Buppert: Why I Fight for a World Without the State

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The military-industrial-national-security-complex.

Public skools.


Climate science (which is settled).


Officer Friendly.


10 responses to “Buppert: Why I Fight for a World Without the State

  1. Mencken and Buppert. Both moral absolutists. Both Wrong. Yes, all gubmint is evil, but more gubmint is more evil, less gubmint is less evil. I think it no accident that, in both the Russian and Spanish Civil Wars, the Greens (anarchists) wound up fighting on the side of the Reds, and eventually got massacred by them. Somewhat the same will happen here. Just as well. I don’t want them around

    • “but more gubmint is more evil, less gubmint is less evil.”

      Logical. And when good compromises with evil, which side benefits?

      • you’ve already made about 9 billion “compromises” in your life; I’ve made at least 11 billion. I notice you’re still around and still bloviating. Me, I have no worries: Ann Elizabeth has said me an entire Mass, and for free at that. It’s good to be Evil

  2. manwithnoname

    Pure anarchist drivel.

  3. Hey manwithnoname…that’s odd. You never had one? You can go down to the Courthouse and file for one, you know. Or you can choose never to use one. Liberty is great, ain’t it?

  4. outlawpatriot

    Careful men. You’re screwin’ with Klein’s butt buddy. He don’t like that. 🙂

    • No Gov would be fine with me. Then I wouldn’t be forced to support the lazy scum who live off of my hard labor and sacrifices. I am so tired of watching perfectly healthy people- both young and old, swiping an EBT card, or living on SSDI while they smoke and drink all day long, go fishing, watch Dish TV and enjoy all the things that we working people actually pay for. WTF? You government lovers should pay more taxes and quit yer bitchin. When the day comes to get your SS and it aint there, just remember how much you love the gubbermint.

      • “When the day comes to get your SS and it aint there…”

        He’s got it coming, he says, and that means it’ll be there. Yeah really, or someone’s gonna die I guess. Fantasizes about butts a lot too, and dicks to boot. Can’t say where that came from; the ‘Nam guys I knew/know were never like that. But nobody got out clean; to each their own.

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