Kunstler: Life In The Breakdown Lane


Looking forward into 2015.

Recovery Summer!

Keep prepping.

10 responses to “Kunstler: Life In The Breakdown Lane

  1. Kuntsler makes the same doomer predictions every year and is always wrong.

    Just doomer porn.

  2. His “World Made by Hand” series is good reading.
    He has a couple of nutty ideas such as wanting there to be no suburbs. I think he advocates the climate change idea and peak oil.
    Overall he’s always a good read.

  3. Well, he is more optimistic than I expected.

    Keep prepping, indeed.

  4. I enjoy reading Kunstler; he’s a good wordsmith. But he’s been shouting peak oil since Moses wore short pants. Mark Twain said he had an uncle like that who finally got something right. Which goes to show, Twain said, that “a man who walks around with a prophecy gun and keeps blastin’ away, by and by, he’s bound to hit something.”

  5. This is fantasy, just as imaginary as global warming, just as imaginary as Hell, designed to inspire the same fear+guilt for the same human control purpose. The only thing different is that it favors a different maximum leader. North America has plenty of fossil fuel still in the ground, there is a 200 year supply of coal, and the Thorium in that coal has a 2,000 year supply of nuclear energy. The existing landscape of automobile-dependent buildings could continue to be operated. If you allow yourself to be stampeded into a ghetto by imaginary threats you deserve what you will get. The ACA, for instance, is a ghetto not of walls on the ground but of walls around your economic activity.

  6. “The ACA, for instance, is a ghetto not of walls on the ground but of walls around your economic activity.”
    True. And the noose will continue to tighten until you either have insurance or you go to jail, lose your property, die because you have no access to healthcare (few to no doctors will treat you when they risk the same)
    Shoot. There’ll probably be a day when you can’t buy or sell w/o the gov’t approval.
    Just guessing. 🙂

  7. West Coast Vet

    Collectivists always imagine how wonderfully perfect the world could be if only the uncooperative imperfect people could be taken care of. This time they plan to kill 7 billion peeps, and will if you help. Mostly, they won’t have to do any wetwork themselves because darkness cold hunger and cholera will do it “naturally”.

    “The 100” television show has some interesting characters: Mountain Men, esp. the Indian female doctor (Mengele) blood-sacrificing “the others” so that the In-crowd will survive. That theme happens over and over with lots of justification in the entertaining enemy media. Give up, hands up. Elite messaging.

  8. Members of his tribe seem susceptible to standing outside, being so much smarter than everyone else, and explaining to the rest of us rubes how we are stupid and oblivious. As someone said above: doomer porn.

    It’s the latest in a long line of ideologies that have been used to render us fearful and powerless, questioning our own best interests. Psychology, Marxism, sociology, deconstructionism, and now apocalyptic greenism.

  9. Hard to take the man seriously when he still ascribes good (America loving) attributes to Obama. Six years in and he is still wistfully writing “gee whiz if only Obama encouraged prepping and sound financial decisions and gold and silver backed currency….”