FUSA, 2015


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  1. outlawpatriot

    It is a sitcom now ain’t it?

    • prequell to Idiocracy.
      1950’s sci-fi Kornbluth “The Marching Morons”.

      Howbout that 2015 Fiesta with the 3-banger turbo? It’s 3/8ths of a car, but you’ll hardly notice that unless you crash.

  2. Pretty funny…..I would be laughing if I didn’t feel like crying. Obongo is living proof of the Peter Principle in action.

  3. The Walkin' Dude

    Robert Gnocchi
    5 mins · Edited ·
    Police have their “extremists” and the “moderates” cover for them, or simply look the other way. Muslims have their “extremists” and the “moderates” cover for them, or simply look the other way. We Patriots have our “extremists” and our “moderates” turn on them, turn them in, and distance themselves. What’s the lesson here? Our “extremists” target government entities, but the moderates say “they are nut jobs” yet our government….

    “In the air war, Pentagon officials said NATO’s warplanes would increasingly target government buildings, industries and state-run television relays in an attempt to shake the foundation of President Slobodan Milosevic’s regime [5th paragraph in the article].”


  4. You guys here thinking that this country will ever return to where it started are overly optimistic. When the president permits things like this, you see firsthand what he needs to control; a two year old is more of a challenge than the majority of the usa today imo.

    • This country is too fargone. What Amerika used to be lives only in history books and the occasional Mel Gibson movie.

      There is no steering this ship back on course when the majority vote for this sort of embarrassment.

  5. Yes, starring Whoopi Goldberg as Sasquatch and Malcolm X’s bastard woods colt as Sobamaotero Hussein Alamalamadingdong cluster.

    Backstory by Frank Marshall Davis, script by Bill Ayers and his bitch, produced (funded) by Gayorg Soros, publicity by NYTLATWTNBCCBSABDMSNBCLSD, “research/vetting/obfuscation” by Ministry of Propaganda/Academia (wholly owned subsidiary of the Demonrat Party) …. and voted for by the braindead “electorate.”


  6. every time see bama this goes on in my head

  7. I was embarassed to be an American. Glowzel is a low rent, almost, porn star.

  8. robroysimmons

    Say one thing about the first peeps, his woman has more balls than he, see Drudge for some big deal about her not covering her hair. Tip; instead of us fighting everyone how about we get the Democratic party base to fight amongst themselves?

  9. JudgementComes

    I recon obammy tapped that sow. Good to get some meat after his vegatables.