SLL: Crisis Progress Report


The business is doom.

And business is booming!

NB this money (heh) quote:

Governments and central banks can control one or more, but not all variables in a multi-variable system.

Judge emissions such as this accordingly; Stockman will help you.

2 responses to “SLL: Crisis Progress Report

  1. This thought occurs to me…you can judge what the PTB are afraid of by noting who they choose to marginalize, in exercise of half measures, or murder, thereby exercising full measures.

    That the ‘contras’ are still full throated in their dissent translates to very little fear on the part of the PTB that the dissent will enjoy understanding beyond a very few.

    Somehow, someway, these well versed purveyors of dissent must find a way to communicate to greater numbers. Still, there is a measure of personal safety in not doing so. Smart men…

  2. The meme that cannot be transmitted is:
    “Food will stop”,

    All else is peripheral.