IvyMike finds a decent cigar amongst the turds at FEMA.

Read it with an open mind.

What’s your approach in the alternative?


  1. As a Ham Radio Operator interested in emergency communication and response, I’ve taken the certification courses. They’re free and online. One can oppose a system and not bear ill will toward individuals. Good people can work for evil institutions, however, the more evil, the harder it is to find the good people.

    Thanks for being a beacon of freedom!

  2. Incident Report: somebody said “proactive” (sirens wail in background). Also, a Jap floatplane wuz seen over Seattle

  3. Good links at Ivy Mike’s for those interested. It is worth having the framework in mind if for no other reason than a window into how a .MIL base would organize in a mutual-aid to civ auth scenario. (The .MIL still doesn’t do “jointness” very well generally & the different organizational model chews on their molars.) At the tip of a disaster response spear it is very effective, allowing fire & police to interact in a common structure with their local counterparts. DoD base emergency services MUST be certified because that’s how they get bigger training & opn’l $$$. (I’m not talking rent-a-guards at the social security office here but sworn DoD LE at a base). If one is actively seeking formalized med training (EMT etc.) for example a basic understanding would be essential.

    For awareness, what IM noted in ICS/NIMS being a self-refilling bureaukratic ice-cream cone is quite true and, behind at the support end, in a TOC or EOC it’s cumbersome for the (traditionally) leaner local .MIL presence to operate under. They have to transform themselves into a bit different mindthink, with resultant friction & latency – e.g., Signal as a traditional part of Shoot, Move, Communicate & reporting directly to command is now a “division” under a logistics “branch.” Adept brains get it done but it’s another point of friction, although it is practiced because….? Oh, yeah – bak-sheesh Sahib.

  4. A cigar indeed. LOL.

  5. Hey Great minds…I am currently working on an article about ICS and how it can be used by FREEFOR. I dont want to get into the publish time frame just yet but its in the works.

  6. I’ve been plugging the ICS system as something for us to use in the patriot community for years. Hopefully we’ll get some folks to come onboard.

  7. Marlo Stanfield

    When I saw that Jason Bourne movie and those agents meds got switched to the kill you stuff, I thought about the 70% of Americans on Doctor Meds every day taking shit not designed to heal you. This stuff already kills x number of people per year. Just a little tweaking and those on the dole start dropping off. Just curious as to how long the elites will put up with feeding millions who don’t pay tax, just consume?

  8. I am a ICS trainer and have conducted training at the 300 and 400 level. In short the ICS C2 concept works.