Buppert: Cops As Armed Leninists


Those who take the King’s shilling are the King’s men.

Absence of rulers does not equal chaos.

12 responses to “Buppert: Cops As Armed Leninists

  1. Your kin and true brothers are inside the circle; anyone not loyal to you is outside the circle. They may look like you and talk like you, but if they are not loyal to you they are, for all practical purposes, agents of a foreign power.

  2. I would posit that Sipsey et al are not fond of this article. After all, there clearly are only a few “bad cops”, and the overwhelming majority of “Law Enforcement” in this country are noble men and women who put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect Mere Citizens from all those who would do them wrong.

    CA – I keep having problems using the “sarcasm” html tags. Am I spelling it incorrectly? I must admit that it DOES at times seem like a “sar-chasm”…

  3. Good article. In the picture, though, I have to pick a nit. There is no “monopoly on violence”:

    • NightWatcher

      They left out the obvious qualifier:

      The state has a monopoly on LEGAL violence.

      You are free to interpret the word legal as you see fit.

    • MtTopPatriot

      Oh yes there is, we the people are the monopoly of violence. Haven’t you figured it out? Why the sonofabitches are desperate to take our rifles away from us?
      They are terrified of us and what we can do with our courage our rifles and our liberty.
      But most of all, they are scared of what we will do to them for what they are doing to us.
      I hope it haunts their dreams.
      Rightfully so.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Maxie and his ilk think that you are a libertarian nutbar conspirikook traitor for even suggesting that rulers are unnecessary. To the camps, citizen!

  6. MtTopPatriot

    Pretty soon enough of us are going to figure out it is we who are the monopoly of violence.
    And like everything else the state and the cocksuckers running it do, their monopoly of violence is just another lie and an illusion.