a shooting war we must be ready for the total annihilation of whole families – ours and theirs. As we sit behind our keyboards such ideas are repulsive but seeing hate in the eyes of children who will eventually grow up remembering their fathers’ untimely death and that you were responsible may make the unthinkable thinkable.
    For those who may think I am suggesting the extermination of whole segments of society – I am not! I’m just saying that war changes people and their actions. Be ready!

  6. Long ago, in an America far, far, far, away, I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.

    No doubt fluoride got to my precious bodily fluids….

    • No its just you realized all of the targets that would be hit by one would wipe out the parasites and the enemy so its a win for you…

      • That whole thing was a Dr. Strangelove movie reference.

        If you haven’t seen it, you should. Excruciatingly funny in the scariest way. Peter Sellers plays three roles, brilliantly, the title role, the president of the US and the only sane man in the whole thing, an RAF major.

        Sterling Hayden play s Ge. Jack D. Ripper, who sends his STRAC bomber off on an unauthorized, and unrecallable, mission to Moscow because he is concerned that fluoridation is a commie plot to “destroy our precious bodily fluids.”

        Seems he might have been right after all….