A Moral Code For The Post-Collapse World


H/t to SLL for the latest Brandon Smith piece.

We’re screwed.

There’s gonna be a fight.

Let’s win.

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  1. If you don’t have a moral code now methinks you ain’t gonna have one after the SHTF either.

    Revolution has only a few ways to go, i.e. French, Russian, American, etc. and only one of those worked out very well initially IMHO and that one just needs a little more fertilizing, which is way overdue!

    Death before slavery!

    • France, Russia had system-changing REVOLUTIONS. Which ended catastrophically. America did not: we simply SECEDED from the Brit Empire, then made some relatively minor institutional changes. Unfortunately, the Zio-Globalist Regime isn’t going to permit us to secede. They intend to utterly destroy our civilization, our nation, and our race. That means we have to wage revolution, and the odds of it ending well are not good: even if “we” win. But…we have no choice in the matter. Either we kill them, or they kill us.

  2. “We’re screwed. There’s gonna be a fight. Let’s win.” You forgot to add,
    ” At All Cost.”
    You and the majority of your commenters in the past have been of the “rabid prepper pirate” genre who would probably need shooting in the event of SHTF. Now you’re quoting Akira Kurosawa as if preserving the Constitution and American culture has been your goal all along. I notice several blogs trying to soften their anarchist tone since the bitchfest with Max V. And who says there is gonna be a fight ? Not if we can help it.

    • Horseshit.

      You are engaging in transference of your own dark urges onto other people.

      Grow up.

    • Are you the Anon who gave 30 grand to the prepper movement in your local Michigan area, has a 20 year old galfriend with a smoking body, wears an ear necklace that makes Elivis’s Lei from BLue Hawaii look paltry, pushed boots, kicked ass, broke hearts and made millions on real estate and pals with Mister Big on some weekends but couldn’t buy a single friend amongst all the local methbillies, or are you one of the others.

      Almost forgot, had a bowflex commercial made for yourself, by yourself, ya know … I’m over Fifty! Just bite down and call yourself Brian Williams. I mean come on man, years ago we would have hung a nickname on your ass the more you struggled the deeper it would have been tatoo’d.

      Ask me some other time how Stroker Ace got his nickname.

      I get you guys confused, you’re writing is getting better, even more bland with less flair. Unlike Wide Shit Bird, he might as well put his fingerprints up instead of some manga-nym.

      • Jealous. I just sold 1 of those properties, 3 more to go. Oh, and the 22 year old was looking fine today-such a sweet tiny little thing. 🙂

        • The local “meth heads” are the least of my worries. I was doing the things Mosby was writing about years before he ever posted them- it’s not my first rodeo either. Honestly, 3rd world peasants have more common sense than the average american idiot. Most didn’t like the message. So, they wanted to kill the messenger. I have their attention now. But since I have no ties here, there’s no reason to risk myself or waste any more time and money. And BTW, that wasn’t me up there saying “we’re screwed” either- but it’s true. You’re not as bright as you think- LF.

    • HempRopeAndStreetlight

      Quote: “You and the majority of your commenters in the past have been of the “rabid prepper pirate” genre who would probably need shooting in the event of SHTF.”

      Oh… well, it seems that we can all play this game…


      Smells like an indignant pig or ex-pig to me. I’ve spent a lifetime dealing with you bastards in and out of court. The fabrications, the false testimony, the conjured evidence.. oh yeah, I know all too well how you chumps operate. The warning signs point to swine – the same entitlement, the revolting “only ones” mentality, and I can smell the rancid self-righteous sanctimony through the computer screen.

      Oh… is that mean? Is that not a fair characterization?

      This game’s not so much fun anymore when you’re the one reduced to a caricature now is it.

      Pretentious Asshole.

      PS: We’ll see about that whole “fight” thing. We’re closer to civil War/Revolution than you think. if you bothered to pay attention, you’d know that shit has already hit the fan in over a dozen American cites, by any reasonable measurement of the term.

      What… you were expecting a nationwide Max Max? Sorry pal, not even Afghanistan at the height of the war got that rough. In most places, life goes on. Roving bands of cannibal bikers? That would require something orders of magnitude worse than a nuclear war. Our future is Argentine/Venezuela/Yugoslavia – and we draw closer every day, as we become poorer, more stratified, and, most importantly, more enraged.

      PPS: Nobody here would condone “prepper-pirates-or-whatever-the-fuck-you’re-yammering-about.” You sound like some blubbering RePubic who got lost on his way to “Hot Air.” You then got your elephant-emblazoned-under-roos twisted up your asshole when you discovered we don’t think Karl Rove is “the bees-knees,” and that your backstabbing, worthless Republocrats are every bit the architects of this nation’s destruction as the commie prog-nazis.

      • Damn that was refreshing, thank you sir. I spend a little time each day contemplating my own mortality on this spinning rock. If it should be for the cause of freedom for my children it will bring me warmth as the last breath leaves my lungs.

    • So…you are casting off…when?

      Can’t be too soon.

      Have fun. Enjoy your life.

  3. Who the hell started this meme anyway…that valuing oneself means “thinking only about yourself”?? That’s so absurd that it’s barely worth trying to deny…it’s like saying if you value yourself (and your values, duh), then you choose to ignore gravity.

    Thinking MEANS “not ignoring” and I’ve yet to even hear of a person who actually lives alone on a deserted island.

    I wonder why people can’t spot it as yet another bullshit scam, and I especially wonder why those who fancy themselves as defenders of Rightful Liberty fall for it at all. I mean sheesh…5,000 years or so of the same ol’, same ol’ snooker, and peeps STILL haven’t woken up?

    Yeah, that’s the ticket—“Don’t value what you value.” Why of course…value what someone else tells you to value…your “betters” they are. No wonder it’s an endless circular firing squad and no wonder the oligarchs and their intellectual hirelings just line their pockets, and then line them some more.

    • Ask most Christians and you get an order of precedence of —


      You cannot serve God or Family if you are impaired from doing so (dead). But only works if the Self is intended to serve the remainders of that suite of options.

      • “But only works if the Self is intended to serve the remainders of that suite of options.”

        You sure? Let’s leave out God and family, since here we’re dealing in a social context. Notice you’ve got it both ways—you’ve got the Self superior to Community and State, yet you say it only “works” if the Community and State are superior to the Self…”only works if the Self is intended to serve the remainders of that suite.” Not only is that unevidenced assertion, it’s plainly contradictory. Contradictions don’t exist, so something’s got to give.

        It’s a straight answer that you gave, and I appreciate that. Apparently we agree about what I wrote—“valuing the Self” DOES NOT mean “valuing only the Self.” That’s the lie that was bugging me when I wrote the comment.

        Any way you cut it, it’s the Self that does ALL of the valuing and intending. To me, THAT’S the relevant fact socially irrespective of what that Self chooses to value in any particular instance. Hence I conclude that any attempt to deny this–like pretending that the Self really serves the State and not the other way around–will necessarily fail because it’s false-to-fact.

        You gotta admit—there’s a ton of evidence for that, like all of it.

        • Jim,

          I would suspect we are half way there. ” Let’s leave out God and family, since here we’re dealing in a social context.” I understand the intent, discussions of religion can drive one into the weeds and lose the main points of the discussion. But that is a fundamental error for in taking it out, the main vehicle to trigger self examination of something in the larger context of Self is lost. Which if that examination is not entertained then one is straight to Man serves the State and nothing else as you suggest.

          That is where the order of precedence comes in. Service to the State is dead last and Self is doing the valuing generally. Though there are times I often wonder. Cases of men defending women who are total strangers in hostile situations come to mind. There is apparently no social obligation to do so. Why do we do it? Primal force?

          • Whatever the reason, it’s still volitional. But sure, it’s “primal” in a way…probably the same reason we notice a nice female ass but don’t notice any male ones. Though at least one commenter here sure thinks about them a lot!

            IMO God doesn’t change anything anyway, since He gave us free will. That’s the bottom line to me…we DO choose, however one believes we came by it. I think it’s less that the Self does the valuing “generally,” but rather ALWAYS. That’s the whole thing IMO, and the Responsibility that goes along with it.

            I enjoy philosophy but in the end, in a social context, it comes down to whether we gain the values we choose by force or by consent. Men of the mind engage others voluntarily; thugs use force. To me, everything else is a sideshow and either people are going to choose to go to their minds and hence volition, else they’re going to be thugs. I just don’t see any of it as any more complex than that and I think all the yip-yap about forms of government and organization of society are just rationalizations that people use to evade the responsibility that comes with the ability to make choices.

          • “Cases of men defending women who are total strangers in hostile situations come to mind. There is apparently no social obligation to do so. Why do we do it? Primal force?”

            This is something that has puzzled scientists for a long time although it is probably worked out by now (check maybe Wikipedia?). Altruistic behavior, how does it fit into the evolutionary picture? (I’m assuming you believe Darwin got it right, but I understand that is not a safe assumption.)

            Like Jim I got a bit of self-sacrificing flavor from the OP which caused me to roll my eyes. Why is it so difficult for people to wrap their heads around the notion that people work in their own interest; and that that in turn does not imply this tendency must be stomped out for life to be tolerable? One can in fact, help others, and in doing so, help oneself.

            BTW the OP rightly condemned the notion that spouse (and children?) of local tyrants should be killed as well as the tyrants themselves, after the war starts. That has always looked like the suggestion of provocateurs, to me. No person with even a shred of decency would advocate this.

  4. The code of the Samurai is 100% incompatible with ANY Western nation. Most American males are sex-obsessed or feminized that the idea of any form of honor is completely alien to them and their way of life.

    • Gay Samurai?

    • “any form of honor is completely alien”

      If you don’t mind sharing, how do you explain–to yourself, I mean–how it is that you’re such a wild exception compared to everyone else? It’s like on every topic and every attribute…endless judgments about how everyone else is such a slimeball. Do you believe God chose you specifically or was it just blind luck?

      It also might be interesting what you consider honor to be in the first place. For me, it’s easy—I just look at the root of the word. But I’m a simpleton; most people concoct some huge story about it being something else.

  5. The Walkin' Dude

    Samurai have masters. I prefer to be Ronin.

  6. If we had this code NOW, we might have less chance for a collapse. But alas that horse has left the barn.

  7. HHH Old Vet.

    Gonna be a fight?????? I’m starting to doubt that, the HEAVY GLUE of STATUS QUO binds all the SHIT TOGETHER.
    And Fuck You ANONYMOUS.

    • the “heavy glue” of the status quo is called debt. Increasing by $$billions/day. When it blows up, so will the status quo

    • Damn straight. No fight now or ever. Everyone is so mentally asleep it’s sickening. We have let down the founding fathers so bad it’s sickening.

      • “We have let down the founding fathers so bad…”

        You get that straight from them, or make it up yourself?

  8. It is a tad late in the game for this, methinks. People are now who they tend to be, with the best and the worst qualities amplified under pressure.

    That is a damn sobering thought right there.

  9. If what I saw in that Las Vegas soap opera yesterday is any indication, things will get ugly fast w/ the general public. Lotta folks volunteering to play the fool. Call me stroker ace if you want, but I’m keepin’ my head down until I absolutely, positively have to raise it.

  10. What I have noticed since the Big Debate is that a lot of people just need to shut the fuck up. A lot of guys have gone on attack mode and flung their turds at every post that has any ideological hint to it. Turds at the photos, Turds at the quotes, Turds at CA, Turds at the other posters.

    Way to frak the insurgency guys.

    This movement cant stop stepping on its dick.
    I read guys over at Max’s place calling CA a plant and a fed…..REALLY?
    We got guys dropping in just to take a shit here then its back to some other forum to get a pat on the back.

    One has to look back to recent activity and do a little examination. Some of these disagreements go back a long way and there will always be disagreement between A types that get inflated, but I got a mind to point the finger somewhere else. The division, the uptick in Anon posters, the assault on the substance of every post, all goes back a short time to the appearance of SFC Barry. Now I am not saying he is the hand behind it but his posts here were the harbinger of it. Maybe some of his followers the human remora, turned their sights here with an eye to lurk. When SFC Barry was not as well received as they thought he should be they start the gnawing. Next thing you know we got a full on Monkey house flinging war.
    Well, you all know how to starve the Monkeys dont you?

  11. Yeooow…… sometimes I read what’s here, more than once, and still don’t get it, but then I remember that the human condition gets that way. Ah well. It’s very good that we should strive to be of a moral character, and refrain from barbarity and depravity, especially when conflict happens. I’m all for it, myself. However, read about the wars past, and see how many belligerents acted with absolutely unmitigated savagery, and thereby brought worse on themselves. Not a pretty picture, any way you look at it. So despite our protestations of “We’re going to play it straight, and moral”, there will come a time when the actions of our enemies will bring the immoral out of us, and it will get completely out of hand. This is pointedly true when the conflict lasts longer. That monster lurks in all of us, no matter how good we have been, or how long we have been good. When the scenes of wanton rape, murder, and arson are viewed, something happens inside the most moral of men. Worse follows. We can do better, but most often do not. One way to mitigate the bad is to recognize it’s always there in you, and be ready for it. I readily admit that at times, I have been a monster. Not my most honorable moments. Just knowing that has helped me overcome it. But lying to yourself about it will not help. Understand that you are always three people. The one others think you are, the one YOU think you are, and the one you really are. Some day, you’ll have to choose. Good luck.

    • And that is the essence of what Kurosawa was trying to say in the Seven Samuri. We all want to be Shimada Kambei in our little life movies but in reality we are one of the other characters. Many commenters here at WRSA are Kikuchio at best. Homework for commenters; watch the movie and see if you can decide which one you are. They are all there, pick one.

    • Just how immoral does the enemy have to get before YOU have had enough? Was not Vicki Weaver enough? Was not Waco enough? Was not Kelly Thomas enough? Was not “Bou Bou” enough? WHAT will it take before YOU understand that you are playing by Marquis of Queensbury rules while your enemy is using a machine gun???

      • It never was about the immorality of the other IMO; that’s why those tragedies didn’t cause a single soul to step up. Stopping thugs is about physics, period. Morality only enters into it insofar as it’s the driving force for choosing to stop thugs in the first place. That’s why I for one believe that being motivated by one’s own value of oneself (and hence one’s own chosen values) is a far superior motivation than all the sacrifice and “higher good” stories that our minds can concoct.

        For me it’s about the truth of the matter, but there’s also that practical benefit as well. Of course I don’t think there’s any dichotomy in the first place–the truly moral IS the truly practical.

      • Concocting your excuses before the shooting even starts?

    • “So despite our protestations of “We’re going to play it straight, and moral”, there will come a time when the actions of our enemies will bring the immoral out of us, and it will get completely out of hand.”

      Not necessarily. Morality and decency are not only suited for easy times. Anyway you have to live with yourself afterward. Does anyone wonder why so many vets put a bullet in their brain?

      Kill the evil ones. Know where to draw the line. Don’t rationalize bad behavior, even when you see others do so (no, that is not a valid excuse).

      Keep in mind that in many wars, the problems faced by commanders were getting enough soldiers to actually try to kill the opposing soldiers at all. Not everybody turned into Vlad the Impaler.

      • “Anyway you have to live with yourself afterward.”

        A mouthful. You and I may disagree plenty, but at root that’s the whole thing right there. It’s the ENTIRE key to ethics and I fail to understand why so many people simply refuse to accept this simple and obvious fact. We DO live with the internal memories of every action we choose and every drop of inconsistency we accept.

        Wanna live a good life? Then choose to do good things. How tough is that? Sean makes a fair point about the “monster” within us, but being a monster in defense of a good thing is itself a good thing. Notice that the vets from WWI, WWII and Korea–the ones who survived, of course–didn’t have half the PTSD or internal dissonance than the vets from our more recent, ahem, police actions. There’s a reason for that and obviously the reason wasn’t that they had more “mental health assistance” available.

        It’s only a matter of time—the thugs WILL be stopped. All that’s required is for folk to distinguish the truly good from the truly bad, socially speaking, and they’ll no longer accept the poppycock that their own morality is to be found in what other people do or believe. And they won’t tolerate the ultimate bad in any social context—thugs physically abridging their own values.

        Cognitive dissonance causes dis-ease. Cognitive consistency built of correspondent identification causes happiness. And every bit of it all, is nothing but a choice.

      • I feel sorry for your “tribe”, who will be mercilessly massacred by those you refuse to deal with appropriately. It is truly special to see Sipsey whine about morals, while he celebrates Sherman’s evil in the War of Northern aggression. But then I suppose such is rather easy for an admitted Communist.

  12. Centurion_Cornelius

    whole lotta friction here, Boys! lotta heat. let’s have some light:

    got one question to ask ALL PARTIES:

    IF (and only “if”) the “circus” comes to your town,
    exactly WHO is going to be the RINGMASTER?

    how many have actually seen “THE ELEPHANT” in action?

    who will be the guys/gals in the REFEREE’S striped shirt?

    there ain’t no circus, rodeo, or Superbowl without a REF, MC or a facsimile thereof

    otherwise, what have you got, really….