It’s Back


H/t to DTG for this heads-up on the reappearance of the AFOC website.

Get yours now.

Bracken explains why.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. Ordered it, read it, re-read it, then gave it to a man half my age who has a wife and teenage daughter. Never having been in the military, he was fascinated by the simplicity and effectiveness of the L shaped ambush. I winked at him and said…Yep. Ain’t that a peach?

    • Max Velocity

      L-Shaped ambush: simple, but a number of tactical disadvantages. Probably best used as a variation on a simple linear formation for hasty ambushes. Not my favorite for a deliberate ambush. Ambush techniques and options are taught and conducted on the MVT Combat Patrol class:

      • other than requiring a well-trained unit with good fire discipline – so as to let opfor get down to the base of the “L” before cutting loose – what would be the “tactical disadvantages”? Seems to me that an L-shaped ambush offers the better opportunity to quickly annihilate an opfor and then clear the area, while linear ambush runs the greater risk of getting into a sustained firefight; not a good idea for a freefor that has to be careful about ammo expenditure, and against an enemy than can call in air support. There’s a passage in one of the WW II books written by a Chindit vet of behind-the-lines operations against the Japs in Burma, 1943-44; something like “they’d contact one of our simple trailblocks…within 30 seconds we get hit with a barrage of knee morters, w/in 90 seconds they’re feeling for and around one of our flanks…”

        • Max Velocity

          Comments section isn’t an ideal medium, because types of ambush plus advantages/disadvantages is a whole lesson, but let me try and tackle some of this:

          1) Why do you assume a linear ambush gives you greater chance of getting into an sustained ambush?

          2) What happens if the enemy comes the wrong way through your ‘L’?

          3) L-shape can be utilized better if sited on a bend in the trail, to prevent # 2 and give you good enfilade fire from the base of the L.

          4) Linear ambush is not just a line, it is a kill group, 2 cut off groups and rear protection. It’s 3 dimensional, a little like this topic! This is not just L’s vs. straight lines. Getting best use of your cut-offs depends on good siting. This can give you in effect two ‘bases of your L’s’.

          5) related to # 2, a linear ambush, in effect being triangular, can give you better all-round and flank protection. The cut off groups act as flank protection.

          6) Regarding your quote about the Chindits, and more recently the Aussies in Vietnam, to counter the large force reacting to ambush and attacking your flanks, the triangular ambush was mostly used. This sacrifices fire into the killing area but gives you all-round/flank protection like a rock in the sea, particularly if protected by a shield of artillery fire.

          Look. I’ll just come out and say it (and this may not apply to Haxo Angmark, because I know nothing about him): I instruct this stuff because I was professionally trained to do so, and to conduct these operations. I see far too much in comments where those with limited experience know something, and come out like they know everything. I don’t know everything, but like I said, I’m a professional soldier. Some of it is simply DKWYDK: Don’t Know What You Don’t Know. Like a recent post stated here on WRSA, you have one mouth and two ears. Many people would be better off doing less talking and more listening.

          There are some professional instructors out here who are doing our best to pass on good knowledge and training to keep good folk alive. Sniping with limited knowledge doesn’t help anyone.

          As to ‘keeping good folk alive’ I know that to some who comment on here, I am just another one of your baby killing Illuminati henchmen. I have been reading recent comments from the anarchist assholes on this site and it is truly sickening. Yes, there is a large element of flag waving indoctrination here in the USSA, but the vitriol of the anarchist types is also a form of mind-controlled Koolaid drinking – it is all the same extreme conspiracy crap where nothing is true, nothing is sacred. Even the Constitution is some kind of control document….sheeesh.

          On the one hand I don’t worship Chris Kyle, but he was a good soldier. On the other hand: fuck you anarchist haters!

          • “On the other hand: fuck you anarchist haters!”

            Jeez, Max. Alan says I’m an anarchist–not a crazy impression, I admit–but I’m not. Like the Founders of this country, I’m a “Consensualist;” sometimes these days they call it “Voluntarist” or “Voluntaryist.” I believe that absent consent, no government can possibly have any just power…that was the Founders’ explicit and unambiguous position on the matter in the DofI.

            Agree with them or not, an awful lot of people don’t consent to the Constitution, some in its current manifestation, some in its original forms . Zillions, man.

            So what do you propose to do about those who DON’T consent to your version of the Constitution or whatever presumably wise rules you intend to impose? Just curious.

            One thing about Leadership—if you expect Joe American to stand up and choose, then you yourself have to stand up and choose. I know you know that.

          • outlawpatriot


          • Max, I don’t think anyone was talking shit at you.

            It looked like just a plain ‘ol honest question to me. At least it sounded perfectly reasonable to a tactical ignoramus such as myself, based on the same assumption I made (ie “the” alternative to L-shaped is linear). Furthermore, the first half of the reply it drew from you was extremely helpful. It may be the 1000th time you’ve had to answer that question, but it’s the first time I even thought about it.

            You’ve provided a lot of great info to folks bumbling in the dark like myself through your blog and books, and it is to my shame and misfortune that I haven’t yet successfully aligned funds, time off, and family obligations to get myself out to one or five of your classes.

            With all respect, I believe your accrued frustration from trolls and Internet Rambos is causing some friendly fire here.

            #OREGON HOBO#

          • All. That. Above.

            Cheering you on, Max! Hell yeah.

            Anarchist theorists will be the death of everything. What a surprise when their shit lands on them.

            “But, but… NAP!!


          • Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of ideas conveyed by “baby killing Illuminati henchmen”. Pick what they have to offer that is suitable and good for your circumstance.

            BTW: Have they read and understood “CONTACT!” ? That’s some good stuff for Maintenance troops to know about that’s not on the syllabus of Electronics Fundamentals school at Lowry or Keesler.

          • “So what do you propose to do about those who DON’T consent to your version of the Constitution or whatever presumably wise rules you intend to impose? Just curious.”

            Agree with Jim here. So, Max, what do you propose to do with (or to) those that do not consent to whatever rules you wisely lay down, as long as they respect others’ liberty and property?

            • Hey, at least Jon answered—“zap.” He must think he’s in a Star Trek episode.

              • Hey! Asshole!

                I didn’t propose anything other than what happens, you know… through their own freely willful bad decisions, to people who subscribe to theories which do not align with Reality.

                It’s not my prescription, recommendation or even fondest wish… just my prognostication, as above.

                Like you, by good intentions only, I wish everyone would wake up and operate according to The Golden Rule and it’s corollary. If God’s own Word won’t be accepted by the glorified, sanctified Individual, what makes you think your incessant lecturing will get it done?

  2. Ordered, paid, and waiting breathlessly! Something tells me that we are all gonna need this!

  3. Max Velocity

    Yes, I’ve noticed how DTG pushes this book. You would be better off with this:

    and to get a good flavor of how these things look:

    • That’s the spirit… Hey everybody loves bashing each other on this site instead of trying to work together so we might as well have the tactical trainers doing it as well…Wouldn’t have been better to say that hey while your at it why don’t you add this book(Contact) to your library as well and hey Mosbys book has some good info as well get that one too….It saddens me to see this much division amongst good people…It would be nice if everyone could realize we are all different and try and see the good in everyone and try and bring it forth from them instead of trying to bring out anger and hate…Does anyone really want to survive to be surrounded by that when we win…I know for me I want to be fighting beside those who when its all said and done will be a joy to live amongst…

      • Yes. I think AFOC and Contact have different target audiences. Both worth having for anyone.

      • outlawpatriot

        Mmm… You might wanna set the Kumbaya shit aside. What you’re observing is a choosing of sides. Ain’t no big thing. Quite natural actually. It’s been the way of man since his fall from grace. I personally follow the ebb and flow with great interest. 🙂

        • Ohhh that’s what you call wanting to live peaceably with people Kumbaya shit…What side are you on OP the one that kills anybody that disagrees with that side or the one who only kills in defense of…We are so busy fighting each other that fighting for Liberty will remain an illusive dream…Picking sides no we are putting everyone into neat little boxes so when they come for them we don’t have to feel guilty about not going to defend them when they come for them…Serious question OP would you go to defend Klein or any others here that you disagreed with if you got word they were going to Black Bag them because they believed in Liberty or would you just say good riddance…

          • Heh…you must’ve missed his “certain others” crack in another thread. He knows he’s wrong; that’s why he won’t stand forth and declare who he means.

            For some, “courage” means the courage to destroy. I was just talking about this with a buddy—when you’re from Detroit, you can spot the bullshit a mile away. With enough practice, from 2,000 miles away.

            And here’s real justice BTW—HE has to live with it.

    • I have and have read both afoc and contact through several times. Both are great tools to have in one’s toolbox in their own right.

    • FWIW I see them as complementary. With a disclaimer that I haven’t quite finished Contact! yet, my takeaway thus far is that Failure Of Civility focuses on some material that Contact! and Patriot Dawn cover more lightly, and vice versa. All three are excellent in my highly untrained opinion, and for the prices involved, there’s no excuse not to have all three on your bookshelf. Anyone who honestly can’t afford even that modest level of preparation might just be screwed already.

      Can’t comment on Mosby’s published works yet except to say that they’re next.

      There’s a pending sequel to Patriot Dawn?


    • Honestly, Max, most of us have, or have rad all three of these books.

      It’s disconcerting to see someone we all wish to respect, from whom we have learned so much, the kind of leader and teacher in whom we place such hope… be so touchy and self promoting. And that, sincerely, is from a cheerleader just above.

      Jon III

    • So you haven’t read the book but you know we would be better off buying yours…Come on Max that doesn’t make any sense…How do you know what that book covers and if yours has all the same information or better information if you haven’t even read it…Someone else’s knowledge should never be despised if its helpful to anyone…Your better than that…

  4. Max:

    I think people should have all of them. I will be happy to link to your books as well.

  5. Max Velocity


  6. I agree with CA. I do have all of them, and am continually loaning them out.

    Now I am (im) patiently waiting for Max to finish the sequel to “Patriot Dawn”.


  7. I have bought this book – several times. I have given it away to people I know who would appreciate it. Read it, reread the parts you find interesting, and then put it away. One day you will refer back to it as a reference.

  8. I’ve own and read all the books….Max’s books are a good start…then get to some of his training…money well spent.

  9. I think its good for America that people have a interest in these books.
    I also believe Max who has spent much of his adult lifetime teaching Infantry will generally have the best answers on this material howver I may also buy FoC to round out my books.

    And finally lets all train on this stuff!! : )

  10. Thanks Max for saying what needed to be said here for a long time. I have tried to say similar but get jumped on like a hobo on a ham sandwich by the “A” crowd. CA thinks this inspires “thoughtful discussion” but it has the opposite effect. Most of the serious folks who started with this blog years ago just don’t even bother anymore and check in occasionally “to keep track of who wants to kill me when SHTF.” or they post anonymously.

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  12. Ok, ok,ok, ok, OK, I bought the fucking book! Now, would some one please give me a good old fashioned hammering and bullwhip session so I can go back to feeling normal?

    • Hell, Sean, just reading all those books and feeling totally inadequate to accomplish a tenth of the requirements therein was flagellation enough for me!!!

  13. It’s disconcerting to see someone we all wish to respect, from whom we have learned so much, the kind of leader and teacher in whom we place such hope… be so touchy and self promoting. And that, sincerely, is from a cheerleader just above.
    It’s uncanny how we get to fighting amongst ourselves….almost like…’s a desired outcome.

  14. Spec-ops is typically populated by strong type A personalities who have opinions to match. That is why conventional militaries tend to relegate them to the status of loose cannons and work to undermine their mission. Read American Spartan by Ann Tyson, if you want insight into this phenomenon.
    I would expect no less on this blog. Anyone who doesn’t follow the party line must be ostracized and disparaged, even if that person has distinguished himself like Max V or Major Jim Gant.–by-ann-scott-tyson-about-maj-jim-gants-mission-in-afghanistan/2014/03/28/4440187e-aac8-11e3-adbc-888c8010c799_story.html