WeaponsMan: UW – Terry and the Particularized Intelligence


Well done.

Note the auxiliary functions as well.

Got associates?

10 responses to “WeaponsMan: UW – Terry and the Particularized Intelligence

  1. Good UW. Like it is supposed to be done!

  2. A great story and a inspiration to those under the boot heel of an illegal and oppressive potentate.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Thanks for sharing the link at Weaponsman. And +1 what Longbow said. Great read. Gotta love a resonant wire clothesline. 🙂

  5. Marlo Stanfield

    Plus the Vulcan bomber that got a positive reading from a NEST aircraft and was ordered back to UK or be shot down. Crazy Maggie!

  6. Anyone thinking of using HF in the US for any purpose the FUSA deems illegal, watch your ass. There are scores of government boot licking hams who would like nothing more than to DX your ass out of Patriotic Duty so you can get a Hellfire shoved up it. Heck, during the Arab Spring US hams were trying to track down any US hams communicating with any Syrian dissidents who were being hunted down and killed, as US hams were breaking *Syrian* law. Don’t trust hams just because they are hams.

    • Yup. I believe there will be so many murikins turning on Americans that civil war will happen before revolution. Thanks to the soviet agent in the whitehut.

    • Maybe those Hams hunting down others in support of the Syrian dictatorship would like to be ID, they need to understand that there are many people out there making lists.

  7. Great way to lure them in to an ambush then take their gear. win-win