Hogwarts: Rapid Trauma Assessment – Part II


One helluva post.




Tempus fugit.

3 responses to “Hogwarts: Rapid Trauma Assessment – Part II

  1. One of the most informative, educational posts I’ve come across in some time. Duly filed. Hit on 4 of the 5 questions but given the topic, 4 of 5 is unsatisfactory.

  2. Wow, That is a read. I am going to make a point to show this and reread it with my wife.

    Wow Good post.

  3. Damn! Pharmacy school paid off! I hit 100% on the quiz- at least I got something for all that money! I guess that I should also thank Mama and Grandmama: they were both nurses. It probably rubbed off. At least I know that I can hold my own in the trench.