DTG: Ruck


Both noun and verb.

Fortune favors those who have practiced.

A lot.

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  1. Im not seei’n much room for snivel gear there,Id have to do a few modfications/add 2-3 pouches to the pack,then I’d be good to go.

  2. Max Velocity

    Here at MVT we have the following for you in terms of tactical fitness and tabbing (rucking):

    Professionally designed tactical fitness programs:


    Culmination training, to standard, including tactical fitness events (The MVT Rifleman Challenge):


    Combat Patrol class, where this is all conducted practically and trained by those of us who did/do this for a living:


    Combat Patrol is a progression class and you have to complete Combat Team Tactics first:


    And here is me with a little video demonstrating ‘tabbing’ or spreed marching:

  3. Hey GG,

    Actually, that’s my ruck, spilled all over the basement floor. Kind of hard to tell from the angle of the picture but there are (4) sustainment pouches on the outside of the pack – Plus the “assault pack” in the upper left corner. Then there’s the bottom sleep system carrier with the wiggy’s bag tucked up in there still.

    Also, it’s hard to tell what kind of snivel gear I have packed in my general purpose load-out, because it’s all packed away in waterproof modules.

    Anyway, with all standard items that a FILBE comes with . . . it can handle more gear than I want to carry.

    P.S. For reference, snivel gear and all, assault pack and all . . . plus an extra load of ammo . . . 56 lbs.

  4. Marlo Stanfield

    Add pickle juice to the short list of things that stop cramps in seconds. I like the Gherkins, usually sip a tablespoon or two and in seconds cramps gone. The other go to is Cissus (generic) Vitamin Shoppe product or the SuperCissus. At soon to be 53 still sleeping on a 20 year old sofa and doing free squats and others in the early AM. The pain isn’t there. Takes a day or two for the Cissus products to kick in. Just follow the dose on the bottle. Well don’t since I am probably dealing with high mileage types on this site. Four a  day works for me. Something is in the pickle juice that kills cramps, don’t know which ingredient is the key or is it a combination of things? I would like to come across some pickles that started out as heirloom grown in great soil and some homemade vinegar used in the processing. Maybe someone can come up with Prepper Pickles? My next move is to buy a cheap manual tread mill and do the backpack thing on it. Where I live has too many people calling the police and the Barney’s are all too willing to come and listen to them. Well it does beat shooting me I guess?    

    • “Where I live has too many people calling the police and the Barney’s are all too willing to come and listen to them. Well it does beat shooting me I guess? ”

      🙂 Yes…it beats shooting you.

      I love the idea of using a tread mill to work out with a ruck.

      We grow heirloom cucumbers and put up dozens of quarts of pickles. I haven’t tried to make my own vinegar yet…but I do use apple cider vinegar in most of the pickles. We grow the dill and add extra to the dills.

      I had no idea pickle juice would stop cramps. Excellent heads up on that.

    • Interesting. I keep pickle juice around just coz it’s miraculous on burns and sunburns but I like multipurpose. How quickly does it act on cramps?


    • I think it’s the vinegar that does it. I went to a four day rifle class in Central California when it was 100 degrees. A teaspoon of vinegar with a 12 oz. water chaser every hour was the only reason I was able to complete the course.

    • Mustard is also reputed to be good at eliminating cramps, though from my experience the most effective cramp remedy is a bar of soap- not beauty bar, but real soap such as Ivory- tucked into the waistband of my shorts. For severe foot cramps, I have a small chip of soap tucked into a sock near the ankle. Not quite as effective is a diet heavy with bananas or potassium supplements, which are reputed to be the best to prevent the painful problem.

      • I do not go on a hike/ft w/of a unit of morton’s salt substitute, from any grocery store.

        pure potassium chloride

        Pour a dime sized amount into your palm and lick it, make a solution and drink it

        Works under two minutes for me on massive leg cramps

        Also good when dehydrated/de-electrolyted


  5. Hump, hump, hump all day….2 clicks, 3 clicks, 4 clicks a dollar….hump all day and your feet will holla. You should be able to live out of your field gear for 21 days and know it like the back of your hand because your back will….not to mention if you also have to carry gear for an 81mm or a 60mm plus ammo. No sixbys needed when you have size 12 Cadillac’s.

    • The time-tested LPCs. Nobody knows pain like a mortar mule. I was volunteered to take an 11C course at one time. I was always being volunteered for some shit. M-60 crew, 81 mm crew, Dragon gunner= PAIN. Happiness- is being a rifleman. 🙂

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  7. This is very helpful advice. In looking for a good ruck for a few people, I was a little underwhelmed by the choices, prices, and quality of most offerings. You have just simplified hours of research.

    Thank you.

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  9. Thanks!..very helpful article.

  10. Had a pretty good discussion about this on FB the other day. What weights should you train with, and what weight might you have to carry on a “Bugout”. We talked about practical bugout weights, not “Nerf Rucks”., and how to get where you want to be, physically.

  11. Colorado Pete

    Used to do that, will have to start again. With a Tony’s Tactical “Hellcat” modernized Alice large.

  12. There’s some real nice .mil rucks available these days for not much outlay. But as the article says, Alice rucks still work. And they are cheap.

    Main thing is to get “something”, load it up to beginner capabilities, and exercise the body. Rucking is a part of a good PT program. And it helps a
    person to avoid some of the circular firing squads here, of late. It’s difficult to do venomous keyboard work while humping much of a load.

  13. Off topic somewhat, but some of you who feel that Chris Kyle deserves some respect for saving thousands of US and Iraqi lives will be interested to know “American Sniper” recently played for a week in Baghdad at the Mansour Mall. It was sold out and packed every night and a majority of the crowd were Muslims. One Muslim who saw it said ” I knew and worked with Chris. Watching it gave me the courage to face ISIS. Since I have a $50k
    price on my head, I think every terrorist he killed helped protect me and my family.” So my question is, If Iraqis appreciate what Chris did, why can’t Americans ?

    • Ummm. Maybe because chris was not protecting anyone here in FUSA, while the US taxpayer is on the hook for millions of dollars for him protecting some smelly raghead and the oil barons profits? YUP. That’s it. Iraq did nothing to the american people. NOTHING. Now had he placed a shot into one of many real enemies of the oppressed american population, he could’ve won the presidency.

      • For years, the U.S. and other Western governments propped up Saddam Hussein. They supported his wars against neighboring countries, and they supported his war on any and all Iraqis who dared to oppose him. Then, Hussein stepped out of line–and he suddenly became reviled in the West as a “modern-day Hitler,” bent on violence and responsible for terrible repression.
        Saddam Hussein is accused of responsibility in the deaths of many thousands. -The Iraqi victims of the U.S. war machine number in the millions.
        Most Americans know little of the long and vile relationship between the U.S. and Saddam Hussein. It goes back almost half a century–to 1959, when the CIA enlisted Hussein’s help in undermining the government of radical nationalist Abdul Karim Qasim.

        When Hussein’s Baath Party came to power permanently in 1968, the CIA showed its support by fingering Iraqi Communist Party members and other dissidents, who were rounded up, tortured and killed.

        A decade later, Hussein launched a war on Iran that would last most of the 1980s. The U.S. claimed to be neutral, but quietly backed Iraq with money, intelligence and weapons, seeing an opportunity to recover–at a cost of more than 1 million Iraqi and Iranian lives–the influence it lost over the Persian Gulf region after its strongman, the Shah of Iran, was toppled in 1979.

        One of George Bush’s favorite accusations against Hussein is that he used “chemical weapons against his own people.” Those weapons were first used against Iran, and the components for them came straight from the stockpiles of the U.S. and other Western nations.

        U.S. support for Saddam Hussein continued after the war ended–up to the eve of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in August 1990–at which point, overnight, he went from being an ally to a “modern-day Hitler.” But Hussein hadn’t changed. The U.S. government’s assessment of his reliability had, so he became an enemy.

        According to interviews conducted by the Iraq Center for Research and Strategic Studies, only 5 percent of Iraqis believe the country is better off today than in 2003. Some 89 percent said the political situation had deteriorated, 79 percent said economic conditions had declined, and 95 percent said the security situation was worse.

        And these are the opinions of those who remain in Iraq. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, 1.6 million Iraqis have fled the country–amounting to one in every 14 people in the population–and the exodus continues at a rate of 100,000 a month.

        Let’s not forget that Saddam was trading oil for euros and that’s a NO NO.

      • When are some americans going to understand they have been played the fool.? Worse part is, all of us have to pay the tab for the ones who bought the lie- hook, line and sinker.

        “The fans of Chris Kyle say he is an American Hero. They say he is the embodiment of all that is good about this country. I actually slightly disagree with that. I think Chris Kyle is not the perfect American, but rather the perfect embodiment of America. He was brave, yet a bully. He was selfless, yet selfish. He was humble, yet a braggart. He was brilliant, yet dense. He was a bullshitter, yet sincere. He was heroic, yet cowardly. He was the perfect embodiment of America in all of its manic contradictions and hypocrisies. And as the court case has proven, Chris, in the true American fashion, was more interested in marketing himself than in telling the Truth.