SLL: If You Like Your Raisins, You Can Keep Your Raisins


Madness, .gov style.

Just keep voting.

5 responses to “SLL: If You Like Your Raisins, You Can Keep Your Raisins

  1. Yeah…well everyone better get their raisins while the gettin’s good.

    Read about this earlier this year some damn place or another, and have been stocking raisins ever since.

    I would have loved to know where to buy them from the farmer directly, just like I buy dates directly from the grower.

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  3. May FDR rot with his friend Joe Stalin in perpetual hell

  4. Yep, raisins in the sun. I think PJB nailed this. Best description of what’s been done to Merica (the Fuck Yeah is silent) in a long time.

  5. BTW I in no way give a fuck about the GOP or any other P. I’m just saying it’s an accurate diagnosis of a chronic illness polluting our society today, much like Enterovirus 68, Measles and Obola.